Any TR outfits that do smalltime tanking and such?

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Ianneman, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Ianneman

    I LOVE having synergy. I love it when I encounter another tank in the battlefield, and we both move around and flank with the same idea in mind, picking off tanks and retreating. I LOVE when I have an engy who gets out at the exact right times to repair with me, or does it when I am holding someone off, I love it when I have someone gunning on my Vulcan who doesn't shoot at sight, but waits until the right time.

    Unfortunately, these things happen once in a blue sun, I'd love to do it consistently. It's absolutely AMAZING how much Prowlers can dictate the course of battle, and it's amazing how one deploy suicide run with AP and Vulcan to take down a sundy can turn the course of a battle... But who's ever up to do it with you? No-one.

    I tried playing with outifts, GOON and YBuS, but that was absolutely terrible. Squad leaders (self-proclaimed "Officers") who were obviously overcompensating for something in their lives, shouting abuse and just being general dicks, other than that nothing but galaxy drops and redeploys... utterly boring.

    So, ARE there any outfits out there who like to do smalltime tanking missions, with groups of Prowlers/Harrassers/Lightnings, flanking, rushing, pushing, going on little missions and such?

    If so, I'm your man.
  2. oberchingus

    ECUS does that daily, but only Emerald. And TR as main. And VS/NC at least once a week.

    If your ping can muster it, feel free to come by for casual harassing/tanking. Our Teamspeak address is:
  3. Oddzz

    You talk about YBuS or G00N??! We from YBuS are pretty relaxed and just want to have some fun. I can't imagine that someone was acting like a dick from us, especially when Alongstory was leading the platoon who is one of the nicest guys around. Of course you need to follow orders to some degree and if you are not close to your squad than you get kicked from the platoon sooner or later. But that is how every serious public platoon is operating I guess.
  4. LuckyShotScott

    I'm also looking for a vehicle based outfit. Its a shame there's no ECUS equivalent on Miller.
  5. Mordus

    FU is the right outfit for you if you like doing different kind of scirmishes. While the game puts central focus on infantry gameplay we encourage our players to create air and armor support groups. I have led armored support several times and I really love doing hit and run missions.

    Our platoons are usually public so feel free to join. You can also add me as a friend (Mordus). Send me a PM ingame and we can try to set something up!
  6. ValorousBob

    MM has a bunch of good harasser crews, but they're primarily a Russian outfit. BRTD used to do vehicle stuff, but I dunno how active they are now.
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  7. Irathi

    I see someone already mentioned us, thank you for that.

    And I can reassure you that "force multipliers" as we refer to it (synergy) is something BRTD focus on during all ops. We do make use of galaxies and redeploy, unfortunately some might say that is just the name of the game during alerts, driving can simply be to slow. However we still frequently pull armor and sundies when traversing shorter distances between bases and when we want to intercept/flank and stop the approaching zerg.

    Would you like to know more? Check out BetterRedThanDead, you will not be dissapointed.
  8. Shamrock

    This sounds like when UMVS pull an armour squad to break a camp and mop up all the surrounding sundies / HE tanks facing the spawns. The ability to focus fire as a squad means you can melt randoms even when outnumbered. We enjoy using co-ordinated armour even when playing our lower certed TR alts on Cobalt.