Any hope for TressFX support in ForgeLight?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by permafrost, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. permafrost

    It is a DirectX 11 feature and it allows realistic hair physics which does away with one of the most problematic issues to having a sense of realism. I hope this becomes a feature, for at least Everquest Next.

  2. Daikar

    There's hair in this game?
    Looks awesome but in what way will this help PS2 it has to do more then just fix the hair right?
  3. permafrost

    Just hair. Maybe they could use it for NPC characters if they decide to add them. I honestly just posted this here because they don't have EQ Next forums and I would really like to see this in it. :)
  4. BenYeeHua

    And Nvidia will say, we don't wanna to support the PhysX 3 for you anymore.:p
  5. permafrost

    That's pretty funny, but thankfully on AMD's part, TressFX is an effect that can be used on any brand as they don't deliberately hurt their physics on competing brands. Though honestly, I would be really glad to see SOE dump PhysX for an Open CL physics engine as PhysX is just horribly optimized on the CPU and OpenCL physics engines are supported by both AMD and NVIDIA. I wonder what SOE is going to do now that Sony's Playstation 4 will be using an AMD graphics chip.
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  6. BenYeeHua

    We will know it, when PS4 and PlanetSide 3 is coming out.;)
  7. Hashlak

    Hahaha, why would you even mention this !?? :p Ps2 performance is so bad as it is and you want more effects !?!? lol

    I just got tomb raider btw, running it on my laptop with tressfx n everything maxed except for shadows and SSAO.. Looks awesome i must say. Makes her look 20x more sexy. Hope we get some BOOBfx too :D lol
  8. Sliced

    I dont think that would ever come to PS2.
    There is no real need for it.
    If they fix the game and it runs sweet on high spec'ed computers and good on mid range and run out of things to do then yeh they may think about it to pass the time. However before then there's no way they would add it or anything else like it.