Any Noob-Unfriendliness we could fix quickly?

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  1. MonnyMoony

    Lets be honest, in a head to head between a noob and a vet - the vet is going to come out on top most of the time anyway, even if the headshot multiplier was removed entirely. The vet will likely land more shots overall due to better aim and recoil control.

    Where removing the headshot multiplier will help the noob is when the noob does happen to get the drop on a vet (or a cheater). It will stop the vet just spinning round and pinging the noob in the head.
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  2. adamts01

  3. Rydenan

    For the love of god, remove A2G ESFs.


    is not fun for anyone.
    And while a vet may simply curse the devs under their breath for their eternal bias towards air, and then carry on, a new player will often uninstall and never return.
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  4. MonnyMoony

    ^^ yep I absolutely despise the TR rotory nosegun and the NCs mustang AH.

    If I hear either being fired in my vicinity - i'll instantly pull AA to try and get rid of them.......which I have been having particular fun with since the last big patch in which the NS Swarm was finally fixed.

    I even got a hate tell of one of these scumbag A2G farmers for using it against him :D

    Must be incredibly frustrating for somebody new to the game. Even playing AA Max with fully certed kinetic or ordnance armour - both of the above weapons can one clip you in much less than 2 seconds - and there is sod all you can do about it, especially now Max charge has been removed making evasion almost impossible.
  5. NXR1

    Rotary? Why? Its not even the ground pounder its the close range anti heavy aircraft one for killing galaxies and liberators. NC's rotary is better anyway. I do agree that AH is really annoying due to the large magazine and 1 shot capability.
  6. Rydenan

    He probably means Banshee, which is just as rage-inducing at the Air Hammer.
  7. Beerbeerbeer

    Personally, I think any element that makes another person harder to kill—even if by one bullet—should be removed or made equal (like nanoweave).

    As a brand-new newbie, they won’t realize they lost because their veteran opponent is maximizing every ounce of advantage afforded by the game. Consequently, these newbies are at a severe disadvantage, not only by their sheer lack of knowledge (huge overall learning curve), but from a simple mechanic’s perspective that things like Nanoweave afford that these new players will certainly not understand.

    They may feel the game is too hard, but not realize they are AT A DISADVANTAGE (regardless of aim ability), because of the aforementioned mechanics.

    Get rid of these elements.
  8. adamts01

    We've had absolutely OP Flak for a year now. You can stop crying about bias.
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  9. Skraggz

    Often hitting 2 - 3 hexes over from the spawn room.
  10. MonnyMoony

    Yep - sorry I did mean Banshee.
  11. MonnyMoony

    LOL - yep massively OP. Have you seen the damage fall off and spread on a burster. Hitting anything at that range is a miracle - let alone actually causing any damage. If you are taken out by a burster at 2-3 hexes range, you must have been virtually dead anyway.

    Even at close range - busters are nothing more than a deterrent unless massed.

    Base AA turrets had a hard cap on their range imposed about a year back - and the range at which lock on launchers would lock and the time their missiles would track for was also reduced.

    And let's not mention the new air anomaly event which makes air completely free allowing ground pounders to chain pull air with impunity (strangely their G2A counters still cost full nanites though)
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  12. Skraggz

    All this would be worth noting but gets dismissed because you're capable of hiding behind an invincible shield, where damage can't be returned and is only one way, if you were to even be drawn that far that is.
  13. MonnyMoony

    That has always been the case though. The person I responded to was asserting that this has become a particular problem in the last 12 months. Burster Maxes and lockons have been able to fire out of spawn since launch and base turrets had much longer range back then.

    Give ground units a fighting chance against air (or at the least a chance to evade) and they might come out. As it is, in a stand up fight out in the open, even a dual AA max with fully certed kinetic or ordnance armour lasts barely more than a second against a single ESF packing Banshee or Mustang AH. I have even been killed from full health 10ft from the spawn room - because I wasn't able to duck back in the time it took to gib me.

    With Max charge we had a chance evade whilst out in the open - it's removal was a massive nerf for A2A max units.

    I'm happy for firing out of spawn to be removed - as long as we get more resistance and a direct hard counter to compensate. ESF goes toe to toe with a dedicated AA max - the ESF should die, plain and simple.
  14. Skraggz

    1. You responded to me... not some one else.

    2. I'm extremely doubtful that a bursters catching an esf will just barely wins, the minute they flak me I have to leave, I can not continue to pound them, it is a death sentence.

    Also what more of a fighting chance do you want? Seriously, please explain. If flak is not enough and locks are not enough what else do you want?

  15. adamts01

    In my short two years in this game I've racked up probably 500 or 600 hours in an ESF, because I love it. As much as I hate it, I've spent over 20 hours as a burster Max, most often inside a spawn room. 20 painful ******* hours in a spawn room because the other faction had indisputable air superiority. But, I absolutely wrecked their day as a single spawnroom hero, at least at that fight. I'm not saying that things are even close to balanced, because they're not, but spawn room bursters are stupid broken, and your tirade about air having it easy and being catered to does nothing but show how clueless you are about how the other side has it.
  16. MonnyMoony

    1. I was responding within context of the post you were replying to. I thought it was you who asserted that, appologies, but the point stands.

    2. The TTK of a single dual burster max on an ESF is several seconds even at close range. An ESF with Mustang or Banshee can easily take out the Max within that time or evade and pop fire suppression or afterburner to go and repair. AA max has no such ability.

    3. I already have haven't I? Greater resistance to A2G fire, a proper hard counter weapon and the ability to trade for the ability to shoot out of spawn.
  17. MonnyMoony

    It's not a tirade. I have offered constructive suggestions on this and many other threads to fix the issue for both sides.

    Air would just like to have it one sided. The ability to farm with impunity - and have the only counters to them doing that nerfed into the ground.
  18. adamts01

    That's a ridiculous comment. Players in the air are no different than anyone else. Some want OP aircraft just like some want OP tanks and some want infantry to 1v1 vehicles. But most of us want a balanced and competitive game. Universally claiming that all air wants one sided farms with impunity isn't constructive, and really shows your bias.
  19. MonnyMoony

    Perhaps - but my experience of air is that they will farm at any opportunity, even ignoring other air to do it.

    Why do you think air is so despised by what seems like a large portion of the player base. They employ cheesy weapons and tactics to farm infantry - then simply run away as soon as something starts shooting back.
  20. Skraggz

    One has to wonder, how many hours do you have flying? Words such as "they" seems to imply you dont do it. Telling me you think the grass is greener on the otherside, I welcome you to log some hours in an ESF and than present a educated assessment.
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