Another Way to Think About the Striker

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  1. Goretzu

    Indeed lets take the GD-7F, it has the same functional DPS as 2 TR carbines, and has a lower amount of ammo per clip.
    Which means that to have a higher ROF any TR carbine would need to be seriously nerfed (as otherwise they'd have ridculous DPS).

    Now take NC "hard hitting" weapons, they actually have lower DPS than alternatives.

    Also consider that all the TR carbine have higher RoF than any NC carbine except the GD-7F (similar story with TR and NC LMGs).

    The NC has ONE carbine that is within the TR Carbine RoF range....... one, all of the rest are lower.

    Yup, you've missed the high damage per bullet infantry weapons having a lower DPS than the alternatives and the vehicle weapons basically being shotguns and pants at their roles.

    Indeed and they all have lower DPS than their alternatives (even the NC6 which is the best of the bunch), dispite high damage per bullet being nothing like the advantage RoF is.

    Now the Striker isn't like this, it simply outclasses the Annihilator in DPS, it also has better lock-on functionality.

    It is just plain BETTER, not a side-grade (or in fact a down-grade as most of the NC faction trait weapons are), but a direct and complete UPGRADE.

    So for the Striker to be balanced it would need to be similar to the Annihilator not just out and out much better, but with a higher RoF (which it already has).
  2. Peter Daniel

    ESFs would have a bad day, until the Striker were nerfed like the Annihilator.

    Sad but true.
  3. Goretzu

    They do, the VS fly them against the NC and the NC fly them against the VS, the TR fly against both.

    I don't think anyone suggest the Striker means VS/NC pilots can NEVER get a kill, that's just a ridculous strawman arguement.

    In low pop battles the Striker is at is weakest, as it is a force multiplier and gets stronger the more of them are around.

    Neither the VS nor NC can just NOT use vehicles o_O , they are needed for transport, to deploy troops and indeed just to fight back, that doesn't mean that it is not a LOCK LOCK LOCK LOCK LOCK nightmare against the Striker it is.

    Play against it, see what everyone means.
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  4. Goretzu

    No, I agree, that the Striker probably should be very slightly better than, as most ES weapon are compared to common pool (although not all, by any means).

    However it shouldn't just be a significantly upgrade in all ways; as it is.

    It could take a significanty DPS nerf and still do more DPS than the Annihilator.

    It could take a significant lock-on nerf and still be better than the Annihilator.

    And I'm not convinced a "better Annihilator" is a good choice for an ES launcher to begin with, neither the Pheonix or Lancer are effective at AA really, yet the Striker is at least as effective at AV (and probably more) as either and almost infinately more effective at AA than either.
  5. Millsy

    Obviously the striker is much better than the other factions variants, it's such a shame SOE take so long to react as the game hemorrhages players.
  6. IamDH

    Were you a terran?
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  7. FocusLight

    You missed my point completely. I don't care for a discussion in here (it would be off topic, even though I care very little for the topic) about the viability of high ROF or high damage weapons or anything of that sort, my point was that while TR has had faction traits taken from them before, the NC still maintains theirs quite well. These were examples to illustrate that.

    The Striker outclasses the Annie? Yeah, it does. I've not claimed otherwise, I've simply claimed that giving the Striker to everyone would be like going back to the pre-nerfed annie - EVERYONE would have a combined anti air/armor launcher again, and regardless of how that would go, it still would have left the TR with one less tool.

    Take the Striker arguments you want to raise to a tread specific for it, and if you want to argue about the viability of any of the 200 damage NC guns feel free to open a new tread. Personally I feel the NC's 200 damage guns work quite well as intended, but players like you may disagree. We can work that disagreement out elsewhere.
  8. FocusLight

    There we go.

    Now, dinner...
  9. Daisse

    Yes, except it that it has 2x the damage output of the annihilator before it was nerfed making the problem 2x worse than the old annihilator.

    Keep spamming these striker threads. Maybe the devs will finally release this solution they have been working so hard on for half a year. They don't seem to take notice of the fact that majority of their servers have dominant TR pop most of the time.
  10. gunfox

    Then there should also be common pool versions of the Lancer and the Phoenix, don't you think?
    With the same DPS and the same functions.

    TR is boring enough as is, all we get is remodeled NS weaponry. Striker, Marauder, Banshee, Fracture, MCG are all incredibly bland and boring variatons of stuff every faction has.
  11. Czuuk

    Provided of course that the lock on changes do get implemented.
  12. Makora

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again:

    Lets go even simpler then Lock-on and turn the Striker into a dumb-fire, full auto rocket launcher. I'll give it 3 months before the tears of drivers is replaced ten-fold by the tears of everyone else being murdered by "every single TR heavy using nothing but strikers all the time".

    Striker is not OP. What little "flare ignore" they have is caused by desyncs. It happens just the same with every other lock-on but just so happens with Striker you have 5 times the chance to notice, and since it's ES, you cry foul.
    I'd LOVE to actually see where the Phoenixes are flying to, rather then seeing them fly past me 50m away in a straight line but still somehow hit me. And Lets not talk about Lancer and its invisible shots. What you see on your side when shooting is meaningless compared to how it actually appears to most everyone else.
  13. Stride

    Honestly, I would find it very entertaining to see how conceded people really are.
  14. Czuuk

    The Reaver has the most verticle thrust. The Mossie is the fastest in a straight line.
  15. Czuuk

    Only in low pop battles and only against TR who don't Stiker spam.

    The Striker rounds ignore terrain. This has been admitted by SOE. It is a feature because it was a quick and dirty solution to keep the math from crushing performance. There was a band aid fix on the test server, but it apparently didn't make it into the game just yet.

    The full update to lock ons has been pushed indefinitely due to performance priority.
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  16. Gouger

    If vehicles were the primary source of my playstyle, I would probably stop playing.
  17. Phazaar

    It'd get nerfed in three days (after everyone's bought it).
  18. Peter Daniel

    I just hope they don't nerf it to become almost useless, as they many times do...
  19. Jube

    That's because most TR players don't use the mind-numbing Striker unless they have to. Unless you zerg the position I'm in I use the ML-7. But if your going to roll fifty tanks at me then you leave me little choice, but to use it.

    Back to the OP's question. It would undoubtedly unbalance the game to make the Striker a NS weapon.
    I'm not saying this simply to rub it in the faces of the NC/VS players out there, it's a fact.
    I have been advocating the removal of the lock-on feature of the Striker since it released not just because it's OP when used in groups ( which it is) but because it's no fun to use.
    I have been in Striker squads were I fired hundreds of rockets and got maybe 1 or 2 kills. This isn't because my rockets missed the target, but because there were so many other Striker users in the area that only a couple of my rockets made the killing shot.

    The upcoming changes may make the situation better for the NC/VS, (though I doubt it) but they won't improve the mind-numbing experience for the TR players.
    Please for the love of God, remove the lock-on features of the Striker!
  20. EMP1RE

    I would admit defeat and quit.