Anti-Vehicle Grenade Damage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheFamilyGhost, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. TheFamilyGhost

    How does an anti-vehicle grenade know that it hit an aircraft instead of a ground vehicle?

    The increase in damage based on "difficulty to hit" is childish in its reasoning.

    When will arbitrary weapon value assignment stop? When will this game become believable?

    While I'm thinking about it, the PPA change is weird too. The decision smells about as ignorant of weaponry as a college grad could make. Its as if the devs don't know that modern warfare is fought at range, and that the ranges will only get further, not closer. thanks, won't pay.
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  2. Gahuln

    The grenade knows what it hit thanks to programming.. Given nobody effed up. ;)
  3. Yuukikun

    The grenade itself doesn't know anything as it is an item and not a being.
    This game was never meant to be believable.
  4. _itg

    The grenade doesn't know anything. It does more damage because aircraft have lower resistance to AV grenades. Thematically, aircraft are flimsier because they have to be lightweight.

    It's a game, not a simulation. It may surprise you to learn that realistic war isn't fun.
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  5. William Petersen

    It doesn't. The aircraft knows it's being hit by an AV grenade, though.

    Believability is irrelevant. Fun is all that matters. And this game has that in spades. If/when I can get it to run.
  6. Ixidron

    Arcraft have less armor than ground vehicles, that's why they take more damage, that's an explanation if you are looking for a rational reason.

    Other than that is just a balance issue, they deal more damage because aircraft are harder to hit with grenades, doesn't it really bother you? I mean seriously, do you really need a believable explanation for everything in Planetside 2 other than "balance"?

    Why tanks don't have 3km reach, 1500m/s shells and 30m explosion radius like IRL counterparts?
    Why do mediguns carry an infinite amount of nanites?
    Why do people survive to 75mm HEAT projectiles to the face but get killed in one hit by .50 ammo?
    Why do plasma is used as a weapon when IRL it's incredibly inefficient, has drop (it's matter, thus affected by gravity), and dissipates very easily in the air?
    Why magriders don't have turrets?

    Balance, that's the reason, don't like it don't play.
  7. Zotamedu

    Did you know, that in real life, main battle tanks and aircraft have nowhere near the same amount of armour?

    Aircrafts are made out of aluminium composite materials. Tanks are built with several inches of steel and reactive armour. There's a rather large difference there.
  8. Ceiu

    Found the Brit! :D

    Well... IRL, how does a bullet know it hit a squish pile of meat and bone instead of a semi-mobile brick of steel? It doesn't. Physics.

    As far as the make-believe world of Planetside goes, I don't know that the fluff goes as far as explaining the weapons; but does that even matter? Back in the short-lived era of the ZOE, did you shrug your shoulders and say "it's alien tech" and ignore the severe walloping they delivered? Probably not. In such a moment, actual gameplay and balance are more important than the hand-waving pseudo-science done by the story writers.
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  9. Zotamedu

    Actually, I'm a Swede but I think I might be part Brit considering the amount of tea I drink. *sips a large mug of Earl Grey*
  10. EvilKoala

    Then you're playing a childish game. The entire game is balanced this way.
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  11. Hatesphere

    video games in general are childish, I mean I dont play planet side to get better at life. I cant for the life of me even figure out why OP is complaining, is he getting mowed down in his aircraft by AV nades or is this just some knee jerk reaction to the patch notes? whats so bad about rewarding a player more for a difficult action, its not like you can throw these things up to the skybox limit.

    I mean this just smacks of a lack of general understanding of game design clouded by an inability to think outside of what might happen in real life.