Another day, another Phoenix buff

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by St0mpy, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Sedisp

    Quote your source for where I am wrong? Since you don't have one I now know you are pulling arguments out of your ***.

    There's mine.

    Ease of use comes from the fact that you don't have to aim to deal damage.

    If you're complaining about ESF damage hate to tell you this but the phoenix is even worse at it unless they're a dumb hover jockey in which case there are far better tools for annihilating them then a phoenix.
  2. NCUN

    Lol, go ahead, try and hit the same moving target twice with it's massive reload (counting in flight time). Heck, try hitting the same, non-stupid, stationary target twice. 9/10, they'll either leave the area so you lose them while you are loading, or someone else finishes them off before you can.
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  3. PS2Freak

    nooo. he shows source ! wow. this source must be a lie! NC got MegaMassiveBuffOpness!

    oh Tr, poor victim of nc!
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  4. centurionvi

    Plus the Phoenix can be semi-dumbfired in an emergency by pressing E, which also significantly increases its low DPS people love to go on about. (it has the exact same drop as the regular dumbfire, so spare me) If a tank gets up on you with a Striker you either have to run away or get plopped trying to get a lock.
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  5. CletusMcGuilly

    Because it's a semi auto rocket launcher. A hipfire-able semi auto rocket launcher would be beyond OP.
  6. Skadi

    Someone didn't do research at all...

    There was no "speed ninja buff", this was explained in detail, tldr its SLOWER than its original speed, its also EXTRA slower when it initialy launches so it doesn't go off by itself before we can even control it, after our control is assured it resumes its normal speed.
  7. SenEvason

    I don't see how the striker's lock-on is an advantage. You have to keep it on the center of the target for it to begin locking. If it's behind a rock, or close enough to drive behind one, then it's useless. I wish they would have just made it dumbfire.
  8. GhostAvatar

    Sorry to burst your bubble here, but the Phoenix one shots a Scythe (none of this crit damage and then explodes a second later that others have posted here). A full Striker mag of 5 shots lowers the same Scythe to 1/3 health. Try it yourself in VR, I just have to reconfirm it.

    What you have forget about is that you have quoted the raw damage stats, while not taking into account the resist values of the target. Now it looks like the Phoenix has the same resist values as dumb fire rockets, which is 0% resist. While the striker has the lock on resist values of 50% resist. Which means vs air vehicles (at least) the Striker does 1250 damage and the Phoenix does 2000 damage.

    Unfortunately I have yet to find the resist values for MBT and lightening, so I can only go with VR testing. But they are about equal judging the damage by the health bars.
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  9. St0mpy

    How many times have you been out filming and framecounting ESLs flight time and performance? None I expect. How many videos have you taped? None I expect.

    Im just sorry I didnt record a clip of this mornings half hour session. I was practising sniping ESF among other data checks and there was NO speedup.

    The actual speed nerf you claim to remember is clearly documented in the updates and took it from a 6 second flight to an 8. I checked. Today it flew around 7 on the stopwatch, ive yet to cross check but its certainly not 8 now, and has an acceleration it did not have before today either.
  10. GhostAvatar

    Yep, I forgot all about that. Just another advantage that goes to the Phoenix.
  11. Shaolungbao

    Why? It would provide no more or less gameplay ability than the other 2 esrl's.

    Here's the main cause for stat imbalance in kills/damage:

    VS: spamming for little damage therefore you'd have to have damn good reaction time to get the kill shot on something. The charge shot has a charge hold cap - again very tough to time.

    NC: timing and damage allow for better kill stealing but the fact that you lose sight of the field for that long means overall they will be less effective than other sources of AV at switching targets (you can't cancel midflight because your target just died for example).

    TR: hold the lock, gauge the situation.. no other sources of AV - fire asap, lots of AV around - time your firing with expected target death.

    TR has the best ability to out-perform statistically on bad drivers. But as a "new tool" to expand gameplay/strategy or expand damage into previously immune targets? COMPLETE FAIL.

    In terms of gauging the "balance" of these new weapons both NC/VS got a weapon with near limitless potential in the proper hands (the learning curve also means it will keep improving as time goes on).

    The striker? Limited in design for variance of targets, no amount of training will improve the type of target you can hit, targets have the ability to improve their countering ability.

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  12. St0mpy

    Rofl. thats not a source, thats just a lot of data, what is the source to back up your statement. Show me which figures back up your so called claim?

    Ive read those sheets since they were released btw, you dont seem to have the ESL one, want it?

    Btw I dont expect you to give a damn or suddenly accept my data abilities over your own bias and denial, BUT i coded a desktop weapon browser for my last game, using very very similar data to the PS2 spreadsheets, so I *kind of* know how these things work.

    But I dont let that hamper me, which is why I always cross check with field tests.

    So you gonna show the data properly or just wave a royal hand at it some more?
  13. LordMondando

    Man desperate move is desperate.

    The data he's got lists all the relevant stats.
  14. Scorponok

    really? never tried that...i just find it annoying i cant do like in PS1 were i missed target i could just blow up my rocket instead of sitting there waiting for it to crash due to range..self detonation even if it does 0 damage to anyone.i dont care..would just be nice to be able to get out of the view :p
  15. St0mpy

    If you read above youll see me asking for what stats hes using to back up his claim. If he makes one he can damn well point out what part of the spreadsheet hes relying on rather than just wave a hand over it without bothering to show his proof.

    If hes not going to bother even find 1 thing to back his claim up, then wave all the links you like, hes not proved anything lol.

    At least I bother to quote my figures, hes even got the spread himself yet cant even put one up. Lazy, and its not my place to prove his own arguments, he doesnt have any if he cant even find the data himself.

    What did his last slave die of? lool
  16. Sinoby

    My god, stop feeding Stompy. He just wants his ESL to remain the best.
    I will repeat it one more time - the main issue with Phoenix is range. I like how Stompy pretends that 200m difference in range between Striker and phoenix is not significant. It is, esp if we are talking about fighting air. And saying that phoenix is potent as AA is just laughable. Striker is very strong deterrent for any air. Phoenix is good at killing hover pilots in 300m range.
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  17. NCUN

    press "Leave Vehicle".
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  18. MilitiaMan

    After the first buff, do you have any idea how hard it was to hit aircraft even hovering? If they moved even an inch you would miss it because of how slow the round was.

    Also, the Phoenix is the only AV weapon with a serious downside. You are completely helpless when the missile is in flight, and once you are dead. The missile dies, in PS1 this didn't happen. Striker is hold and click, Lancer is peek a boo, Phoenix is high reward high risk.

    Everyone says hit behind a rock and your fine but this is untrue, because of the arc of the weapon and the low turn speed you need to pretty much shoot with in a 30º arc of the target. Which normally means you have to stand up, you also cannot kneel. If you do and fire the Phoenix, you stand up. And the smoke trail is like a big arrow saying "I AM OVER HERE!".
  19. LordMondando

    Second weakest rocket launcher, defo OP.
  20. Ev3ntHorizon

    what the hell are you smoking.... on no NC have a weapon that 5 shots a sundy... hey guess what terrans have one that does that in half the time... allow me to intruduce you to the striker
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