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  1. TwistedKarma

    Other than the controls, is there no effective anti-air in this game? The missles work, but only if you scare a pilot into ramming into something. The skyguard is a joke and the Max is now useless in this role. Honestly, wtf?
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  2. Tantal

    The best anti-air right now is to bring lube and hope the flyboys take it easy on you.
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  3. Daemeon

    Uh.... wha?

    I held a tower using a Burster Max with a Engy and Medic to keep me up and repaired. Was DAMN effective. Of course this requires teamwork so isn't everyones cup of tea I guess... though not wanting to work with your faction in a team based war game seems kinda silly in my books.

    And if you are scaring off the Air attackers before they can do major damage you are also being effective. Not everything in a game deserves XP to be something you need to be doing.
  4. Goden

    The best anti-air?

    Stop playing the game. Smed made it pretty clear in the beta that he thinks AA is fine as it is, so don't expect much to change.

    It seems SOE can't get enough of throwing in overpowered units which dominate the battlefield and destroy the balance. In Planetside 1 it was the BFR's, now this.
  5. Telamon

    has anyone seen a skyguard since release?

    they were pretty common in beta, but i havent seen one since the nerf
  6. MrVex

    I see them taking the piss out of air units in packs of 3, because that's what works. They love it, nobody can swoop near them because they get obliterated.

    To be blunt, use ******* teamwork to do anti-air. A highly mobile evasive aircraft getting shot down by one guy, no. Ever noticed even in real life they take more than one shot sometimes? It's because there is a chance the first won't hit.

    You are not not the AA unit from battlefield 3 that just pisses bullets at things and makes them die. Stop expecting to be. A lone heavy will struggle like hell to kill a tank like a lone AA struggles to kill an aircraft. You don't see too many people screaming that it's unbalanced in that scenario because usually they do mixed unit combat, medics revive the heavies, the heavies shoot the tanks, the engineers resupply the rockets and maybe another tank supports or even an aircraft. They don't expect to lone wolf enemy MBTs, so why should an infantryman be able to lone wolf an aircraft, or a lightning skyguard be able to lone wolf a highly mobile ESF? The liberator is a big *** target, so if it weren't for the armour you COULD lone wolf that out of the sky. You can lone wolf dumb ESF pilots, but that's the dumb ones, and that's kind of the idea.

    If there were an EXP reward for area denial on aircraft people might not complain so much, because that is more or less your role. You kill the dumb ones or the unlucky and deny access to the rest. If you're in a group you'll see more fireballs fall out of the sky, as is the actual idea. You want to kill an aircraft, group up.
  7. Telamon

    i guess its just on my server then
  8. Tikayyan

    Another aircav user that thinks they should rain death on every other type of unit while everyone else should have to use "teamwork" to kill aircav. They come in packs!
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  9. Flavo

    Best anti air as of now is other air. Base turrets and burster MAXs only scare them away for a minute or two while they repair, then they resume bombing everything.
  10. MrVex

    Possibly. I'm not going to deny at the moment that the idea of an ESF with rocket pods facing a skyguard head on and lobbing death at it is ridiculous and I never had, but that's just the pods that cause that issue because with any other weapon, should you survive it, you won't be coming back for another round without fully repairing first.

    It's all a bit circumstantial really. Also, with the higher cert prices Skyguards are a bit more rare and people are less inclined to invest because it does somewhat rely on the idea that other people invest as well.
  11. Thunderhawk

    Not another one of these threads......... there's no talking reason, no body wants to listen, Air is fine, just get your own air to take them out.

    No one will ever agree to change their mind so lets stop with the whining.
  12. Sharpe

    I'm not even an "aircav" user - I fly sometimes, Im not even a very good pilot..

    Now with that out of the way - get a dual anti vehicle MAX and go against a heavy tank solo... Goodluck with that ;)
    Get two maxes? Now you it actually looks pretty good to take down that tank.
    Want more?
    Grab a lightning, with the AP weapon, and go against another heavy tank, solo - goodluck with that too. There's a chance, but if both players make the right moves, heavy tank wins clearly.
    Grab two anti tank lightnings? The heavy tank doesnt have a chance in hell.

    I don't see anyone moaning about having to use teamwork to take down a faction specific tank - and a well played tank (even if just 1 person in it) will wreck face on the ground. (note that I did say well played - a heavy tank who doesnt stay at range vs infantry is just... well yeah.)

