Any TR using the "improved" Striker or Banshee?

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    I'm using the Striker for AA exclusively and it works quite well up to a certain distance. Other than that I don't find it to be particularly useful because you have to expose yourself for so long in order to unload your entire magazine and deal a decent amount of damage to armor and MAXs. As for the Banshee I still think it is a decent AI weapon, but I'm stuck with the stock mag size and I have more important things to spend my certs on right now, so until I have upgraded that I probably won't be using it much. I'm seeing it rather often on Cobalt though, contrary to the Striker.
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  3. Nerazim

    Striker is pretty useful for taking out obnoxious Airhammer or PPA farmers. Or for defending your Sunderer from Hornets. Two strikers working together is better than two grounders since most people can break the lock or use fire suppression/flares to survive. It depends on the situation though.

    I rarely use it but sometimes it comes in handy.
  4. FrozenCustard

    I don't think that we need to nerf the other two, they are in good places. just buff the splash max range for the banshee to 2m maybe.
  5. xMaxdamage

    dunno how often this happens to be true, an ESF can escape one volley of grounder but if it stays there will eat the second one and will be instakilled by 2 grounders anyway after the effect of flares goes away.
    hitting a mobile esf with the striker is hard, regardless of one or two HA shooting... you can just spray and pray that more rockets will mean more hits, but that's really not great imho.
    2 grounders will provide great cover, they will destroy everything that has no flares (one fires while the other reloads) and will scare a lot the others :E
  6. Nerazim

    I only use it to protect my squad's Sunderer or to punish greedy ESF farmers. It's niche, and it's not worth 1k certs, but it has it's uses and I quite like my Striker.

    I agree the grounder is generally better.
  7. Runegrace

    Striker is great. Have a lot of success and fun when I take it out. Anyone who has some time with Coyotes can hit air pretty well, and against ground even if something is rather distant you can 3-round burst for decent effect. It's a very flexible launcher.

    Haven't used the new Banshee. Saw the nerf coming so I rushed the aurax. They decided that about 1/5th of the explosive payload would be a fair change, so I don't have very high hopes for the weapon.

    In general it seems like SOE would rather have a completely useless item than something over-performing. Once something is UP they can safely ignore it, I guess. People upset about lack of variety are surely quieter.
  8. Gorganov

    I'd love to try out a Valkyrie full of Strikers. Other than that it seems alright...
  9. barunedpat

    I see the Striker from time to time. I have even used it on my TR because it's a quick to use weapon. I heard the new Banshee a lot when it first was released, but now I rarely see/hear it. One less thing to die to in this game.

    Bonus: I love the idea of a Banshee wielding ZOE MAX, it's an image that is both fun and fitting. :)
  10. TheRunDown

    The only time I use the Striker is for Libs that camp the spawn room, as you can't lock on to them fast enough with any G2A weapon.. You'd just die.. but it's still completely useless, it's a air deterrent and nothing else.

    Nerfing the Banshee hasn't stopped ESF pilots from using it.. but it's TTK is a Joke.. Some times it can't even hit a Barn and the explosive splash damage is none existent.. It takes 99% of the ammo to kill people sometimes and often needs same distance as the Air Hammer.. truthfully speaking.. The Air Hammer and PPA are far superior when it comes to TTKs and effectiveness.. The Banshee just doesn't have enough ammo to do what the Air Hammer and PPA can.. It's very single target based, when comparing the three.. The Air Hammer can kill anything from 2 to 5 people, and the PPA can kill anything from 1 to 5 people.. The banshee.. it's 1 person and 2 if you're not getting shot at..

    The Devs weren't very creative with this Nerf, they just did the fastest and simplest nerf possible, without giving it a second thought of it's actual performance.. It's a shame really, most Nerfs are done by stats on paper, which doesn't reflect it's actual usage.. but even looking at this nerf from the view of a few stats on paper.. it doesn't justify the poor job done to it.