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  1. breeje

    i tested the anti material rifle and it's not for the infil, the engi can have it
    slow firing, low damage on infantry and low damage on vehicles it's great on maxes

    for the snipers among us the engi's will be a easy picks, in one vs one you will always win
    the engi needs 2 head shots with a slow firing rifle
    for the smg infil same thing, they will have to pull there secondary to defend themselves
    it will be our new job to find and kill the engi with the anti material rifle

    good hunting's [IMG]
  2. CuteBeaver

    Even if Engineers were given access to classic sniper rifles we still would have the advantage in clearing spots, and using cloak during sniper duels as an opener. The engineers advantage would be supporting us with ammo. In return we could support keeping them alive using motion spotter. I kind of wish we both had access to all forms of sniper rifles because then you might just see some nice teamwork going on between our classes.

    One of my favorite moments in [3GIS] was actually making base connections with a combat engineer. He understood going up face to face in 1v1 wasn't going to end well for either of us. We shared proxy mine strategies, and I was shocked to find out as an engineer he mainly used them as early warning system rather then for kills. This method of thinking came from not having motion available when solo. Together we were able to place mines to kill, or when my motion was being used with the rest of the outfit one base back, we were able to use mines to alert us when an enemy was about to flank us. It was a pretty inspirational pairing between a stalker infil and a "tink" engineer. He was a source of never ending bait... leaving me un-attended turrets so i could stab the HA shooting them. In exchange I would focus on EMPing enemies while he manned his AI turret. When we heard enemy infils I would begin sitting on top of the turret and cloaking to protect his head from enemy snipers. We had a really awesome vibe. I wish more engineers and infils got a chance to experience that. Even if it was as simple as sniping buddies.
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  3. Epicstrat

    I just don't see many engineers giving up their carbine for the rifle when they already have mines and C4 to kill MAXs. A HA with a decimator and LMG is still very good at killing MAXs while still being great against infantry. The AMR is pretty much only good for killing MAXs and light armor, and I feel like very few people will give up their primary weapon for this.

    In a way, it's kinda like stalker cloak. Give up your primary for a niche tool that is very Good in some aspects but has huge downsides. Speaking of Stalker, I decided to run around for 2 hours last night as a solo stalker with exlosives darts. I had a little success against MAXs and I have my knife to thank for a lot of kills, but it is really disheartening when you stab an engineer repairing his tank, and he is able to run back from spawn before you can kill his tank with the Xbow. Infiltrator's best option for dealing with armor right now is the Wraith flash with a Fury.

    If the reasoning behind not giving the AMR to infiltrators is fear for tanks, I don't think that reason is valid. I kinda understand it being engineer exclusive, but I just don't think many people will use the weapon. If it was given to infiltrator, cloak would counter some of the downsides since we can hide from infantry. Because of this, I just feel that the AMR becomes a more attractive option when given to infiltrator in addition to engineers.
  4. giltwist

    Counterexample: MAXes on the Bio Lab pads.

    Use the blackhand, explosive darts are almost totally useless. You can do way more against a MAX with two proxy mines than with your crossbow. Also, don't use the default knife. Get the activatible knife (lumine edge if you are VS). It OHKs anything except a MAX and an overshielded heavy.

    Me either. Sunderer gunners and lightnings seem to have no problem seeing me cloaked.
  5. Epicstrat

    What do you mean by this? Like, is this a situation where the AMR would see use? For attackers or defenders, because attackers rarely have terrain high enough to see the MAXs on the landing pad and defenders will die if they expose themselves too long, say if they are sniping without a cloak, and it is safer to fire off a decimator in the general direction of the MAX and duck back into cover. Especially with the tank mine changes, engineers can just set up a mine field inside the biolab to kill MAXs (on the plus side, EMPs are going to be awesome...) Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you, but could you clarify what you meant here?

