Any Billing and account issues.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. WarmasterRaptor

    This is getting alarming :\
  2. Draxo


    Currently I have no way to change / sign up for / cancel my all access account. When I go to the membership info page, it just tells me I have an active subscription and lets me click ok. All there is is 'ok'

    This page claims
    View or change your All Access membership information
    • View, sign up or cancel All Access membership
    I do not have any of these options. Just 'ok'.
  3. Atakamosz

    Can I change my currency from dollar to my national one?
  4. Unbekannt81

  5. waelalansary

    i purchased a station cash with 20 dollars and it debited from my Steam Wallet , and i reseved an email for Confirmation the purchase from steam , and i didnt get the sc tell now ,the purchase didnt added to my game
    and thi is the confirmation mail yo sent to me :

    Dear waelalansary,

    Your recent in-game purchase through PlanetSide 2 has been processed and 20.00 USD has been debited from your Steam Wallet.

    This email message will serve as your receipt. You can also access your Purchase History online at any time.

    Station Cash Funding Purchase for PlanetSide 2
    20.00 USD

    20.00 USD
    0.00 USD
    0.00 USD

    20.00 USD
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  6. waelalansary

    Are SOE Steaing us or what?
    i purchased a station cash with 20 dollars and it debited from my Steam Wallet , and i reseved an email for Confirmation the purchase from steam , and i didnt get the sc tell now ,the purchase didnt added to my game
    and i opend a ticket and no body respons to me
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  7. waelalansary

    give me the 2000 SC that i bought 20$ for or give me my ******* money back and dont say this ****** rediculs reason that is holyday essue , it had been 5 days now from i bought the ****** sc , and no ****i response for the ****** ticket i opend from 5 days , ****** bad custmers support
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  8. MrWolf3

    Hmm, I spent about $20 trying to buy station cash but never got the station cash. I looked at my account history and it says the transactions we're made even though I never got my SC.
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  9. Maxbuilderboy

    I used $10 of steam credit, I lost the funds and didn't receive the Station Cash. I opened up 2 support tickets, and it wasn't resolved, seemingly ignored the second time. Why is that happening, and more importantly, can I receive the cash I tried to buy a few weeks ago?
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  10. ChrisRedfieldRE156

    Is there a way of buying station cash, using online wallets such as Webmoney, easypay, yandexmoney etc . . . PLS Respond as fast as possible . . .
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  11. KingLeo49

    can you guys help me ? i buyed 25e sc points but they didint come and the money is gone (22e psc) do you know how long it takes that sc points come to your acc plz help me
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  12. TheSlayer007

    The main issue that I have is the EXPENSIVE PRICE YOU PUT TO THE TOKEN FOR NAME CHANGE. That price is absolutely outrageous. It literately shows how GREEDY this company has become. Prices are going up and things that should be for free are even more expensive. It sucks to have to pay $25 dollars for changing one character's name. SOE is out of control. WE deserve better prices.
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    Got the PS4 beta code for the game but it dosent work because it says I have to live in the USA (I live in the UK)
    Is there any I still can get into the beta
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  14. Bellstaff

    Greetings everyone, i recently purchased station cash for 22 euros - 2500 (station cash) using paysafecard. Its been over 12 hours now and i still havent recieved the SC.

    I also contacted paysafecard and addressed the problem, they said that the amount was paid and deducted from my paysafecard.

    Has anyone expirienced a similar problem? I have sent a ticket, but havent had any form of responce either.
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  15. Jako

    I put a ticket in regarding my main account and got a auto reply saying I needed to supply more personal information,I submitted a response providing that information and I haven't had a response since. I'm just wondering if my ticket is still in queue or if I'm waiting on something that's never going to come?
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  16. Oatboy

    Hello Alex, I was wondering if you could help me with this problem I'm having, basically what has happened is that I put my beta code into the redeem code area in the playstation store, and it redeemed but then the playstation store freaked out and didn't allow me to start downloading so I re entered the code and obviously it had already been used, so I then proceeded to my game library where I seen the "Planetside 2 Beta" application icon, I clicked on it and it comes up with the game overview screen with no information not even a download option the only thing that has any proof on that screen is that it says one of my friends has played it. Even though, the application icon in my games library has a download symbol in it? if you could assist me or even refer me to someone that can, that would be great thanks.
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  17. Armiseal

    Hi Alex, today I tried to purchase 1000 SC from the in-game marketplace using a Visa Electron, but I got an error message saying that "There was an error processing purchase. Try again later. etc". I tried several times but it never worked.
    The reference number for follow up is this: #150407-000225Did I lose my money?
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  18. matt90

    Today i try to buy premium ..and the same error too ! ...
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