Any Noob-Unfriendliness we could fix quickly?

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  1. Skraggz

    I'm Sorry Kills Per Hour doesn't mean how many kills a gun gets per hour....? I was implying the skies are near empty there for you can't achieve the same KPH. I can't seem to wrap my head around what you are trying to say. Kills Per Hour.

    I'll try once more, If you have nothing to shoot at how much Kills Per Hour will you have....?
  2. Rydenan

    Think about it this way: Players will only be using AA weapons when there are air targets to shoot at. When the skies are empty, no one will using AA weapons, and those weapons' KPH will not be negatively affected.

    I know when I use an AA weapon, the lack of kills is definitely not due to a lack of targets.
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  3. Skraggz

    Nevermind your biasing your numbers on Burster, I can see where you are coming from there, if it was skyguard/ranger/walker I would have a problem.
  4. Rydenan

    Skyguard maybe, but I don't sit in a Ranger or Walker when there are no air targets. Dunno about you.
  5. MonnyMoony

    Indeed. Out of all the weapons I have, Bursters, Nemesis and Swarm have pretty much the lowest kills/min of all of my weapons (Bursters are worst at 0.07 kills/min).

    That means for every hour I have Bursters equipped, i'm only getting around 4 kills!
  6. adamts01

    Honestly though, how many kills do you expect with a gun that has 15 meters of wiggle room with aiming, arguably more like 50 meters of wiggle room at typical engagement ranges due to its awful cone of fire. It's an abomination of a weapon that simply shouldn't exist in a first person shooter.
  7. MonnyMoony

    I agree - i'd happily see bursters junked for a higher skill hard counter.
  8. adamts01

    We'd both be happier with a higher skill and more lethal burster replacement, but why should a ground unit with an AA specific weapon be a hard counter against an aircraft with a weapon specifically designed to kill that ground unit? In all fairness it should be a wash, and come down to skill, especially if both weapons are on a similarly priced unit with similar versatility.
  9. Rydenan

    Why should an air unit with an AI specific weapon be a hard counter against a ground unit with a weapon specifically designed to kill that air unit?
  10. iller

    Not the use of Automatics to get Headshot Criticals in a nonstop Death-Match arena.... That's as "NOOBy" as it comes and it's been the game's only real Meta since day1. New players don't quit in droves b/c they can't master that.... they quit because it's an incredibly shallow skill ceiling that gets old super fast once you ADS + ADADAD all day. They were expecting an actual TACTICAL shooter with RTS elements. Shotgun & Automatic enabled Headshot criticals just means you don't even need teamwork or variety in your Loadout. There's no Rock Paper Scissors there... Everything's just rock paper DYNAMITE

    Sidenote: Now I'm not saying they actually realize any of this at the time they're real Newbs to it.... it's just the subconscious result they all experience and then blame on something else when they don't understand why it takes them an entire clip to kill a anything while super high HSR players instafrag Newbs in 3 bullets using guns that frankly had no business being given HS Crits in the first place...
  11. Sazukata

    Lower headshot multipliers for carbines, assault rifles, LMGs, pistols (sans Blackhand), and the Kobalt (I'm thinking 1.5). Remove small arms resistance from Nanoweave. These two changes should help new players be more rewarded for a successful flank as well as narrow the massive performance gap between them and experienced players.
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  12. Sazukata

    Forgot to add SMGs to the list in my previous post.
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  13. adamts01

    It shouldn't, and I've never once argued otherwise. I firmly believe that hard counters are a terrible thing in games. If you pay attention to what I said, I specifically mentioned similar unit cost and similar versatility as a condition of that competition being a wash. As for infantry vs an A2G ESF, the vehicle should have a definitive edge due to cost. I still don't believe in hard counters, and I advocate for more effective launchers and small arms damage against ESF, but just like with a tank or Max, that resource investment needs to provide a combat benefit.
  14. Rydenan

    And yet this is the way it is right now. Libs and even ESFs can melt AA infantry, AA sunderers, and Skyguards with ease. And if they can't because they are highly outnumbered, they can simply fly away to repair.
  15. Skraggz

    Dang, they do all that with a banshee or AH? Against a Skyguard? With Ease? I must be terrible, because ANY bit of hovering or dead on hitting on that thing will 100% one clip my esf. Banshee and AH also rip through a deployment shield faster then a c-4 or an O/S?

    Sorry just loaded vr Skyguard takes HALF a clip not a whole thing, if all hits land, assuming one is hovering. After a fire suppress it would be about 3/4 of the 70 rounds.

    In order to "melt" any AA vehicle the ESF 100% has to have Hornets, If it doesn't... well, Even rotary takes 3 clips from the BACK of a lightning, and a normal bus consumes so many it's not worth counting.

    Pods take 1+half a clip From the back with a 4.25 sec reload, Skyguard has you dead before then.

    Don't Believe me? Load VR and check yourself.
  16. Halo572

    I played this game from the beta in 2012. I played for 3 years until I gave up waiting for PS2 to become a game instead of some programming demo.

    I've been gaming since 1982 and during that time I have always been fascinated by the extreme delusion that players who love a game display irrespective of reality.

    The facts:

    1) This title - it isn't a game, see 2) - is 6 years old.

    2) 6 years later there is no game to play other than team death match. No persistence promised over your personal stats ongoing and whatever you want to achieve per pointless game play session.

    It is no more than a programming demo and never will be.

    The last time I logged in - years ago - Indar map looked the same as on launch day with the faction distribution, IT NEVER CHANGES other than for zergs.

