ANOTHER GU. Striker STILL not fixed!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    What the ****? How has this weapon not been nerfed already? Or at least temporarily removed until it can be "balanced?"
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  2. Spude

    Striker will be nerfed same time when ZoE will.
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  3. Konfuzfanten

    The striker is like the AI NC MAX/shotguns, either its going to be ridiculous OP or totally useless. Its really hard to find the sweet spot.

    Easy solution: buff the anni dmg, buff lib armour/health and everyone are happy.
  4. KenDelta

    Striker is balanced.(Blasphemy)
  5. Sordid

    I'm outraged by the lack of Striker fix as well. It's so ridiculously weak I can't believe it's gone this long without a buff.
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  6. IamDH

    It affects NC too you know..
  7. whitupiggu

    ZOE has already been nerfed once.
  8. Ganelon

    Not enough.
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  9. WaRadius

    Striker doesn't need a nerf. Though it has to be fixed in terms of projectiles flying through terrain and ignoring flares.

    P.S. ZoE will be nerfed right after Fracture and Raven AI damage is reduced to the one of Vortex.
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  10. Voiidd

    Screw the nerf, how about actually a FIX. What's I'm talking about is rockets ignoring flares and going through terrain.
    This at the very least. Its a bug that has been around for several GUs and still nothing has been done about it.
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  11. Pixelshader

    What's so bad about the striker again? I mostly play esf and I never have a problem with it, or any lockons for that matter.
  12. Eclipson

    As soon as Fractures and Ravens have a Muzzle velocity of 450 m/s.
  13. Kangaaxx

    The best solution is to reduce the lock on range to 300 meters, let it be able to dumb fire, reduce splash damage, fix the bugs where it hits the Wall or ground next to you for no reason, fix the bug where it clips the trough terrain and flares.

    This way the TR will have ESRL that isn't OP or useless while dealing a bit more damage then the other lock ons, having a balanced range and also make it usable with the dumbfire mode.
  14. Voiidd

    Then you must be playing as TR otherwise you WOULD know what's wrong with it.
  15. SlingBlade

    The worst part of the striker is the fact that it isn't an actual side grade. It is clearly supposed to be a side grade for the annihilator but it is a straight upgrade, when was the last time you saw tr using an annihilator? Never because it is better in every way. I would love to be able to carry an annihilator that was a side grade to a striker and obliterate esf's and harassers a lot easier then we do now.

    TTK vs ESF.
    17.5 sec Striker,
    20.75sec Annihilator

    Ammo required to kill ESF
    8/20 (50%) Striker
    4/5 (80%) Annihilator

    Ammo wasted if the enemy flares
    1/20 (5%) Striker
    1/5 (20%) Annihilator

    Range for vehicle and aircraft the exact same.
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  16. hawken is better

    I'm actually looking forward to the Striker "nerf." All the people campaigning for the lock-on changes don't seem to realize that the Striker will be able to lock on to nearby targets instantly. While their effectiveness against aircraft will drop significantly, TR will have pretty much the easiest counter to in-your-face Harassers.

    I predict a ton of whining from Harasser farmers.
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  17. Kangaaxx

    Actually the Striker got 500 meter lock on range while everything else got 300 meters.
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  18. lilleAllan

    I'd welcome a Striker / ZoE nerf.
    Nerf NC Maxes too if that's what it takes.

    (Hint: That's not how it works)
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  19. phreec

    All lock-ons need to have their bugged projectiles fixed, not nerfed. Hopefully the speculated "maintain LoS to keep lock" mechanic will slap Striker the hardest so TR might use a different launcher for once...
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  20. Torok

    My BR100 personal opinion

    Strikers stats are fine, What is not is the lock-on mechanic, which is getting tweaked "hopefully" with the ESF update, almost sure it's going to be GU15, by the end of August.
    Once that kicks in, Pilots will be rewarded by escaping LOS (Line Of Sight) by playing around terrain and flying lower, Striker users will feel more frustrated, since their rockets won't hit like before, and will slowly use the striker less and less, they will still be deadly against Liberators but since they won't be as effective against ESFs as before it won't be as FOTM as it is now, (Flavor Of The Month, been like months now actually eheh) meaning it will lose popularity and the sky won't be as polluted by lock-ons as of now; NC/VS pilots will have a better quality of life and will finally start pulling more airplanes than before, TR will get their ***** kicked so hard they will whine for Months.

    And then all was good.

    ZOE doesn't feel as impossible to take on as before, it's very depending on encounter and encounter so there's no point in talking about it one by one with their opinions, it's atleast Affordable to engage one now.
    I say it's OK.

    This guy here nailed it.