Another LIB Rant

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Collin, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Collin

    I give you lib pilots that in a 48 + fights its kind of hard to get more than 10 kills before you need to leave the scene,
    BUT after primetime you just see lib spamming groups killing the server and you see less fights people just log of. ANY fight after prime gets stomped by libs.
    New players will NEVER NEVER be able to fight against a fully certed lib. It will take them at least half a year to get the tools to deter libs and dont even get anything out of it.
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  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    I can take out Libs with just the Saron Laser Cannon. In most big fights, its almost impossible to do anything as their are always at least 5 Burster MAXs/Skyguards/AA Turrets. ESFs can already wreck libs with Photon Pods/Hellfire Rocket Pods/ Whatever the NC clone of the above 2 is. Mustangs and Light PPAs are pretty good too.
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  3. Alarox

    You still have 2m. Please format your post for readability.
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  4. McgeeLacroix

    Get killed by a lib one to many times today? Get in a lib yourself or an ESF and take them out. It isn't difficult!
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  5. McToast


    I was waiting for the next liberator-cry-thread. We didn't have them for a while now, most of them slipped to page 2/3.

    You know what I hate? Those guys sitting in a shelled spawnroom, trying to point their lock-on crutches in the air and dying again and again without accomplishing anything (and then going to the forums and cry). Guys, please spawn an ESF and help me take out the enemy air. It's damn difficult alone. Just two or three more pilots and killing libs becomes a cakewalk. And you're certainly more useful in the air than in a camped spawnroom. As soon as we've established air superiority you can go back to your footslogging if that's your thing, but don't sit on your 750 air ressources while you're getting spawncamped by libs. Don't know how to fly? Learn it, it's the most important thing to ward off enemy air, including liberators.
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  6. Alarox

    Don't take this as offensive to you personally, just your post.

    You're absolutely ridiculous. The level of ridiculousness is so high, that nothing I can possibly say will every convince you otherwise. The only reason I'm posting is to let other reasonable people reading this thread that they aren't alone.

    That is all. No hard feelings. I'm out of here.

    Everyone who doesn't like Liberators is a spawn room hero with a lock-on. Agreed. And obviously, the best way to counter Liberators is to stop playing the game for fun, go hunt down this Liberator after spending the necessary hours in order to become good enough, spend the necessary certs in order to cert your ESF properly, and get the coordination of others in order to jump said Liberator.

    Just hope that they don't have the 350 resources to pull again immediately after you finally manage to kill them. Don't worry, you've caused them much more frustration than they have caused so many people on your faction, and you personally for having to do all this for no tangible benefit. After all, you've just cut their 70:1 KDR down to 35:1 and set them back about a minute.
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  7. Dreadnaut


    You hate Libs because they wreck your tank.
    Infantry hate you because you wreck them with your Tank.

    Vicious cycle eh?

    btw, the best Dalton gunners in the game have about 5:1 KDR. Best tankers in the game are 50:1

    So, what's the real issue here?
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  8. Alarox

    My reply was equally ridiculous to match his suggestion.
  9. McToast

    I am certainly not the best pilot on cobalt, but I'm very confident to take on 95% of all libcrews alone. It just takes ages to kill a lib that's defending itself and maybe even has ground support. And chances are that an enemy ESF comes to defend the lib, which basically means certain death for me. 3-4 randoms in ESFs however are enough to counter everything except an enemy airzerg or an enemy elitepilot outfit working together.
    But the reason why so few people pull an ESF is NOT that they don't have "fun" flying, it's because they just are too bad or too lazy. You can work on both. I did play mostly on the ground during the last months, with a few AH runs inbetween, and I never had a problem with enemy libs, only with my own stupid team. If there are 3 libs over our base, that means that they have 6-9 people in the air, maybe a few ESFs too. Those forces are missing on the ground and the aircrafts have to make up for that. 48 players with 12 of them in aircrafts should totally wipe the floor with 48 players only playing infantry and they do that. I don't see a problem with that. Air superiority should be decided in the air, not from the ground. That is my opinion; of course you can disagree with that, but you are at least as biased as I am.

