Any medium/long range TR LMG out there?

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    I am nowhere expert/skilled/MLG pro/vet (just to frame the context), looking for a good TR LMG for medium/long range work, basically a SAW clone and I have been unable to find. It is almost like TR do not have a good alternative.

    What I have tried:

    MSW-R : my favorite LMG all-purpose, good rof, goodish damage, easy to use, fast reload but not good already at medium range (at least compared to the Anchor).
    TMG-50: low DMG at range, medium rof, not a very precise firing platform (horizontal recoil). I can't love it no matter what.
    T-32 Bull: precise, snappy reload, good at medium/long range in terms of precision/cof/recoil it would be perfect but... Alas not enough dmg. It is my current choice because I do not have anything better.
    Watchman: no way. On paper it has great TTK but half of the bullets at range go astray so what's the point?

    I also evaluated the Naginata, which to me appear very close to the T-32 Bull in terms of behavior/performances. Don't like the saucepan sound mostly.

    Anything I have missed/overlooked? Any suggestion?
  2. adamts01

    I don't like any TR LMGs. I don't think they hold a candle to the Saw. I normally use the NS15 outside and the MSWR if the battle is going to be a little closer. Those NC weapons are definitely the best if you can aim.
  3. Prudentia

    naginata is a terrible LMG because it has 30% more recoil than the saw. per shot. with a higher ROF
    but i just gave the bull a spin and holy hell do i love this thing.
    the recoil is baby smooth, horizontal recoil is below average and projectile velocity is great. good hipfire and fast reload also help you cover yourself when the fight closes to shorter ranges.
  4. typnct

    Mmmm... Id say watchman
    Low recoil and high rof
    Just shoot it in 6 to 9 burst and i feel like its the closest to long range you can get imo
  5. Eternaloptimist

    The T32 Bull suits me best for medium range. I find the recoil more manageable and bullet grouping tighter than the MSW and the TMG - and the higher muzzle velocity is the clincher. Pretty useful in closer quarters combat too. I haven't tried the Watchman or the Naginata.

    The only LMG I have found more accurate and manageable at medium to long range is the NS15M. I have killed planetmans at ridiculous ranges with that thing but it takes persistence and the RoF is too low for my liking.
  6. DarkStarAnubis

    I have tried the Watchman in combat and I couldn't work well with it. Then I went back to VR and tried a lot of comparative shooting with different LMGs. At 70m the efficiency (shots fired vs hits) I get with the Watchman is abysmal even on static targets: I do not reach 50%, just think what I really hit in real battles... Even with bursting it takes around 20 rounds (3 bursts) to kill a target, a lot of rounds and time. The SAW takes a single burst of 7.

    Most likely it is skill related. If the Watchman works for you great.
  7. typnct

    well i had to deal with high recoil guns at the beginning of the game like the trv that i bought first for the medic
    so i guess it helped
  8. AlcyoneSerene

    I've struggled to find just what you're looking for, but there's no Ursa or especially SAW substitute. After extensive testing in VR, the closest thing I found is the T32 Bull, slightly better than T16 Rhino because of its burst & sustained fire accuracy

    MG-H1 Watchman is my only LMG at the moment, and it is good. For ranged fire, although it has crappy damage, you burst fire a few rounds at a time with sufficient wait time in-between, which gives surprising accuracy for a super high rate of fire weapon - this is assuming our RoF perk doesn't get watered down due to FPS or client-side shenanigans, which there's growing evidence for, sadly.

    NS-15M2 is excellent for its unmatched accuracy and versatility, the staple of NS, but beware the low damage and low ammo.

    Naginata's recoil makes it clear its only purpose is to fire a bunch of body shots at a ranged target that doesn't move very much. I tried to like it in VR, but have to agree with the majority here, just avoid.

    MSW-R has terrible diagonal recoil, and like the Orion and similar weapons, I have never understood their appeal except for perhaps an SMG-type substitute for close quarter combat.

    TMG-50 is a pile of junk, low damage at range, and inaccurate.

    Coming form VS, I find a lot of TR weapons simply lacking, redeemed by the few that seem quite good. Rate of fire must truly be used in your advantage wherever possible.
  9. frozen north

    From what I have seen/ heard, the watchmen is really good at a distance, as long as proper burst control is practiced. From what I have heard, its about 7 rounds for the ideal burst length.