    I have a dual burster MAX and when played with someone else you know, no ESF will come near you and those who will, will either get destroyed, or fly away crying for mom.

    Now if the only complaint was the skyguard I'd agree, that thing needs a massive buff - specially in medium to long range accuracy and projectile velocity. And I'd go even as far as severely increasing the HP on the AA turrets so they arent destroyed by a single well placed rocket volley - cuz that seems abit pants to me.
    But moaning about ALL AA is just a case of people not understanding how to play this game. The AA max is perfectly FINE.
  13. Corsix

    I've seen coordinated air strikes obliterate anti-air in a hilarious fashion. All these guns swivel and chase after a decoy and they get blown to dust from a mile away by a gunship or 2 ships with rocket pods take them out. So i guess when both side apply this 'team work' thing, Air still comes out ahead because lo and behold, at the end of the day they have speed, firepower, and counter even their counters.
    Plus, anti-air is easily countered unless you throw more team work/people into the mix to protect them, air just needs more air because they'll kill everything. I think there just needs to be more risk to airships, like critical system failures in the event of taking heavy damage, because right now they self-repair when they get low on hp so they know they can escape and repair, throw in a random element and suddenly its a risk instead of routine.
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  14. Corsix

    Thats because tanks can be effectively dealt with by Infantry alone, and have a harder time escaping danger especially with their rear being a weak point. Oh and hey, in this scenario is the heavy tank anti-infantry or anti vehicle? Because with air it doesnt matter.
  15. korpisoturi

    its AMAZING that no matter if players post real balance issues it takes no more than few mins till first idiots cam in and :

    1.use team play
    2.learn to play n00b

    this myth of "use teamplay" is sooo f.. dumb ,in whos eyes its balanced that you have to pull 1-3 aa maxes+ engis to fight efectivily against 1 rocker spamming mosq/reaver/scythe ? WHAT if there is 10 reavers ? do we have to pull 30 AA maxes+ 20-30 ENGYS TO REPAIR

    AIR UNITS ARE TOO DURABLE + rocket spam against ground targets getting out of hands cos of infantrys inability to defend them selfs without "teamplay"

    1 player no matter what vehicle he uses should not have such an advantage that it requires several people team effort to take care of it.
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  16. Marka Ragnos

    Until I get more certs per hour using G2A rather than ramming air with a Galaxy. I will ram air units with my Galaxy rather than waist my time with an ineffective G2A stragety.

    Honorable Tactics < Unhonorable Tactics

    Game Rewards Unhonorable Tactics over Honorable Tactics. So thats what i do.
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  17. LDF IceWyvern

    You can deal with liberators with infantry too.

    Bursters and AA rockets.

    The problem is that it's a lot harder to hit a liberator with a dumbfire rocket than it is to hit a tank with a dumbfire rocket.

    On the other hand, you can't gun a liberator with 1 person and expect to be effective, whereas most tank drivers can solo it for a reasonable effectiveness.

    If you can ram enemy air with galaxies, then that is entirely their fault. I do not see how this is dishonorable at all as this is the equivalent of saying that a roadkill with a sundy is a dishonorable way of killing enemy infantry.
  18. Marka Ragnos

    God have mercy on thier souls when i max Racing Chassie and Composite Armor.

    Its really not that hard. Gain Max Altitude(safe, no one is ever there) Then when your over a battle go straight now. you will be moving FAST. all you have to do is stay on target. Plus Bombers are better targets the ESFs and easier to hit.
  19. tugernut

    the best anti air is air

    as it should be

    rocket spammers get taken to the cleaners by anti air aircraft

    all i do is anti air efs and lib pilot , i wait for the people hover spamming ground , 1 30 rd clip and 1 missle and bye bye

    ground anti air is effective , most people try to hit planes 1000 meters away is the problem, let them come in and then unleash hell
    hitting air from a distance does little damage bc you miss! i see this over and over again in turrets and burster maxes.

    when i pull my aa max or sit i n a turret i practice patience , ive also been playing since tech and i know the effective ranges of the weapons to do max damage.

    also 99.9 percent of regular pilots also have composite armor by now , atleast level 1 , that negates a % of damage by flak.

    just something to concider
  20. Corsix

    Am i the only one that finds it funny that aircraft can literally cert into skills to counter there own counters? I want my HA to cert into a reinforced helmet to be head-shot immune.

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