[Vehicle] Anti-Liberator Loadout

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  1. JohnGalt36

    Like most tankers, I hate Liberators. Today, I decided to take to the skies to take out some frustration on them. I had one lib that I repeatedly shot down, but had trouble with any 3/3 lib.

    What do you use to hunt down Liberators? I was using the Vortek and Tomcats. I'd lockon as soon as I was in range, switch to rotary for the rest of the engagement. I was using racer airframe, stealth, and engagement radar.

    I'd appreciate input on equipment loadouts and angles-of-attack/strategies for dealing specifically with Liberators.
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  2. Geddes

    m20 mustang w/clip size, hover, afterburners, nanite regen, just sit at range and keep emptying 65 rounds into them while you dodge daltons, kestrel is also good for this, but a lot ****tier for engaging other esfs.
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  3. FBVanu

  4. Migs

    Sure, if you want to tickle it
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  5. FBVanu

    Oh crapola. hit the post button too soon, won't let me edit.. ...grrr.

    Skyguard, after i get my tank blown to bits by a Liberator, or a few ESFs..

    Max Racer, Max Fire Suppression, Max Proxy Radar, 1470 ammo, 1.5 zoom, max reload speed

    I don't fly, sorry, can't help you there.
  6. JohnGalt36

    That's probably a better plan than what I was doing, which was basically like I was fighting an ESF.
  7. JohnGalt36

    I used to Skyguard a lot, but unless they are idiot pilots or you have help, it's pretty easy for them to get away before the kill.
  8. Obstruction

    the good news: just like tanking, there is an established meta to air play that is based on the full suite of available moves and the strengths/weaknesses of the unit types on the field.

    the bad news: you already know what I'm about to tell you. fuel pods, default nose gun with maxed clip size, hover frame, learn to reverse and get good. that's the game in the air the very same as it would be if I asked you how to AP tank. there's just things you have to learn and get good at because that's the game. sorry. it is the right way. you could take something other than fire suppression, because the dalton is 1 hit, but it will help against the tail gunner, the tankbuster, and the lock ons that will inevitably come from some ****ter who wants to gank you for certs.

    the other primary option, maybe a better one for a tanker, is to get into a lib of your own and take them on lib to lib with a dalton or shredder/drake of your own. if you have interest in learning to dalton you can contact me by PM and we can figure out where/when to fly a little so you can get an idea of what is going on up there without spending quite as many clueless hours as most people do. maybe it seems like anethema, like out of some sort of principle you don't want to soil yourself by being in a hated lib, etc etc. I get it. but I also think if you swallow that pride and fly with me for an hour you will see that libbing is as fulfilling as tanking, and maybe more so in some ways.
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  9. ArcticRunner

    Tomcats and the default gun. Stay above them, and maneuver when they draw a bead on you. Now for the most important part: Get a buddy, and tag-team them. They can only really gun for one person at a time, as long as you stay relatively above them. If they flip over to bring the belly gun to bear, they're losing altitude, and they can only do that for so long. The tail gun also has less of a firing arc above. The one they're going for, flies evasively. The other lights into them with the Tomcats and gun, to get the best DPS. Communicate, so that if/when they switch targets, you can switch roles.
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  10. Jawarisin

    I don't help no scrub with tomcats D: but that guy must of been horribad if you managed to kill him.
  11. JohnGalt36

    I may take you up on that at some point. I'm mainly flying ESF against them because I have certed heavily into mine, but haven't spent anything at all on libs.

    I generally run solo, but hopefully that will change. Sounds like I should use the default gun anyway!