    I have considered trying the T16 for this sort of purpose, but having yet to actually try it, I can't really say for sure.
  10. HippoCryties

    As you can probably tell watchman is the best IMO for medium range but in ultra long range it’s slacks like all other LMG’s other than the mighty gauss saw, amazing gun.

    Also if you can chain HS I’ve found MSW-R to be usable whilst being the absolute monster it is in CQC best LMG in the game alongside Gauss and Orion IMO
  11. TerminalT6

    The Naginata is surprisingly decent at med range in practice. I auraxiumed it. Obviously it's not the best LMG out there, but what's cool is that you don't really have to aim at someone doing the serpentine at 60-100m, lol. The CoF does the work for you. The gun hits targets better than the CoF would have you think, couldn't tell you why. If you have very low mouse sensitivity, the vertical recoil will be a dealbreaker for you. My sensitivity is pretty middle-of-the-road, closer to slow if anything.

    disclaimer: I'm not saying it's the best gun ever, but I certainly don't think it's trash

    I haven't touched LMGs other than the Naginata in a long while so I'm not going to touch on the rest
  12. Halkesh

    I know it's a LMG but did you try the battle rifle ? AMR-66 is far better than a LMG at long range and its spamability make it good enough at medium range. You also can kill in 2 headshot within 15m, with laser dot it's manageable to do with hip fire.
    The main con is the disadvantage at close range.
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  13. DarkStarAnubis

    I have experimented BRs but at the end I did not find any concrete use for them: long.-range LMG, Carbines (like the Cougar for example) and Assault Rifles perform - IMHO--better during heated battles.

    You can snipe with BRs, that's for sure. But it is a niche.
  14. Stoet

    long story short... noone realy.
    LMG's are just not made for long range.

    Define what u find medium / long range tho. targets over 50 meters away for me are Long ranged targets with a LMG, and then i rather spam or run, hope im lucky. i don't assume in going to make the kill unless im lucky that i do hit most of the bullets.
    Everything to 50 meters, im all good with the watchman. good TTK, not that inacurate within that range.
    Bull would maybe perform a little better outside the 50 meters range, but the dammage drop ... well... i stick with the watchman :)
  15. DarkStarAnubis

    I usually split 0-30, 30-60 and 60-90m as short/medium/long and yes I agree anything beyond 50 is iffy for an LMG unless stationary or running predictably.

    I got that the Watchman may/will be good up to 50m: but inside that range everything is good more or less and everything reloads faster than the Watchman... Especially the MSW-R.

    Having said that, I think I am going to give the Watchman another go.
  16. Stoet

    agreed most guns will out reload the watchman, but be honest... the watchman u can kill 4-5 people with without reloading, while with most other guns after a kill or maybe 2 u got to press the R key and Die if there's more people close.
    Im running watchman with impact ammo, so i got little smaller mag, but still love the size of it(size doesn't matter right......) it just saves the time after each kill i would normaly reload a gun to make sure i have enough bullets for the next target, watchman just .... keeps going!
  17. AlcyoneSerene

    Big ammo capacity balanced by very long reload times is a TR faction trait, which makes it possible to take out multiple people at once before having to retreat or switch to a sidearm. I don't like it, it rarely works in my favor, I'd much rather have OP NC or even VS gear, but at least it keeps the faction asymetrical balance alive, and sense of satisfaction when besting someone with better crap.
  18. Metalsheep

    I dont really play HA much, but have you considered the T16 Rhino? It has higher velocity than the TMG50 and its damage dropoff is 143 to 20m and 112 at 65, 85 with HVA.

    The TMG is about the closest thing in the TR arsenal youll find to the SAW. Not much comparison, but its the only TR LMG with a 167 damage class.
  19. JadeSinn

    out of all of them that i have used and tested in VR the watchman is the one id use over the others. you just have to learn how to burst fire it insted of hold the triger and go. it is an LMG after all and is going to have alot of recoil if you just triger hold.

    personaly i dont like playing heavys unless im doing ops with my outfit. and they call for one.
  20. raffa2

    Yeah, the watchman is the way to go for longer ranges, the TMG-50 is trash, i tried it expecting to have a closer gameplay to the SAW, but i was disappointed with a poor men's SAW with even worse accuracy, bad damage and nothing to compensate.

    The MSW-R is still very accurate at range anyways, and the bull is a laser gun, so those are the alternatives.