[BUG] Anti-Tank Mine Count Wrong

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Echovirus, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Echovirus

    I recently grabbed the 2nd and 3rd rank of the Utility Pouch and the 2nd rank of Anti-Tank mines.

    Based on the tool tips, I should get 2 from Rank 1 AT Mine, 1 from Rank 2 AT Mine, and 1 from Rank 2 Utility Pouch. That means I should have 4, but I actually have 5.

    Which one gave me 2?
  2. Nepau

    I actualy noticed this myself just today. At first I thought it was just that I hadnt dropped a mine when I thought I did, but after doing a quick count I saw that I did indeed have 5 mines placed. For myself I have the Utility pouch unlocked up to the last 2 1000 cert ones, which I believe are 1 more tank mine and then 1 more proxy.
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  3. LameFox

    Joke's on you, the last mine is useless. :p

    In all seriousness a lot of tooltips are terrible in this game, you should probably just do an ingame bug report. Still waiting for the skyguard's tooltip to reflect its actual ammo capacity personally. It looks tiny until you get in and realize you have hundreds more shots.
  4. KM131

    The first AT mine rank gives you two mines.
  5. Echovirus

    ...thats what I said? Which one that says I should get 1 gave me 2?
  6. Frosty The Pyro

    I have no utility pouch and rand 2 mines, and i have 3, so whatever it is its in the pouch
  7. Echovirus

    Thats what I figured...so the question is...if I cert in to rank 4 of the Utility Pouch...will I get 1 more, 2 more, or none? DUN DUN DUN!
  8. Echovirus

  9. Adamar09

    I spent 1000 certs on the 4th level of the pouch today, all excited at the possibility of carrying 6 mines.


    With the current way it's bugged out, it does literally nothing! What a way to spend 1000 certs.

    As an aside, it seems 1C4+1AT don't OHKO a sunderer, which means I need to rethink the ambushing strategy.
  10. FrothyMug

    Yes, the rank 3 of the utility pouch awards an extra mine. I didn't have C4 at the time, so I don't know if it added +1 to my carrying capacity. The rank 4 does not give another mine. I now have rank 5 of the utility poucn and I can carry 3 claymores, 4 blocks of C-4, and 5 anti-tank mines.

    It's bugged, for sure.
  11. Echovirus

    Adamar09...thats just terrible
  12. Adamar09

    The "consolation" is that I'm a little closer to having 3 AP mines, whenever that will be...
  13. TribbleFluffer

    now if only the AI mines did the same :(
  14. Brainiac88

    Rank 1 AT Mines -> 2 AT mines
    Rank 2 AT Mines -> +1 AT mine
    Rank 2 Utility Pouch -> +1 AT mine
    Rank 4 Utility Pouch -> +1 AT mine

    Total: 5 AT Mines
  15. Adamar09

    Except it's bugged and you get the 2nd pouch mine without certing the 4th pouch rank.