    I love Tomcats because they annoy dedicated pilots so much. It's my revenge for being frustrated in a tank vs air.
    It was a 2/3 lib and I managed to get him three times in a row before he finally rammed me, haha.
  12. y3ivan

    defualt nosegun and AB fuel. you can ditch the lockon since they do to little damage on libs and noseguns are morelikely going to out dps it. extra AB fuel to dodge dalton rounds.

    although my favorate loadout would be vortek and breaker pods. that way you could maximize the dps and kill it faster, tho its rather risky as you do need to fly rather close to reliably hit.

    if you are engaging some pro-aimbot lib dalton, highly recommended to pair up with other pilot. both attack on different angle to confuse the gunner, and constantly shift direction of attack. reaver are the easiest esf to get shot by lib so chance of both surviving are rather slim
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  13. Nintyuk

    My personal Anti-Lib Rage Solution is Engineer Extra explosives belt for 3 C4, Max Stealth, Max Turbo, Ejection Seat Reaver.

    Place C4 on cockpit, Fly at Flight ceiling, Approach from above and behind at top speed. Jump out before Impact.
    (Bonus Tricks If they don't instantly die: Fly as Heavy with AA launcher and lock and fire while free falling or Put a clip of Archer AMR in to them in free fall)

    Of course Skyguard with self repair and fire suppression as well as any decent cover from air to duck under works quite well if you get them to try and kill you.
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  14. Jawarisin

    No offence, but if you managed to kill a 2/3 lib, it was because they sucked. Most likely they were just like you, tankers or something but they decided to go in the air. I don't know of one decent lib crew who'd loose to a peasant.

    But hey, if being childish and using overpowered weapon makes you happy, go for it. I can't tell you what to do, but so long as you have fun at least. That being said, you can't expect any pilot to ever help you or any respect from any of them, but as long as you don't care for that... have fun!
  15. ppanj

    I've taught quite a few pilots to properly fight libs, it's really not that hard. It's more about dodging technique than loadout, though trying to use tomcats will get you killed against a decent dalton. Alternating space and ctrl while turning your mouse left and right to roll and using afterburner to make your movement more unpredictable is the name of the game. And don't let the lib get the initiative, I often rush enemy ESFs and they lose their nerve allowing me to autorepair while they flee.
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  16. Hatesphere

    Translation "I don like you because you don't use nose guns. Aa missles are so over powered they only kill bad pilots. Stop using such over powered weapons that can only kill bad pilots. You must play by the UN written rules of the sky knight manual or you will have no respect since you instead chose to play the game."
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  17. Fleech

    i use the nearest steep slope and my AP cannon
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  18. Alyz

    Yeah, I'm not a dedicated air-player either, so let me say one thing: the lib is a 3-person vehicle. It's designed to be difficult to impossible to solo a lib from the ground. However, if you have a buddy there are some ways to take down a lib reliably. You can do it with 2 skyguards, 2 AA maxes or a harasser with a walker. The last one is not a joke, but it's extremely high risk/high reward since you can hunt aircraft where they're trying to repair. Maxes are probably the most conservative approach, but you can't really move away from buildings in case they come back so it's likely you end up in a stalemate situation. A solo skyguard can take about half of the HP of a lib before you're either dead or in panic mode trying to not get killed, so the second skyguard is needed to take the other half while the lib is busy. Concentrating fire is key.

    And yeah, Magriders can do it, too. But hitting a lib with the main cannon is a science in itself.
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  19. JohnGalt36

    OK, the pilot had 41 hours in a lib. I have 20 in a Reaver. Whatever, though. I'm sure you are so much better.
    Using an OP weapon against a lib? The lib is an OP weapon. If the strongest counter to your weapon IS the weapon, there's a problem, but there are plenty of threads on the subject.

    If you want to be childish and toss personal insults around on a message board go ahead. That said, don't expect anyone to respect you.

    Why is sit that 9/10 dedicated pilots are narcissistic drama queens who think they should be untouchable and anything they don't use is off-limits? Get over yourself.
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  20. JohnGalt36

    I have an OK time doing this as long as they aren't smart and Dalton + TB'ing me.

    I did enjoy your AA Mag montage. I have one coming for Vanguard as well, though it's less impressive due to the flat-shooting Titan-150 AP Cannon.