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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Sir Sovereign, May 28, 2020.

  1. Sir Sovereign

    We've seen these a lot.. And I'm not really bringing anything new up.
    But I feel like Rogue Planet needs a reminder of WHY the thumper should be usable by an engineer.

    Every class has their niche/situational use. This is definitely not a game where you can choose any class and later decide to play it however you want. It's not even wise to only play as one class, but I know I'm not the only one who has their main. I have played engineer since Alpha squad.

    The engineer is an all around support.
    Which puts it behind basically every other class in terms of fighting ability (even behind medics). Our "1-UP" ability is that our shields have less of a delay and that we have our turrets which can keep an entrance guarded or (spitfire) help swat the LA out of the sky. We have infinite ammo which really comes in handy if you corner camp with a shotgun or something, but usually we are out-dpsed very easily if the target is farther than 8m out because of spread and control of carbines. This means the best idea for the engineer support class... is to be a support.

    This means sitting back in every battle. Worrying more about repairing the maxes and allied armor while they run us over and drive away while whining that we stopped repairing them on foot while we get shot up. Throwing ammo boxes at the feet of groups just to hear "SOMEONE FIX THIS" with a max doing what maxes do in doorways and on hills. Firing our archers at any vehicles/turrets/maxes we see just to see them easily back up while we rechamber the next round, just to killed by a commissioner because it does nothing to infantry and a light assault/infil snuck up on us while our allies are firing over the hill. I still don't want to change classes. I LOVE being a support... What I don't love is the fact that we are cannon fodder and have no way to really help with groups of enemies or enemy armor that get close.

    The Thumper gives us options for both while not being OP. It's enough to knock off health of groups of enemies or even get a couple kills if our teammates have damaged someone and they run behind cover. It also gives us close-mid range light anti-armor option.

    Engis definitely need some love Rogue Planet.. the Thumper would be something.
  2. KhlorosTesero

    I say make it an ASP point for engineers.

    You seem to have the wrong idk on how to support as a engineer because they are, in fact, one of the best supports in the game.

    The thumper is a horrible weapon for the engineer other then the flavor for some reason that was created over the years that engineers use explosive weapons. Honestly The thumper in general need to be reworked because its a horrible weapon that the only time its useful is in situations your going to end up weapon locked in. As an aside to fix the thumper the grenades should have a fire mode to either explode on impact or explode after a few seconds.

    The engineer is possibly one of the most fun classes to play, but you need to play him correctly, While yes you can sit in the back and do repairs and heals, you can also build him to be the peekaboo master with bionic, ASC, ans survivalist (Which with the nerf is a bit weaker now so probably would take assimilate.)
    Or you can run a turrent build and literally hold off entire squads in a door way.

    The engineer is a master of point defense, it does not need the thumper to be good or stronger. You just need to play to its strengths, Its bar none, the most difficult class to play well in planet side 2, as out of all the classes, the engineer has not defensive or disengaging abilities. Heavy have shield, infultrators have stealth, medics have heal, LA can fly, engineers have none of that. They are the highest skill ceiling class in the game.

    Also the thumper is the only heavy waeapon thats not class specific, so i dont support giving the only universal heavy assault heavy weapon to another class.

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