    3) SOE did nothing to make the game have any depth, Daybreak have never done anything to give the game any depth, no one is ever going to give this game any depth over - 1m forward - your mission is to attack the next base, 1m backwards - your mission is to defend the base behind you.

    A new continent? Really, is that the one they have promised for years(?) outside of the new player one?

    Look at your opening sentence - a new continent and marketing will bring back people to a tired, old, never delivered, never will deliver tech demo in a sea of free to play and premium retail titles.

    I can't even track the player numbers any more as Rebelscum closed down the world tracker last year(?) as they have moved on, but at peak you got 200 players per faction per server, 3500 over all of them. That is just three 100 vs 100 battles per world if everyone is in the same places on the same continent. They aren't.

    So - new continent, new marketing. So what? Old player - TDM I played in 2012 on an empty new continent.

    New player - I die a lot and there are hardly any players on any of the maps I go into, let's go play Fortnite.

    Let it go, the only thing DB can do with this title is a) PUT A GAME IN TO PLAY, b) leave it up as a cash machine for those that won't let go.

    And I am sorry to tell you - not that you will hear - that a) isn't going to happen. SIX YEARS LATER.

    Anyway, I only check in a couple of times a year to see if it is all over, see you all in 2019 sometime, enjoy your 6 year old TDM.
  17. Skraggz

    Imagine being so frustrated with a dev group that you spend time trolling the forums of a game you haven't played in 3 years. To think people actually enjoy a game you don't like... shame on them, right?.... keep patiently waiting for the game to die bud, I'll be on tomorrow after work enjoying my "demo".
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  18. Botji

    It takes 31 shots from a Skyguard to kill a stock ESF, the Skyguard fires 8 shots per second so it takes 3.875 seconds to do it with 100% accuracy.

    A very close to 4 second TTK against the fastest and most manouverable thing in the game is a very long time because even IF someone somehow was able to achieve a 100% accuracy with it, its simply impossible to predict where the ESF will move within those 4 seconds. It doesnt help that the Skyguard muzzle velocity is only 400m/s, the exact same as the NS Baron which is a shotgun. 400m/s also happens to be only twice as fast as the 'top speed' of stock Scythes and Reavers(afaik this does not take into account that you can angle yourself and use the up thrusters as well) so you have to lead targets by a lot and makes it almost impossible to kill a competent pilot. To make it even worse the shots from a Skyguard are only 25% faster than boosting Scythes/Mossies and ~15% than a boosting Reaver.... they can almost outrun the bullets you fire at them.

    And now I want to remind everyone that this is a stock ESF we are talking about. Add composite armor and the ESF can take 10% more hits, it now takes 34-35 hits to kill the ESF, add fire suppression and it takes 25% more on top of that and we are up to something around 42-44 hits... thats 5.25-5.5 seconds TTK with 100% accuracy as well as more than half the 70 rounds the Skyguard has loaded.

    Is it reasonable to expect people to need 60-62.8% accuracy as a minimum to kill ESF with what is one of, if not the most specialized weapon in the game(you cant swap it out without getting a new tank)?
    Even if it is, is it reasonable to expect the ESF to stay in the fight for the 8.75 seconds it takes the Skyguard to empty all its shots?

    Remember, the 5.25-5.5 second TTK is with 100% accuracy, 60-62.8% accuracy is the Skyguard using all its ammunition to kill the ESF and that takes 8.75 seconds to do. In comparison the ESFs take around 3.2-3.3 seconds to dump their rocket pods and 5 seconds to reload so by the power of math it would take around 9.8-9.95 seconds to dump 1+half clip without any certifications and 9.05-9.2 seconds with reload certs.

    Sure, if the Skyguard is at full health and decent ammo levels it should be able to kill the ESF but if the Skyguard is already damaged, doesnt have to be that much even, or low on ammo the ESF has a very good chance of killing the Skyguard. Might seem fair but the Skyguard cant run away at this point, if the ESF catches it like this its dead, the ESF on the other hand can attempt this manouver almost as many times as it wants. If the ESF is spotted early it just flies off, if the ESF is spotted at mid range it just flies off, if the ESF is spotted at close range it just dumps on you and flies off.

    5 seconds is an eternity in a Skyguard/ESF fight because the ESF can easily just move around a little and ensure lots/most of the bullets miss or put something between the Skyguard and itself.. and thats only a danger to the ESF if the Skyguard would hit 100% of the shots. If for some reason the ESF is still within line of sight of the Skyguard after almost 9 seconds of constant bullet hosing its only a danger to the ESF if the Skyguard managed to hit +60% of the shots in the first place.

    Even a lower end of the spectrum half decent pilot should be able to avoid a Skyguard, failing to do this is more a piloting error or due to circumstances than anything the Skyguard is actively doing. You know a weapon is effective when it takes the target to make mistakes or the stars aligning to get a actual kill with it.
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  19. Skraggz

    Building a scenario Huh? Ok let's say the ESF is already damaged and out on indar with lovely CLEAR skies and not much room to hide, you gonna tell me you are gonna miss him with a weapon that has an outrages CoF and flak explosion? Am I to believe this?

    Also if an esf is running composite why did you not prepare for him with your engagement radar? I don't know many that run composite as Stealth is the only answer for most encounters.

    I assume you are talking about hitting the lightning from the back, not just ANYWHERE? So placement would be key for this?
  20. OldMaster80

    They cannot melt MY Skyguard. I am one step away from auraxium and I can tell against ESF it's a rather fair battle. I don't get many kills but neither ESFs have an easy life against me.
    Libs are another story, but they are 3-men vehicles.
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