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  1. Sagabyte

    With all this commotion about the recently-confirmed ANTs I would like to make a general suggestion to their implementation.

    ANTs naturally feed off of resource nodes, if I recall correctly. However, there is no indication of how plentiful these resources will be. My suggestion is to limit nodes of material to a certain minimum (a few at every base) and create mineral hotspots.

    Mineral hotspots are places marked on your map that are known to contain a dense amount of resources for ANTs to pick up. Naturally, they should be contested. Instead of being locked into base-base combat all the time, fighting over something else and securing it would be a nice change of pace for the game. Perhaps open fields near Auraxium spikes could contain some resources, or some smaller bases could have "resource farms" right in their proximity.

    Essentially, resource hotspots should guide the flow of battle to locations other than bases. Per continent, 4-5 could be available at a time to encourage contestion..

    Just a thought for the new system.
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  2. HadesR

    Could do ...

    They could also add nodes scattered all over the map but have Resource rich " farms " in key locations, as you say to utilize unused space.
    Such of the area NE of Howling Pass on Indar
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  3. Sagabyte

    Thats sorta what I'm implying

    Resources are all over the place, but the big resource hotspots are in mostly-underused locations.

    Maybe even a resource collection alert happens occassionally that causes people to gang up and fight for resource nodes and sabotage other operations
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  4. HadesR

    Ah ok my bad ... I read as you were suggestion just having hotspots
  5. CorporationUSA

    Give engineers a hatchet and make them cut down trees for resources.
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  6. Hammerlock

    vanu mining operation
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  7. Lazaruz

    The pessimist in me thinks that they will just re-skin the holiday snowman/pumpkin spawns and use them as the resource nodes.
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  8. Zar

    see while I like new ideas all i see in this is lets make grief /farm zones for aircav and tanks so pass?
    P.S <--- major air and tank users so not saying the normal " lol tanks scrubs /air scrubs want more free kills" bull that whiners say.
    Just saying i don't really like the idea.
  9. Goretzu

    The only issue to consider is that armour and air are more availible and more powerful in PS2 than PS1, and that PS1 generally had more space (they say PS2 continents are the same physical size, but PS1 ones were definately less densely covered base-wise).

    Which is to say the ANT mechanic will be killed pretty dead immediately if every ANT has to deal with a dozen MBTs, Libs & ESFs farming them at every node.

    In PS1 with ANTs the danger tended to grow the closer you got to the base.
  10. FieldMarshall

    That sounds really awesome. Gives some of the barren un-used (but cool) areas of the map some purpose.
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  11. elkikko92

    alert should be the best, maybe near a your big base!
  12. Eternaloptimist

    Interesting - everyone is talking about whether spawned towers will be easily farmed etc. or if they will crop up in massive numbers like a static zerg but what about the strategic impact of fighting to control territory because it is resource rich, rather than the current exclusive focus on taking bases? This sound like getting and holding the resources could offer more strategic dimension than what you actually build with them.
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  13. Pelojian

    I think it would be great if there were rich nodes placed near bases that typically aren't fought over as much as the more popular bases. i would also recommend some sort of resource gain bonus if you harvest in contested hexes or hexes adjacent to contested hexes that are connected via lattice.

    more risk on the front lines or near the front lines should net you more resource reward.
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  14. axiom537

    What you can't bring a few friends with Burster Max's or Lock-on Launchers to defend your precious minerals? One of the main purposes of this update is to promote conflict in areas not associated with bases. If you want to mine resources and not worry about defending yourself, then you should play Minecraft...
  15. Zar

    defending is one thing making a huge "FARM OVER HERE" sign in big neon signs makes me kinda not want it if it spawns randomly then yeah, lets do it
  16. toast2250

    Nanoblob spawning randomly to power base's and/or resources would be awesome.
    Its also a super cheap-o recycled feature,.. [IMG]