[Suggestion] Anti-MAX weapon

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MrWolf3, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. MrWolf3

    I know there have been a lot of these floating around, but I feel that more classes(especially the infiltrator) should have a dedicated weapon to deal with that pesky MAX suit who has been a alive for a bit to long.something like a grenade launcher that explodes on impact that does very little damage to infantry(like striker or lancer damage)but would do noticeable damage to MAX suits and maybe even lightly armored vehicles. It would have very little splash damage and would take up the primary weapon slot(so stalkers would not be able to use it) and would be able to 3 clip a MAX(depends on the form of the weapon of course). This is just the beginning of an idea post what you think below.
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  2. CharlieTwoZero

    No, stop hiding and join the fight, infil does not belong on the frontline, its in the name, go do your thing, that's what you are playing for!!!!!.
  3. _itg

    You ought to try harassing MAXes as an SMG infiltrator sometime. You aren't likely to get many kills from full health, but you can do a surprising amount of damage this way (including a fair number of kills on damaged MAXes) without much fear of retaliation, since the MAX can't really chase you like normal infantry would.
  4. Doc Jim

    crossbow with explosive bolts
  5. MrWolf3

    Is not good at all.
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  6. MrWolf3

    If it interest you I main heavy atm, and I am aware that Infiltrator are not supposed to be on the frontline BUT the class is infiltrator NOT sniper and the infiltrator not meant to stay back and play support, that is the medic/engies job. Infiltrators are supposed to be behind ENEMY lines, we are meant to sabotage and mess with the enemy. And Honestly I rather not have to waste a clip of ammo taking a out MAX's health when he can easily turn around and take me out in a couple seconds. I want something that can do a lot of damage to a MAX in a short amount of time.
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  7. CharlieTwoZero

    Yes heavy
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  8. Lection

    Give infiltrators a corrosion grenade. An acid that weakens metals making the target more vulnerable to attack. Kind of like the thing the sniper uses in TF2 that does no immediate damage, but makes each bullet do more damage.

    Like i said, I don't know, but we (as in all classes) need more things that involve strategic use other than pure kill potential.
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  9. KiakoLalene

    It already exists. It's called the rocket launcher, and aiming for a direct hit.
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  10. VonStalin

    Tank mines should work on maxes too. They are heavy.. Heavy enough. And annoying enough.
  11. MAXArmar

    With a bit of a work around you can!

  12. Akashar

    I thought of a special type of ammo, like SPA or HPA but more a middle ground, that would be armor-piercing. Otherwise, damages on infantry would have the same speed and damage dropoff as the SPA, minus the damage boost at short range, but would deal a lot more damages to maxes and light armored vehicles. This way, it is a 3rd option to ammunition, can be given or not to any weapon, and so, class, has its downsides to make it not OP all around, I liked this idea.
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  13. Halkesh

    Allow "bad" weapon to do 35-50% more damage to MAXes.
    • Semi-auto sniper
    • Semi-auto scout rifle (except Vandal)
    • Full-auto scout rifle
    • Phaseshift / Trap / Railjack
    • Battle Rifle.

    Otherwise, AP bullet isn't a bad idea. But remember none should win face to face against a full-HP MAX.
  14. MaxDamage

    C4 does the job. Infils don't have that, nor do they need it.
    Everything is an Anti-MAX weapon.

    In Planetside 1, you were a heavy equivalent, another MAX, or you stayed away from MAX units.

    You already have it too easy.
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  15. TeddyMan56

    Given that there are plenty of things out in the battlefield that can already threaten a max I don't think its needed or nessesary.
  16. Waratorium

    perhaps some kind of recoil-less rifle type thing, maybe, though it would be more appropriate for the heavy to carry it instead of his rocket launcher.
  17. GiorgyGR

    REALLY there is no need for that.
    MAX's are pretty vulnerable already.If you play it nice there are lots of times you can win 1v1 even without a "Heavy" or "Light Assault".There were times i got on CQC a full health max as infi either with my SMG either my bolt rifle doing damage and hiding->repeat.

    If the maxes get nerfed even more there will be NO reason to take a MAX role-as it is costly too...
    No...just no more!..
  18. Spezieh

    The infil is not intended to kill MAXes in CQC. If you want to do this then use the gear he already have. Place 2 claymores, bettys or proxys and lure him in. Thats enough damage to finish him with an SMG.
  19. Makora

    Ugh.... use BARS with headshots. Less then 2 mags into the MAX's head and you got a kill. It's gonna take time, it's a viable option. Take the close range variant and be a cheesecake.
  20. Pokushocus

    I always thought that other Maxs were anti-Max weapons.

    Also launchers, tanks, C-4, ESFs... etc

    There's already plenty of stuff to kill them. We really don't need more.