[Suggestion] Anti-MAX weapon

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MrWolf3, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. xxxdevilsownxxx

    Yes, I would really like to have some better ways of killing MAXes. I always have to
    sacrifice myself many times just to get one of them down. Normally the same one
    just comes back and kill me again :(
  2. MetalCotton

    Play something other than infiltrator. Every other class has an anti-MAX weapon. It's called C4, Rockets, Tank Mines, and LMGs.

    Like MaxDamage said, you've got it easy in this game. You either had anti-tank equipment, another MAX, or a fair number of allies with you before you tried to take on a MAX.
  3. Shiaari

    Infiltrators have been wanting anti-MAX weapons since beta, and I'm going to tell you why.

    MAXes are easier to hit than normal infantry, and whenever I hear sniper rounds bouncing off my Vanu auraxium dome, I know there's a bored Infiltrator out there who has trouble hitting everything else. It makes me chuckle.
  4. MAXArmar

    Until you are out in the open field with no engineer and no cover around and a BASR sniper starts headshotting you while taking out almost 1/4th of your HP with every shot. Fortunatly I managed to find a small rock to redeploy behind just in time :rolleyes:
  5. exLupo

    The Anti-MAX weapon I use now is the same one I used in PS1 - hacked terminals and different kits.

    Infil weapons and consumables fare poorly versus MAXes. If you -really- need to solo one, change kits. Infils are the only class with the luxury of refitting in enemy territory; don't ignore all of your strengths.
  6. Siilk

    SRSLY? Anti-max option for Infis? You want to have a way to deal with the toughest infantry class in the game, the "anti-infantry infantry" as a weakest class, least suitable for direct engagement of like anything? SRSLY? Newsflash, classes are equally useful but are not equal in 1 v 1 engagements, they never supposed to be. So as an Infi, you are supposed to suck against MAXes. If you are trying to cap a point and there is a MAX around, well, bad luck for you, bring some HA friends next time. Oh, and BTW, those AP mines you have, you know they work against MAXes, right?
  7. patoman

    I think they should, maybe other classes to for a primary weapon, not just for maxes but vehicles as well.

    A portable RPG, plasma gun or rail gun.

    Make it like max av weapons, its primary good against armor (because small arms bounce off of them) though is sub optimal against infantry.

    Big upside and downside of it, is it would be a primary weapon, so a infiltrator loses out on a sniper rifle, and same with other classes.
  8. Shiaari

    I don't have that problem, mate. I use nanites if I'm in the open, and return fire with either Blue Shifts or Vorteces. The Blue Shifts require me to get a little closer to said sniper, but once in range I can suppress him, and Vortex cannons can hit him at the same range he's hitting me, and hurt a lot more.
  9. Cymoril

    get on your ATV, cloak it and run us over with a 1 shot. I have it done to me all the time. You just have to grow the balls to do it. No need for anything else for infs on this.
  10. Leivve

    I consistently press for SOE to add a breach action single shot sniper that you get specialized ammunition that do different things. Including "Shell Crackers" that ignore part of a MAXes small arms damage reduction. like reduce it from 70 to 35, to 20 on headshots.