Any Air sunder shood be able to easy kill liberator!!!

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  1. Ronin Oni

    Combination rangers flak blinding the target and that Walkers tracers are visible.

    Well if you have given your position away I would advise you to relocate or choose a parking spot that doesn't offer aircraft the benefit of concealment. As far as your request for aircraft being visible on the mini map if they are there it is more then likely to late for you. I mean if you want air radar go ahead and have it but realize the minimal range the mini map cover will offer you no real advantage if were visible or not. If you place your sundy in a more open terrain you are more vulnerable to ground fire but no air craft will be able to sneak up on you if you are paying attention. So really as a sundy driver you need to balance deployment locations on not only distance to objective but what kind of cover does it provide for you or your enemy.
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  3. david06

    Making air powerful to the point that it can destroy any ground force with ease won't magically create a bunch of rounded-out battles, it will decrease the number of battles and make a boring server as anyone who can't organize a dozen players for AA or a dedicated air arm will get quickly stomped on and go somewhere else(or simply stop playing).
  4. maudibe

    I ususally hit "H" key and use "[" and "]" (bracket keys) to zoom in and out, and with the large minimap zoomed all the way out you can see planes for a huge distance but they aren't always ON THE MINI MAP. I could tell from what direction they were coming if they were and since I already spotted them when shooting at them they should stay on the mini-map. Playing a lone FunBus owner means you're completely vulnarable while driving off and worse off than staying in the gunners chair.
    I agree deployment locations mean life of death and poor placement is short lived and when i see other guys park their Sundys I can almost predict they will get blown up in short order.
  5. Dead soldier

    Lol seems legit. I've only fought and won as against 3 ESFs in my liberator with a full crew because 2 crashed into each other and the other charged at the belly before it crashed. Unless the airforce is derpy, this is just an over exaggeration of someone who prefers to whine instead of learning to deal with it.

    If you want to nerf the lib, you have to balance it with a buff.
  6. Phazaar

    If you get your other 9 guys to jump out of the vehicle and fire a lock on at the Lib, you've more or less guaranteed its death... But no, teamwork is still OP.
  7. Verviedi

    I'm referring to a unit of 5 skyguards, 2 repair sundies, and an ammo sundy. All sundies have dual walkers or rangers. Ammo sundies are full of HAs with lockons. I call it "air****er"
  8. LibertyRevolution

    I run a fury/walker combo on my max blockade sunderer, we bait libs with the walker.
    Lib pilot thinks, oh how quaint, a single walker sunderer, yummy certs, and comes in for the tankbuster.
    Then the 2 maxes pop out and lib goes, crap I don't have afterburners on this loadou....BOOM.

    I learned this lesson by being a lib pilot.. solo sunderer all alone in the middle of nowhere.. ITS A TRAP!!
  9. Phazaar

    That sounds perfect to be honest. No pointless fighting, just large organised groups having well-coordinated battles.

    Time to buff air some more imho.
  10. Ronin Oni

  11. Ronin Oni

    Try having AA MAXes and HA's in a Gal ;)

    Air LOVE going after a Gal thinking "FREE CERTS!"

  12. LibertyRevolution

    Dude.. that's cold.. I love it!! Will do it. parked gal on a pad, free kill!! LULZ.

    The reason why most AA is fail, they do not wait for the lib to be in no turn back range..They just open up on it at like 500m out..
    People need to learn to hold off shooting flak until the lib is under 200m and is committed to the attack run.
    Also, extended mags is the difference between a kill and just some ground to air XP..
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  13. Ronin Oni

    ^Yup, all this.

    Though, when random AA guy to my left starts shooting at Lib guy 500m away, I may as well join him. (though usually I try prox chat "dude, wait for them to get closer so they can't get away" first and see if they listen)
  14. Dead soldier

    Yea, I read that post before and that was scary. Sorry for my mistake.
  15. david06

    Less fighting, and less variety of fights in a MMO that's already suffered significant population decline and can't fill out it's current continents with battles.

    That's the sort of genius I would expect only from PS2's air farming community.
  16. SacredRay

    Esf pilots: we can kill libs easily
    Lib pilots: esfs can kill us easily

    Bad players then come on forums and make several threads about "liberator OP".
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  17. Tommyp2006

    You sure are a creative poster today aren't you?
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  18. Codex561

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  19. Tentakewls

    Sounds like someone doesn't want his no-skill-boat to be nerfed.
  20. Phazaar

    As has been covered in dozens of threads already, it simply isn't possible to balance Liberators such that they are both effective in large battles and don't dominate small conflicts.

    Given that small battles are absolutely not the focus, intention, marketing strategy, or unique selling point of Planetside 2, it's rather obvious that things should be balanced for their effect in the large, organised conflict the game is capable of. This also has the added bonus of being a constant reminder to those people whining about things that have no effect on an organised group (like Liberators) that they should get in an organised group.

    For the record though, a lib is perfectly balanced in a 6v6, but once again, co-ordination is required. This is working as intended, clearly. Sorry groundpounder.