    I was using explosive darts because I wanted to test AV capabilities of infiltrator. My goal for the night was to go out of my way to engage armor and MAX units. I enjoy the blackhand, I finished the auraxium medal on it last month, but for what I was doing it didn't fit. I was using the default knife for no particular reason but I could have switched to the other knife. But I can't have the OHK ability and medkits out at the same time. With the normal knife I have a faster quick knife and I can pop medkits as I need to escape or engage enemies. Wooo medkit spam. But yeah, activatible knife could've worked too. I normally only use bouncing betties to defend sunderers.

    Cloaked movement while crouching is too visible IMO.
  6. Leivve

    I would be ok if they made it so you can kill with a single head shot within 20 or so meters (maybe give a little more). Give it some splash damage so if you hit someone in their chest you might hit the guy next to him too.
  7. RedArmy

    either way, it sure beats supporting snipers next to you for ammo and being stuck with the AMR
  8. Gemenai

    AMSR is too weak imo. It only excels against MAX units.
    I would buff the dmg against light vehicles and slightly against infantry.
    If it would be available for infiltrator, i would give it a modified head shot mulitplier(thanks for that idea Beaver ;) ) instead of flat out higher dmg. So it would reward precise head shots over spamming body shots.

    Maybe make it so, that a infiltrator could one shot targets via HS up to 150-180 meter. That would be even lower than the weakest BASR, but would also allow the infiltrator to snipe while also contain being a niche weapon.
    I don't think, that a great number of engineers would take this weapon over a carbine or shotgun. Maybe at the beginning of it's release ( uuuh new and shiny *o* ) and maybe, if enough people get together, to troll some vehicle players.

    I for myself find this weapon rather underwhelming as it is now.
  9. MisterSlim

    My problem with this rifle is this: It is classified as a sniper rifle by both the devs and community.

    Anti-materiel rifles aren't really intended for use on soft targets.

    Let's take the .50 BMG caliber for example. It can punch through a truck at a mile away, however, expecting accuracy less than one MOA (Minute-Of-Angle, the base measurement of accuracy, the lower, the better. One MOA is considered the baseline for 'marksmanlike' accuracy) isn't realistic very often. It is a large round, half an inch in diameter, with a moderately respectable velocity, but it has sectional densities and ballistic coefficients (other measurements that determine how 'good' a round is at long-range) that are only so-so. It is not intended for hitting a nail's head at half a mile away, but hey, accurate enough to hit a vehicle, and that's what matters.

    Now let's look at my personal long-range competition rifle, in the 7mm Rem. Magnum caliber. It has a diameter of .284 inches, which is relatively small (especially compared to the .fitty cal), and doesn't carry as much energy as the 'fitty cal. However, it has amazing sectional densities and super high ballistic coefficients, and is a champ in the velocity factor, able to stay supersonic (faster than sound) out to a bit past a mile. This rifle, although it isn't going to hit an armored vehicle NEARLY as hard as the .50, is FAR more accurate and would be MUCH better suited to a soft target than the .50, due to less bullet drop, less barometric drag, and its ability to resist the wind much better.

    Anti-materiel rifles aren't really made to be used against soft targets, and although they sometimes are anyway, it's far from where they excel. I'm totally fine with Infiltrators not being given this weapon, as I feel as though it would be taking away our anti-infantry role, and forcing a niche anti-vehicle role onto us.

    Just my two cents xD

    -Stay Frosty
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  10. Navron

    I think this rifle will be good for those of us who have dedicated Infil-based divisions/squads in our outfits (like we have in the 666th). When it comes to overwatch, this rifle becomes viable when dealing with MAX AA nests or just an abundance of MAXes anywhere. I could dedicate 2 or 3 people to Engineers when we know the environment is MAX heavy and it would also give the Infil more ammo. Equip the Engineers with Counter-Intelligence and it would help them out a bit.
  11. MisterSlim

    As a longtime sniper, I can say I've only seen this happen one time before. The amount of laughter that happened over TS when I ran into this was unreal xD. I'd LOVE to see that happen more often! (You'll have to be the one telling people to do it, they'll listen to you before they listen to me xD).

    -Stay Frosty
  12. Leivve

    Yeah that's what I've been telling people. We're the premier anti personal/VIP class, we have our own spot in the force so their's no reason to step on the HA and Engi's toes.