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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhantomShadows, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. PhantomShadows

    Now I know that these posts on the forum seem to not really be looked at by the devs anymore but I'm going to suggest these changes anyway.

    Orbital Strike Uplink - The Orbital Strike Uplink has way too much health, it really should be reduced, the amount of charges it holds can remain the same. It just takes way too long to destroy these that you can unleash hell upon one of these and it will not even start to smoke, the only possible way you will destroy one of these is to destroy the Cortium Silo, and even then it stays around for a while. You'd think with it causing the base to appear on the map to everyone that the uplink itself would be easily destroyed.

    Turrets - The turrets, especially the anti air ones, need a longer detection range when the turret AI module is placed. The anti armor ones don't need that much of an increase in range, and the anti infantry ones are honestly fine. The anti air one however needs to be attacked for it to be detected by an enemy at a reasonable range, otherwise the planes can fly right past the base and attack other constructions easily. Even with the Skywall Shields the planes can just go to the opposite side of the turret, since it won't notice them until it's too late, then hide behind a construction so they can't get shot at.

    Whether the range can be increased via putting certs into the turrets to permanently upgrade them, or just a re-balance of the turrets I definitely believe they need increased range.

    This brings me to another point though, I think certain structures should be able to have permanent upgrades unlocked by spending certs on them, much like vehicles. Maybe there could be different turrets to choose from within the same archetype, and other upgrades such as possibly increased height and/or more places to stand for infantry towers, pillboxes, and bunkers, to allow people to attack, or defend the base from more locations.

    If you guys have any other suggestions about constructions or the construction system in general I would like to hear those too.
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  2. Liewec123

    Totally agree about orbital links being waaaay too tanky

    My biggest suggestion for construction has always been to remove Orbital Uplink entirely (or at least disable it in no deploy zones again) and make the walls invincible again while effected by a repair module.

    Construction should become about setting up roadblocks and fortified bases to halt an enemy advance, and that isn't possible unless walls get their immunity back.

    I'd also like to try giving the wall immunity (while effected by a repair module) to turrets too!
    Because currently if a zerg rolls up on your base the turrets are dead instantly.
    If we find that it is OP then we can disable it.

    Construction right now is only used by lame selfish farmers to orbital strike lattice bases for free kills and a dozen teamkills.

    So let's remove the lattice base orbital BS and instead make construction a tool to halt the enemies! "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
  3. Fisheyed

    Orbital strikes are easy to kill.
    The point of the turret isn't to win against people, by themselves.
    I like the idea of some type of additional certification / upgrades to the structures.

    Walls are invincible for a periood of time if you activate the structure shield module. Is that period not long enough?
    If a zerg rolls up to your base, its correct that it should be destroyed if you don't have a zerg defending it / repairing it.
    I'm not a fan of having anything with invincibility.

    Construction is also used in vehicle fights and anti air nests. Yesterday, there were several bases north of howling pass allowing the magriders and prowlers some safety. Even the nc came to visit.
  4. OneShadowWarrior

    Personally I think they should just get rid of the construction zones and just let these things be a part of the bases, where the vast majority of the fights are at anyways.

    You can’t stack walls on top of each other even a Eleypsium tube with a limit of one per base can change spawn locations and not be so predictable. Each base would be reinforced in so many different ways that it would actually add variety to the fights.

    The days of Ants being their own community and not part of the whole needs to change.
  5. RiP0k

  6. adamts01

    That would be great if a roadblock would matter. Gal drop with a router is superior.
  7. Liewec123

    most people don't utalise stuff like that though, the majoirty of travel goes on groundside,
    in my whole playsession i might see maybe 2 galdrops,
    but you'll always see the masses moving from base to base in sunderers. :)
  8. adamts01

    The masses also zerg, but that doesn't win alerts. If you see maybe 2 gal drops per session that only means you don't have any outfits doing it right.

    When you watch the best outfits move around the map and win alerts, this roadblock idea becomes silly. Gal drop, point hold, gal drop, re-secure point, gal drop point hold... Squad leads in racer/ejection ESF, drop beacons for platoon, bypass pop limits, point hold.

    That said, I'm 100% on board with construction roadblocks being viable, which is why I support something such as the Hybrid Hex, so that territory between and around bases matters. But with out current maps? Nope. They're only good for keeping noobs busy and getting routers.
  9. JudgeNu

    Well i enjoy the Construction of bases but as noted a zerg can roll up on a base and destroy it. Even that acts as a slow down effect cause it takes some time to destroy it and they just sit there and pve it which i find mind-numbingly boring and avoid it.
    As far as the Uplink is concerned since the AI Module is needed for it to operate one all but needs to destroy it, just make the destruction of it RESET the Uplink and a new Module need be deployed.

    I like to build and design my bases to fit the terrain etc, i find it very stimulating, however, i do at my peril, I dont expect anyone to defend it as most do not, it isnt a real objective.

    I like to see it used as a blockade and defensive posture, its fun.

    I would like to see some Construction features that allow Offensive Advancement.
    Smaller Walls or larger Hardlight Barriers that can be used for advancement.

    The Walls would have larger HP pool but take longer to materialize and the Hardlight Barriers ( lets say the size of a Harrasser) have a smaller HP pool (not too small) but are quicker to deploy.

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