Another Blatant Cheater

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  1. Campagne

    This happened just now, on Miller when it is very quiet. It's kinda hard to miss this guy when there are all of twenty players on each faction.


    C+ accuracy at 22.675% and a HSR of 56.038%. He's obviously cheating, chaining headshots at all ranges against all enemies. Even while flying.

    That's beside the point though. Why has the automatic ban system been trashed for so long? When I reported him I got a ticket number of close to 7000. He's going to be playing and ruining the fun for everyone for a long time before anyone even sees the ticket.

    I know about the whole "dolphins" shenanigans, in my opinion that's no excuse. There are very few legitimate reasons for a vet to create a new account, and good players won't be good the moment they pick up the game for the first time. "Doctors cover doctors" as it were.

    However even if this was an issue, there are no "dolphins" out there with below average accuracy and significantly above average headshot accuracy.

    I'm sure he may be banned eventually, but that doesn't forgive all the time he was able to cheat. The auto-ban should be reinstated or at least to the extent where a player is obviously cheating. I was enjoying the game quite a lot before he came along and while I still enjoyed my time he knocked it down a peg or two. I'm of course used to people cheating in online videogames and especially PlanetSide 2, but it speaks to the quality of a game when a player is allowed to cheat so freely.

    Do please try to make some headway against the cheating problem, Daybreak.
  2. DarkStarAnubis

    56% HSR is high but not unheard of. Those stats could belong to a good player as well and that's the problem of auto-ban systems.

    We should have a monitoring system marking those players as "suspicious" but then some DBG employee should log with an observer cam and then decide.

    I have in the past reported a 99% HSR player (with any weapon) and he was obviously a cheater. It was easy to see.
  3. Tragabuches

    what is the suspicious %?
  4. DarkStarAnubis

    That is the problem because it depends on the playstyle and the weapons used. You should have higher HSR with CQC (handguns, SMGs) and BASRs weapons.

    I would check anything above 75% with medium range weapons (carbines, assault rifles, lmgs) but YMMV.
  5. Towie

    Judging by some of the more recent 'Rambos', the auto-ban is simply not operational. I managed to find the player you've spotted.

    Before reporting someone I usually do a bit of investigation. I always check the deltas on dasanfall - as it uses 'normal distribution' to calculate standard deviation, it's easy to spot something that is suspicious (indeed dasanfall actually marks them with an S flag !)

    So on the player in question, out of the 6 weapons he has used so far, he has 5 Suspicious flags all on HSR. This is a red flag.

    He has a delta of 7.5 on the HSR for the Quasar (6.7 on the Pulsar). For someone to be 7 standard deviations away from the mean, the calculated probability is 1 in 390,682,215,445 (you read that right - 1 in 390+ BILLION - or 55 times the number of people on this planet). This is very much a red flag.

    Then I check the killboard - standard deviation somewhat assumes that people are doing the same thing so people can skew if they do something extraordinary (like - take ages to get into a sneaky position before unleashing a headshot). The player in question doesn't do this, he just runs and guns - AND he has multiple headshots 1s apart with normal guns (another red flag).

    Is he cheating ? Absolutely. Head hitbox or aimbot.

    Is he alone in this ? Absolutely not.
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  6. Beerbeerbeer

    I’ve been reading as much as I can about unpacking assets and file manipulation.

    First, it’s easy to adjust the hex file head hit box AND it’s easy to bypass BE’s file check in numerous ways.

    Secondly, people can set the radius of the head to different sizes, to mask hacking. Want it super obvious? You can pretty much turn the entire body and much, much more to the head. Want it more subtle? You can adjust the radius to less suspicious values, but enough to give you a gigantic edge.

    This information is all over the web. Search and you will find.

    Anything over 45% HSR with automatic weapons is suspicious. Anything over 50% is outright hacking.
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  7. Towie

    All true (sadly) - I really wish DBG did more work on the cheaters. How many noobs gave up due to the uber skills facing them when in fact it wasn't a level playing field ?

    The next bit of light at the end of the tunnel is on PTS, the assets are packed in a new (more secure) format. How long will they remain 'secure' ? Anyones guess, but if I were DBG, i'd be very interested to see how all of these suspicious folk perform on the updated system.

    When will it go live ? Couldn't come soon enough in my opinion...
  8. UberNoob1337101

    - Creates new account, goes to a noob fight, gets a zero recoil gun a la CME/Pulsar C and aims for head...

    guess I'm hacking now.

