Any advice on the Gauss Saw?

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  1. Leftconsin

    I just can't seem to wrap my head around this gun. The bullets always seem to go so far off course I get weapons lock whenever I use it. It is like the bullets are going out sideways.This never ever ever happens to me to this degree on TR or VS. I've tried pulsing. I've tried two shot busts. I've tried 4 shot bursts. I've tried just opening up full auto. I've tried single shot. Nothing I do with this gun is giving me any kind of results other than weapons locking me because the bullets just go freaking everywhere. What on Earth am I doing wrong?
  2. Goretzu

    It needs to be fully certed (it is not like most other LMGs, it absolutely sucks uncerted), hip-firing at anything more than knife range is a bad idea and it just plain isn't a close range weapon (although some inexplicably seem to manage with it in CQB) - those are the only ways I can really see you going wrong.

    Other than that it just is (or can be for some) a hard gun to handle (maybe unequip HVA if you're using it).
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  3. Pikachu

    One does not simple use gauss saw without attachments.
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  4. Vraccas24

    If you are new to the game-just get another LMG ASAP.
    Try GD-22, improve your gameplay and after some time, if you get back to SAW (certed of course), you'll love her.
    Compensator, front grip, 1x zoom, there you go.
    The SAW needs a lot of practice, but if you know how to handle it, it's at least one of the top tree LMGs on PS2.
  5. Leftconsin

    My TR main is BR91. I am not new.

    I'll try those attachments. I just got enough certs to get them. Man, building up a new char is a chore sometimes.

    I had HVA on it for some reason. I must have bought it months ago when I still thought that HVA had a benefit instead of being almost pure detriment.
  6. Goretzu

    It'll be a different gun (almost) with comp, Ad front grip and HVA removed, although I'd maybe have a play around with it certed in the VR first before using your certs. As you might just be better getting the cheap GD-22 and then saving for an Anchor or EM6.
  7. Pineapple Pizza!

    The SAW works fine without attachments, but you won't have the ability to burst people down at ranges not meant for generic rifles. It's still workable for point-defense, which is what you should be using 100 mag LMGs for in the first place.

    Link a video of you using the gun.
  8. \m/SLAYER\m/

  9. Auzor

    The SAW is the least user-friendly LMG in game.
    What attachments do you use? Advanced foregrip, compensator and then sight choice between 2x, 3.4x or 4x.
    Warning: at high magnification, the recoil kicks like a mule. I like 2x or, often now, the 3.4 crosshair.

    I started as NC, switched to the GD-22-S asap. (I ran shotgun before earning the certs). GD-22-S+ optic is excellent. I've auraxiumed it, and it is still an extremely good mid range weapon. Very fast short reload, good bullet speed, and RoF is solid.
    It is not an LMG. It is an assault rifle with an extra 20 bullets in the magazine. And assault rifles are the best weapon type in game, soo...

    Now: I actually started using the Gauss Saw again after playing Vanu and the Orion.
    The Orion is easy to handle in terms of vertical recoil.
    Switched back to NC, using the EM6. Friggin Recoil adjustment. Buut.. after trying to adjust, it seemed to me I could use the EM6 better. And I switched to Gauss Saw.
    IMO: the difference between 143 dmg weapons and 167 dmg weapons, is about the same as the difference between 167 and 200 dmg weapons.
    So, use 143 dmg weapons a while, switch to 167. Then, 167 to 200.
    I couldn't get the Gaus Saw to work practising the gaus Saw alone.

    Warning: I'm a bad-mediocre player. KDR below 1 etc. Then again, I'm the guy charging tanks as a heavy with my RL, AV grenade and C4.
  10. AFK1

    aim at their neck and click the left mouse button

    your 200 damage shots will global them before they can react

    the awful reload time and high recoil are the only downside
  11. placeholder22

    Don't listen to people who say you need attachments.

    Aim down sights and do not move when firing it. Other guns are for hipfiring and running and gunning and moving while ADSing.
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  12. Takoita

    SAW being unusable without attachements is a dirty lie. It can certainly get better at one aspect of enemy perforation or another when you put those on it, but you really don't need anything sans a scope you are comfortable with.

    (The same could be said about any of the starters for HA, LA, Medic and Engineer for all three sides, by the way.)
  13. SeanFree

    I love that a BR91 has come on to the forums to ask how to use the default LMG correctly, the exact same gun they give to brand new players on NC.

    Really nice job there SOE.
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  14. Flashtirade

    You absolutely cannot move if you want any kind of accuracy. Stop and shoot in 2 or 3-round bursts (5 maximum) then relocate if you must.
    If you aren't using attachments, I highly recommend a 1x or 2x scope because the gun kicks up hard and it's easy to lose sight of a target due to this.
    If you are using attachments, then you can stick with the iron sights if you desire. They're the best irons of all NC LMGs (the SAW S gets the same ones I think), the others are very blocky and cover too much of the screen.
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  15. emjayz

    heres how to use the SAW, in 8 steps-

    1) get a comp and foregrip
    2) sight of choice from 2x down
    3) look at the moving cone of fire value on a sniper rifle
    4) look at the moving cone of fire value on your now certed gauss SAW
    5) stand still to use your 0 stand/crouch accuracy and then proceed to get dominated by any opponent with any modicum of hand-eye coordination that can keep a dot on your immobile head. and you do less dps. and its harder for you to do full dps because of recoil
    6) weep quietly
    7) buy an anchor, maybe a gauss saw S, or even go back to a carv, and realize that no amount of practice or skill will overcome a designed flaw in it that will get you killed quite often
    7b) do donuts in a sundy in the warpgate
    8) realize guns arent nearly as equal as people say
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  16. Goretzu

    It is a good point about moving accuracy.
  17. Zotamedu

    You have to treat it like a burst or single shot weapon. Forget it has full auto.
  18. BadApple

    The NC6 truly is a unique gun but if you hang in there and can accept the pain that will come with it while learning its traits and when/where to apply it you will be greatly rewarded. You will strike fear into your enemies hearts :)

    I personally ALMOST never go above a 2x site, use comp and advanced forward grip. For quite some time I used HVA but have since done away with that. Starting do not use it. Once you are at the point of handling the recoil by muscle memory the HVA will be barely noticeable.

    I wish I could say do x and y and you will be all set. But it just takes time and practice. The one thing I will recommend is trying to keep distance between yourself and the enemy. Control your engagements (if possible).

    Keep working on it and don't give up. It will eventually click and when it does you will NEVER want to use another LMG EVER. When you are at the point where you can place your rounds where you want it will be extremely rewarding.

    The SAW truly rewards those with great aim and control. I have no doubt you will get there. Good luck and happy hunting.

    P.S. On a side note. When you learn to control the SAW going to any other NC LMG will be a breeze (you will be deadly accurate).
  19. JustBoo

    Glib answer: The Anchor. Done. :) Used it a lot.

    But, I've gone back to the Saw myself now. Since I'm not a Keyboard Warrior, I cannot use it without all the attachments. Quite satisfying to take out an Infi from a good distance. I have to use bursts for anything at a distance, but I'm getting where I can do it consistently. I've even put back the HVA. Burst mode is a key for me.

    In CQC though I just aim for the head. It works quickly. ;)

    Good luck comrade... oh wait.
  20. Jaedrik

    The real answer that nobody above has said because they're scrubs who don't know weapon mechanics (edit except some people who actually do lel im scrub):

    The Gauss SAW has .5 CoF while moving standing ADS, .1-.2 larger than EVERY OTHER LMG m'kay?
    It also has .07 bloom per shot instead of the normal .06-.05.