Any medium/long range TR LMG out there?

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  1. WarCannon9000

    Shame the TMG-50 is not a good option anymore, think it needs a buff or so lol. When was the last time you died to one or even seen someone use it? It is like the bloom recoil and overall performance is a lie on paper, even tap firing seems to get you killed by faster RoF weapons. I found the T32 and for some odd reason the naginata and watchmen work well at range. At this point why not just use the battle rifle.
  2. typnct

    mmmm tmg-50 shines only if you use its burst fire(excelent dps and low recoil)
    it doesnt shine in movement but if you use burst then its a completely different story

    try to practice it for a few minutes
  3. HippoCryties

    Or just use the NS15M hands down best medium range LMG , maybe beat by Gauss saw
  4. DrPapaPenguin

    Watchman, TMG-50, Bull, to a lesser extent Rhino and Carv-S
  5. typnct

    ah yeah we forgot the carv-s! take compensator and forward grip! and high vel ammo

    its good for medium far range(100 meters)
    low recoil(side to side) but as every tr lmg recoil goes way up(vr 200 meters training and you're set)
  6. DarkStarAnubis

    Quick update: I have tried the NS-15M (never used before) and I was impressed by the combination of traits.

    Aside from the weird recoil, it looks to me very much like the T-32 Bull, a good firing platform, very precise and stable.

    It does not deliver a lot of damage, just like the Bull, so it requires you to be accurate.

    I am going to work with that for a while and see how it goes: since I have the (bad) reflex to reload after firing even one round, I am more comfortable with fast reload LMGs (MSW-R, Orion, Bull, Anchor, Meow,...).
  7. Erendil

    Good choice with the NS-15Mx. It's the go-to LMG for many of the top HA players in the game.

    If you're a compulsive reloader than you'll love it. It has the fastest short- and long reload of any LMG in the game (2.15s and 2.5s respectively). It's also the only LMG to retain the beloved .75x ADS movement, making you a (slightly) harder target to hit. And of course it's a headshot machine out to 40m or so.
  8. Arskov

    I don't have too much experience playing as TR, as I just don't like the weapons as much (I prefer low ROF, high damage). What I can tell you, however, is my experience fighting TR players. My absolute worst nightmares at all ranges, even playing as a heavy, have been the MSR-W and the MG-H1 Watchman.

    Sure, these two weapons might not be as accurate as an NC weapon (the NC6 Gauss SAW's horrendous recoil not withstanding), but like all TR weapons they boast a higher DPS at all ranges than their NC or Vanu counterparts.

    Just for shiggles I went and calculated the minimum and maximum DPS of the two TR weapons that kill me the most and the two NC LMGs that people seem to favor the most: our beloved Gauss SAW and the mighty LA1 Anchor. I also included our highest ROF LMG, the MGR-L1 Promise, as I have had quite a bit of luck with it.

    Watchman: 1428min/1785max
    MSR-W: 1400min/1787max

    Gauss SAW: 1391min/1666max
    Anchor: 1250min/1670max
    Promise: 1302min/1663max

    In my experience, TR's higher ROF and higher DPS at all ranges means a lot more damage potential and weapons that are far more forgiving if you miss. Higher damage output paired with good burst control and proper aim/positioning techniques turn these weapons into absolute street sweepers. The exception to this is the Gauss SAW, which at max range does only nine DPS less than the MSR-W and 37 DPS less than the Watchman and has a first-shot COF of 0. However, when you factor in the burst control needed with the Gauss SAW that gap widens significantly. If you've never used the Gauss SAW she kicks like a mule with a mighty .07 bloom (compared the MSR-W's .05) and a nasty .55 vertical recoil (MSR-W has .35).

    TL/DR: On paper and in my personal experience MSR-W and Watchman both outperform all but one of the NC LMGs by a large margin both at close and long range. I have no experience with Vanu LMGs as I only play as a Medic on Vanu (Love that Corvus almost as much as I love my NC-9 A-Tross :))

    Hope that helps!
  9. typnct

    Best tip for the tr lmg's is to use one weapon only for 2 3 days without switching classes as these weapons require high skill to be effective
    Unlike the carbines which perform imo the same as la

    And as usual the best way to master the weapon is to use it in the vr and try to kill targets at 200 meter while moving
    Aim for the chest in hope for the recoil to get the head and 1 2x tops scope unless you use the bull which can handle 4x
  10. adamts01

    Have you actually used the MSR-W at range? Good luck hitting anything, even with burst control. The Gauss Saw and its siblings on each other class are perfectly accurate for the first bullet, and plenty accurate for the next 2-3 bullets. The Reaper DMR is my favorite gun in the game for everything but cqb. I just don't understand how you think TR weapons are better at range. Now, none of NC's guns are new-player friendly, but once you can burst and aim there's nothing on either faction that performs nearly as well at medium to long range.
  11. AlcyoneSerene

    I'd take a Gladius, Promise, Saw, Anchor, Railjack, & Jackhammer over TR and VS ES weapon-equivalents. Too bad looting isn't a thing.
  12. Random05

    Rhino with forward grip and high velocity ammo goes well for long ranges
  13. Campagne

    Four of those are garbage and I'd trade them for VS/TR equivalents. :p

    But at that point why not just play NC?
  14. Rydenan

    The NS-15 trounces all ES LMGs at long range, including the SAW (which really isn't the NC's best long range LMG due to its poor accuracy without aggressive trigger control, which ruins its DPS advantage).
  15. typnct

    another weapon that i highly suggest to try out on long range even though i cant really explain why this works so well
    its the armastice - forward grip+extended mag's

    i can drop targets at 100 meters and up(as this weapon is godlike recoil wise)
    but it has some really tough to deal with side to side
    i dont recommend even struggling with the side to side recoil as it has high tolerance and will land about 40 50% of the shots and with high enough aiming(even at magdump bursts) get ton of headshots

    but its not effective against HA as it will tickle them at that range

    Just become an Infiltrator brother ;))
  17. DarkStarAnubis

    Update: the more I use the NS-15M2 the more I like it. Being an NS weapon I can use on all my alts and that provides an added value in terms of adapting to the recoil pattern.

    Two negative things:

    (1) It requires good aim due to its mediocre DPS. In my case aim is poor so I get a lot of assists but no so many kills. Doesn't matter, practice makes perfect
    (2) in behind-the-corner surprises I am regularly screwed by higher DPS weapons not matter what I try to do. So I am taking the habit to stop running and take deliberate steps before turning, entering a room, stairs etc