Any Noob-Unfriendliness we could fix quickly?

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  1. Campagne

    I'll stop calling "bullcrap" just as soon as flak can annihilate ESFs in half a second. Or when AI ESF weapons don't obliterate other players without them having any chance of not dying. Even lolpods are fairly well balanced in that regard comparatively. :eek:
  2. JibbaJabba

    You've touched on one of the things that worries me most about the new player experience.

    There are some large outfits that continue on by pure inertia alone. They do not actually train their players how to be better at the game. Those players get used to victory by cannon fodder and struggle at a 1v1 level.

    ..Also, it's been a while since I mained on Vanu. Goku got to zergfit size now? I thought they were all selective with their Anime theme?
  3. MonnyMoony

    Where have I said the grass is greener? I don't want to fly, I have tried it and it's not all that fun, but don't pretend ESF AI weapons aren't cheesy as hell.
  4. JibbaJabba

    Best idea I've seen so far is headshots.

    Turning down the multiplier on non-Sniper/BattleRifle full auto weapons would be a good idea. New players get shredded by that. If they manager to get good position and the drop on someone they should be able to get the kill. Right now they won't. Target will spin and dink-dink-dink.

    I think revisiting the default configs might be a good idea too....

    Give a couple starter implants to new characters but also PRE-LOAD THOSE into the configurations for the players.
    Same thing with some of the other basics. Sure we made nanoweave 1 cert, but actually equip it in the default slots for the players.

    I'll even mention this Blaphemy: Switch the NC HA starter weapon to something else. EM6 maybe.
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  5. Skraggz

    You don't need to say it directly to portray a message. They do that, they do this, they are unkillable...

    There are a lot of things that could be "cheesy" in this game. I have a feeling if they even removed them people would still gripe and moan. I still get an obnoxious amount of kills from a needler. At some point you have to learn to stop blaming what is hurting you and learn how to deal with it.
  6. Skraggz

    I get far more rage quits from playing infil/HA, there is definitely a disconnect while being infantry. WHen I first started heavily playing last year the hardest thing for me to adjust to was TTK and indication that I was being hit is not near as flashy as other games.
  7. OldMaster80

    Imo crouch spam and ADADA dance should not even be a thing in 2018. That's 1993 videogames ********.

    They should add inertia to movement with the next patch.
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  8. freedom_burger

    Make continents easier to queue up to by just clicking on their warpgate instead of using the otherwise useless world map.
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  9. JibbaJabba

    That's a good one.
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  10. Rydenan

    So absolutely OP that the Burster's A. KPH is 5 and the Ranger's A. KPH is 13, while the Banshee's A. KPH is 40 and the AirHammer's A. KPH is 44.

    Seriously, don't make me laugh.

    "Absolutely OP" flak in action:
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  11. Skraggz

    I feel as if it is deceiving to mention kph for AA VS AI, as 1 they were intended to deter (devs chose for whatever reason), and the fact that there are hundreds of planetmans running around on foot but yet the skys... well... they are mainly empty. Again, you did that out of ignorance (Lack of Knowledge) or on purpose to be decieving.

    Also I have seen you post that vid before, a while back. Yes he should have been dead, But for some reason a LOT of flak did not detonate.... maybe he was too close and that is an issue that needs to be looked at?
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  12. adamts01

    I do think A2A and more so G2A are the most unbalanced and terrible parts of this game. But that's a whole different topic. As for noob friendliness, every player should start with a launcher suitable against air. Best case scenario is if the default launcher gets the Striker mechanic, as NC and VS don't have any non-nanite option to even scratch a decent A2G pilot.
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  13. MonnyMoony

    I disagree - it's all part and parcel of it.

    As a noob you come into this game and get relentlessly farmed by air (LOL Pods were so called for a reason).

    So what do you do, you grind for hours, save up thousands of certs, buy dual bursters and fully spec kinetic or ordnance armour with a view to finally getting even with air - only to find out you are still pretty much ineffective and can still be instagibbed.

    You then wonder why you even bothered.
  14. MonnyMoony

    I have learnt how to deal with it. I pull dual burster or swarm and troll air relentlessly until they piss off and stop farming.

    I have had quite a few hate tells from air jockeys this week for doing just that - and even had one guy log out, and log back in as his VS alt - just to C4 my dual burster Max after I took his plane out.

