Any chance you can make the gatekeeper shoot 2 by 2 rockets?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by TheRunDown, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. TheRunDown

    The obvious reason for this is because it's got the lowest damage, and slower TTK.
    It's basically what we do when we use Fractures on MAXs, fire both at the same time.. it's the only way to do damage to targets or shooting one at a time just tickles, and time you actually start doing noticeable damage, they'll just leave before you become a real threat.. just saiyan..

    The VS one is basically a G20 Vulcan, which we know from TR's Vulcan at this point, there is only so much you can do with so similar mechanics and keep everyone happy, which is why I thing it's strange the Devs even made it in the first place. The Sarons Burst damage is already painful, I don't understand why or how a duplicate weapon has been made..

    The NCs one, I can't see how that is going to get balanced.. the TRs Marauder had both it's splash damage and splash radius nerfed.. but I feel that nerf isn't going to happen with this Purely Inf Farming weapon. It looks like a Canister but 400% more effective and more versatile.
  2. xxx-reaper

    The Gatekeeper is the strongest long range vehicle mount weapon in the game right now.. no, no it cannot get a buff. IT has low damage because of it's insane accuracy, which the saron can't come close to at long ranges because of the saron's huge bloom per shot.
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  3. 3punkt14159

    Hey are you crazy? The Gatekeeper is so op, it can kill other tanks from ranges over 500 meters in seconds, there is slightly no bullet drop and whit the ancor mode it is just ridicolous. On top of that, it is also got ad short range against tanks.

    I cant understand why tr is getting so good wappons, compare this to the nc or vs wappons. I dont say that the aphelion is bad, i like it verry well, but tr got theire vulcan for years, while we waiting for this, and now the got a wappon even better then the most hated vulcan.

    I am really corious about the performance of that 3 wappons on the live server, are there any official stats somewhere?
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  4. Problem Officer

    More GK bait but nothing about Mjolnir?
  5. DawnMurder

    The gatekeeper is broken, without doubt needs a Nerf, what your asking for a buff on a TR Vulcan on steroids, hopefully daybreak decreases round capacity or I can never drive a vanguard again
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  6. prodavit

    What is wrong with you? or is this just a troll post? I get that you play TR but you have to know how over power the gate keeper is. It's good against everything. Sure you can't kill infintry as good as a fury but do you know how game braking that would make this weapon? It would be a God mode weapon. Not that the Gatekeeper doesn't need a nerf as is, probably a COF bloom.
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  7. deathwish200k

    good news all the nerf on the gatekeeper is on the play test server now let me tell you gatekeep no longer has 1000m range it now like 300m range ish and cof is what it should of been when it came out thank you dev for listen to other 2 side about this
  8. Who Garou

    All factions can use the Fury.

    The first post was trying to say that the Mjolnir is devastating versus Infantry.
    I can't see anyone that has actually used this extremely short-ranged Anti-ground vehicle weapon thinks it is any good against infantry. From my experience you have to hit a single infantry twice with dead on aim at short range (before the spread takes effect) in order to kill that single infantry.

    The Vulcan is just as OP as it ever was. The Gatekeeper is even more OP than the Vulcan.
    Quite simply the Gatekeeper is devastating against all target types and from extreme ranges. I know from my experience that you start getting shredded, look around where the fire is coming from, and most of the time the rounds are not visible coming in an the Gate Keeper user is at extreme ranges and hitting every time.

    The only reaction to a Gatekeeper is to try to get to cover (most of the time not going to happen) because it is not going to miss and you are going to go down within a matter of seconds.

    Stack a couple Gatekeepers together and the only option is to be hidden from them or being able to get behind cover within a second or two - which is hard if there is no indicator of what direction the fire is coming form.
  9. cobaltlightning

    And that's why everyone is yelling that the Gatekeeper is OP: It is simply TOO effective against all targets.

    At these ranges, the enemy equivalents have a hard time against Infantry, even with their splash damage. Maybe one or two hits before reload, but that's it.

    The Gatekeeper is TR's answer for long range AV, but its how it can kill infantry that ticks everyone off. I am more than certain it will be nerfed, but I worry on how it will be.
    I am hoping it will have it's splash reduced in either size or damage, but nothing else. This would remain its usefulness as long range AV and hopefully quiet down the mob of angry infantry it kills.
  10. Cymoril

    It takes me 5 hits to kill infantry hitting them at range with a 2x scope. I see no issue. I am usually distracted with the outpour of heavies that never miss with their rocket launchers in "I win mode" charging our tank. Yes, sometimes I get lucky but the game only shows you the 2 people that did the most damage to you. So, on your death screen if it says 33% KB gatekeeper, and 25% HE than he didn't 1 shot you. I think introducing a combat log to track what the other %s of damage were that hit you could be helpful to keep people from the "nerf bandwagon" on things all the time. I feel DB should give a combat tab (similar to chat) and give values of each classes health/shields vehicles and kits. Then we can see what needs to be adjusted.
    The other thing you might wan t to consider, if the GK is hell bent on killing you than he's distracted from other threats and wasted ammo for 1 person 3-5 shells unless your wounded. So your death helps your team in the long run. Most GKs only run about 300-330 ammo for it. When the main cannon runs out, you know the GK has to go away too since he's on top.
  11. Devilllike

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  12. Devilllike

    this aint op at least the gatekeeper needs u to aim to kill some troops,or the shotgun on the harashers BUT the gatekeeper is the one gun that needs nerf