    I'm not denying the validity of your claim that it's still possible to change the hitbox values and bypass BattlEye, but knowing a person who got to BR80+ with only using motion spotters, I wouldn't be surprised that there's someone who only uses X weapons to achieve maximum HSR. Just saying, a little bit of leniency does help, and there are players who do have ~50% HSR just because they padded it.

    Campagne, can you please also send a suspicious killboard/other stats from said player, taken from, example, or Dasanfall? I would've checked it myself, but you didn't provide the name (because forum guidelines). It could be that the player in question fires a lot at nothing and then turns on cheats, but with this only this info it's probably a legit player.
  9. Towie


    Very ordinary stats except the HSR - you can't see the deltas on here but they are as I explained in a previous post.

    Also from the killboard, he's chaining headshots. In fact he seems to have trouble actually hitting stuff but when he does, it's invariably a headshot.

    He also gets killed a lot.

    Sub par player with aimbot/head hitbox mod (strongly suspect the latter).
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  10. Towie

    Don't want to reply to myself - but - just checked a forum and it appears as though the new format has been bypassed already.

    It makes me so mad - and sad :(
  11. Liewec123

    20% accuracy, 60%+ headshot accuracy
    definately something extremely suspicious going on.
    How do you suck so bad that you miss 80% of your shots, yet when you do hit the target, your an MLG God?
  12. Campagne

    Status update: He's online right now as I type this.

    His most recent PS2 site's killboard, filtered to kills only:


    Plus this little gem from last night :rolleyes:: [IMG]

    But one would surely expect you'd have a high accuracy to match the high HSR if you were just a vet on a new account. This guy is by all means terrible, yet kills everyone in less than half a second.
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  13. UberNoob1337101

    Oh damn, multiple cases of killing with headshots within a second, yup this is cheating. Literally the only thing not being headshots on the killboard is C4 and a few carbine and Basilisk kills.

    Gonna report him when I see him without a doubt. He's probably bypassing BattlEye by shooting into the ground to degrade average accuracy.
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  14. 0fly0

    I was wondering if i need to leave cobalt and try miller to avoid all the mlg 35 40% + acc players or 80% pop on cobalt... guess not
  15. Towie

    He is still online by the way. Seems to be having a whale of a time.

    On a 1.6 hour session he got 79.3% HSR, mostly with the Solstice.

    Remember to keep /reporting him - so DBG can file in the Recycle Bin.
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  16. PlanetBound

    Reporting appears to work the same as pedestrian walk buttons. You can push it but it's just provides a spring loaded tactile response.
  17. Liewec123

    some guy on Cobalt seems to be doing this too, he'll miss you repeatedly and then you'll instantly die to a flurry of headshots.
    according to stats he misses 75% of his shots, but the majority of his kills are headshots, which seem to happen instantly.
    SandStormAlpaca is his name.
    there were a lot of people in the fight, and yet when i typed in /yell "if you're gonna hack atleast hide it better"
    only that guy responded, hmm wonder why. (another failure at hiding the hack, being the only guy to respond!)
  18. Towie

    Yes looks very similar - couldn't hit the side of a barn but when he does, it's a headshot. Think he increased the radius a bit too much !

    Still the good news is that the original player found has now been banned forever, deleted and is absolutely no more.

    Only joking - coming back to the real world, nope he's still playing today. In fact he had an 8.4 hour session starting yesterday through to this morning !

    HSR - 78.5%. Solstice and Quasar.

    Way to go DBG.
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  19. Towie

    OK DBG you clearly need help with this - it's getting embarrassing (for you to be precise).

    I noticed on the fisu history that others are checking him out - and with good reason.

    He is STILL playing - indeed, today he had a 3,7 hour session with an 89.8% HSR on various weapons. He's found some new ones - for example, the VE-H Maw, which he now has 90.11% HSR - more than 10% higher than ANYONE EVER (indeed the top three are all Soltech based. Need I say any more).

    He is ZWIAR on Miller -

    He is also rubbish but virtually cannot fail to get a headshot kill (including 1s apart - he's not positioning, he is cheating).

    Maybe, just maybe, you should ban him ?

    ...and you wonder why people are leaving in droves ?
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  20. Jingstealer

    The game is seething with cheaters at the moment. Played against NC guy, FreedomNC some some **** like that. Resecured a gen in 2 seconds flat. No headshots against him registered. Manages to kill you seconds after you die. And no, not general lag issues. Probably some kind of package filtering. Most hackers in the VS right now. Blatant and bragging about it. No sense of wrongdoing or shame. Cheat protection in this game is a bad joke. Main reason I am not subscribing.