Another patch. No fix for q-lock/aimbot AV turret exploit.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RobotNinja, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. RobotNinja

    Another patch and big surprise...still no fix for the AV turret exploit that was reported the beginning of this month(?), allowing Engineers with AV turrets to basically aimbot by using the Q auto-menu to auto-lock onto infantry and vehicles.

    Did this ***tiny*** little game-breaking bug not warrant enough to give a crap about or what?

    Hell, I've got an AV turret myself but this is just just wondering.
  2. Eugenitor

    Wait, that actually works like that? And you can do it to the enemy? Thanks, now everybody knows.
  3. IamDH

    Everyone already knew.

    There was like 3/4 more threads about this
  4. Ribero

    Hope it gets fixed, not because of the AV Turret usage, but because I Spot-Shoot enemies outside of Hipfire range, and when that Q-Menu pops up, it makes you unable to shoot or move for a crucial second or two.
  5. Teegeeack

    The AV turret spot exploit isn't actually that useful. Totally useless on moving targets. Hardly worth getting panties knotted over.
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  6. Spiritualised

    Personally Im all for them removing the lock on because it doesnt work quite as well as you whingers would have the community believe and it might shut you all up if it is removed, but I doubt it. Go and put your engie kit on and try it, I dare you. How you can call it an exploit is beyond me. I always thought exploits gave you an advantage not hindered you. If I used the lock on my av turret theres no way I would have got the kills I have with it. Please SOE Im begging you remove the lock so we can see what the whingers cry about next. While your at it SOE please remove death Its obviously way too OP for this game and its god awful whingy community