    Apparently i'm 'ruining their air game'.........or something.
  15. MonnyMoony

    If the direct damage for flak weapons was buffed significantly at very close range (i.e. inside the flak detonation range) - it would easily address this imbalance.
  16. adamts01

    I said G2A (ground to air) is unbalanced and terrible. Did you miss the part where I called for NC and VS to get the Striker mechanic as the default launcher? Or the part where I said VS and NC infantry can't even scratch the paint of a good A2G pilot? Or did you skim over that because you assume I just want to farm with impunity as air?
  17. MonnyMoony

    Eh! I don't play as air all that much - where did that come from. I think you got the wrong end of the stick.

    I was disagreeing with your assertion that it's a separate topic. I believe it forms part and parcel of why the game is noob unfriendly - and explained why I thought that.
  18. Icedude94

    I played Eve for 5 years and ran an alliance before I came to Planetside. When you die in planetside, you just respawn, you even get your nanites back over time. When you die in Eve, everything on that ship is gone. Ship insurance barely even covers the cost of just the hull. The modules, ammo and rigs usually amount to 3 times the value. It could take 2 weeks of grinding to get that battleship. Planetside's MBT takes 9 minutes if you are a F2P, far less if you are a member and have the reduced nanite cost ASP perk.

    Planetside doesn't make people rage quit the game for good because you died in "safe space" after shooting at a guy who flipped your loot container, giving him and his buddies kill rights to come and gank your PVE ship that you spent a long time grinding for.

    If you played Eve, you would know the only spot that is safe is docked up inside of an NPC station. There is no safe space.

    Planetside forgives mistakes. Mistakes are even funny and make for entertaining youtube clips. Eve doesn't forgive mistakes and a mistake in leadership could make a hundred people rage quit.

    New players in PS2 do need to be in that kind of cannon fodder role in the beginning. Vehicles and Maxes need a heavy cert investment before they are at the level of effectiveness they need to be. If you don't have flak armor 5 and extended mags on your MAX, don't bother pulling it. If your nanite proximity repair on your sunderer is not maxed out, do not volunteer to do the repair sunderer for an armor column. If you don't have AP cannon and your only secondary is a basilisk, don't pull a tank. Gun for the sunderer, gun for the tank.

    If you are a brand new player, take a support infantry role. Be a medic or engineer. Follow the vets who know their way around the map. You will make a ton of certs doing the revives and the repairs and resupplies. I know people can make typically 350-450 certs an hour doing point holds with a good team.

    The infantry fight is where teamwork and player skill can overcome superior numbers and better equipped players. People need to be taught the value of their class role in the squad. The game already rewards you with more teamwork for doing things for your squad. I join public squads all the time and their squads are never balanced. They all get wiped because they have no medics or they go into a fight against superior numbers without geared up Maxes.

    When I command public squads, 80% of the people will switch to the class I tell them to. The other 20% actually just don't even stick with the squad.

    Those 20% usually need to be told that their vehicles are expendable and easily replaced. They refuse to leave their vehicle until they die. They hurt the squad and they hurt themselves as they sit around doing nothing and not earning certs.

    Lastly, the ISO-4 system rewards outfits who work well together to get their outfit name on the base capture.
  19. adamts01

    Eve does a great job of babying you in to the game with starter missions against AI. I did get ganked once in the safe zone, so I do know it happens, but aside from that one instance I did nothing but casual PvE for a month or so until I found a PvP group in null sec. It is a tough and punishing game overall, much more so than Planetside in the long run, but still, it doesn't drop you in to PvP against the best in the game from the start like PS2 does. I'd say Eve is much less new-player friendly due to the ridiculous amount you have to learn, but more new-player friendly in the sense that you can take the game at your own pace and move on to the next level of challenge when you feel ready, random and rare ganking aside.

    Koltyr was a mistake, and I don't think that PS2 should try to separate players. But I do think that some things should be tuned to allow hard core vets and average casual gamers to both exist and have fun in the same place. I think tuning down the headshot multiplier on autos is a good place to start, and I'd even suggest removing nanoweave.
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  20. Rydenan

    You're mistaken. KPH is calculated on a per-user basis; the number of players does not impact the score.