    If they are a dedicated libteam they will most likely have enough ressources to pull another lib. Usually they will be very careful for the next 10 minutes or so, focusing less on bombarding the ground than on keeping an eye out for enemy ESFs. I know how it works, I've got a bit of experience with the Dalton myself, though I don't really fly libs anymore these days.
  10. Blackinvictus

    This is the most common sense I have ever heard from all these damn Lib rants.
  11. JorgeSarcos

  12. McgeeLacroix

    My reply was not directed at you Alarox, it was directed at the OP.
  13. Gleerok

    ESFs need to be boosted against Libs, and Libs need to be kind of nerfed versus ESFs. But ESFs being boosted would kind of work like that, but on the offensive side of ESFs. Which feels better than nerfing the Lib itself.

    Libs do NOT need to be essentially and UNIVERSALLY nerfed. They are sort of fine in terms of power when it is taking part into the fight. But they are too reliable and versatile against things they shouldn't be.... like ESFs, which should be a direct and extremely effective counter against them.
  14. Alarox

    I replied to what was said before you edited. I don't even remember what it was, I just know I vented my frustration regarding this LIberator topic. Sorry.
  15. Klypto

    I do because I HAVE to. Another lib is the only thing now in this ******* game that can kill them after they nerfed AV / AP rockets and shells against even stock libs. Where's my 120% increase in HP armor for my tank? Didn't we learn from this disaster with the Harasser Composite?

    The best part is they can just fly away after they kill you to the other side of the map. If someone was mad at my tank and wanted to kill me with x weapon, I can only get about 1000 meters away at best. They can just suicide their vehicle and C4, tankbust, rocket pod, galaxy ram, etc. as an easy way to destroy my tank solo. The only way I can do that back to a lib without having insane ESF pilot skills is with another lib.

    2 Titan-150 AP rounds without composite and 3 with. That's all I want. Not like 5
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  16. Silkensmooth

    Wow dude seriously you need to get out of your tank and try the other aspects of the game.

    You sound so ignorant.

    Someone earlier was exactly right when they said you need to get in a lib or an ESF and kill them.

    OR you could add every pilot you know to your friends list and then just send one of them a tell when a lib is bothering you.

    The reason why Air needs to be the best counter to Air is because if ground could kill air by itself, which they already can btw, then what would you need air for?
  17. Inex

    I don't want to completely disagree, but it's worth pointing out that an actual dedicated Lib team will probably have the resources to pull 4+ Libs at any given time. With the angle buff given to the tail guns, 3/3 Libs are a lot more common.

    So those noob ESF jockeys with the 15min timer? Not going to deter the Lib team at all.

    The saving grace is that most Lib teams don't have to be dedicated: It's such a powerful vehicle even casuals can pick it up and go 30-0.

    After the humiliation Alarox handed you here: , I think we need to demand some sources for numbers like this.
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  18. Flag

    Or you could realise that tanks are the most marginalized part of the game.

    No-one specialize as hard as tanks do.
    No-one gets curbed as hard by their counter as tanks do.
    No-one have as little of a true impact on the game as tanks do.

    When infantry has a problem they're given toys/game is nerfed/changed to give them a chance.
    When air has problems dealing with a situation, people ask for buffs to air or nerfs to whatever causes them problems (and they get them).
    When tanks have problems, we're told to ditch our tanks and go foot-slugging/up in the air to deal with the problem. We also have the dubious honour of having the hardest nerf in the games history on one of the MBTs.

    It's insulting is what it is.
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  19. PKfire


    Surely you jest, the only thing that has changed (A2G) in recent history is the Composite Armor/Liberator resistance buff and we all know nobody wanted that.

    SoE could nerf Liberators and ESFs into the dirt and people would still get themselves farmed, tanks included. The crying on these forums will never stop as long as things are flying around.
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  20. Brahma2

    Be the change you want to see in the world; it's time for everyone who flies anything to lay down their plane and go onto the ground, where killing endless hordes of new players in a glorified COD-lite team death match means that you are pro as ****.
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