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  1. ncDieseL

    I'll save you the bother. Ignored.
  2. Divinorium

    Yep, i should be shooting at 300+ range so i don't have enemy infantry close to me.... oh wait i can't hurt them because they don't render.


    YOU CAN'T Kill what doesn't render to you.
    YOU CAN'T Kill what doesn't render to you.

    5 Tanks i can SEE and shoot back. If they die they are gone for a good time. AV turret alot of times i can't even shoot back. When i can he can just come back and drop another one.

    And have a timer of 10 minutes, cost 450 resources, can be oneshoot by nearly all classes(,c4 still instagib, it's a bug in the hit register that SOMETIMES happen), can't change loadout, can't be revived, has VERY limited cover and can be seen from 2x the distance.

    If you know how to use it, you would learn that it has a better DPS then all the other infantry AV Weapons AND can be used like a phoenix.

    Just before you come with ****.
    Decimator 1335 of damage . 5,7 reload time. 60/5,7= 10,5*1335= 14017,5
    AVTurret 1000 of damage (AP) 4 reload time. 60/4 = 15*1000 = 15000

    Except that it is what happens right now without any kinda of focusfire AV turret take tanks out of the battlefield, may not outright kill it. But driver repairing his tank is one less treat in the other side.

    Not really. I use a tank because i like. I know i'm nerfing myself.

    And i hate to quote myself but.

    And of course. he claims something without having to prove, so better block while i'm "Winning" I'm right?
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  3. RageMasterUK

    Get closer.
    Get higher.
    Get a clear shot.

    Its not your targets responsibility to present themselves in a manner which is easy for you to snipe... this is down to you...

    You can move. The AV turret is stationary...

    With over 20k sniper kills, I am HIGHLY SURPRISED you are whining about your ability to take on AVMana turret users.

    Also, I wasn't even referring to snipers specifically either. Just the infil class in general. If you don't know how to get close to an AVMana turret as an Infil I feel bad for you. Engineers have no jetpack, wherever they are, you can get there and kill them.

    My only conclusion is you're too busy farming the easy kills to bother with a slightly challenging shot on an AVMana turret user. You might have to change position just for the one kill, but hey its an important target to kill for your team...

    This is basically it. Its easier for you to whine about AV turrets being placed in 'inaccessible' positions than it is to actually take responsibility for shutting the AV spam down by moving position yourself.

    I'll grab ASF just to land on the cliffs to get a good angle on the AVMana dudes sometimes... if you're not bothered to do that to help your armor column don't whine about it or call me an idiot. Its you who has a problem with AVMana, not me.
  4. vrcarnage

    The AV turret needs either its ranged reduced to those of the infi render distance or the turret need to have the same render range as a vehicle plus a hit box as large as an mbt.

    I find it funny that people yapped about the new esf guided rocket because it was going to be op. The fixed that one so now its time for the AV turret. I use the thing my self. It's the best investment I have made as far as certs.

    The simple fact is that nothing should be able to hit a target out of each others render range period.

    As far as I am concerned AV turret is as bad as a hack. Hacks do stuff like that all the time shoot through walls / ground and it's the same thing. If you can't see it or even tell what direction its coming from (because it does not render the rocket) it should be shunned just as much as a hack.

    It boils down to people just want easy certs. The reduction of the range / render would make it harder to camp 500-900 meters out and get free kills w/ almost no chance to be detected.
  5. Tuco

    Defensive tools: PS1 AMS, PS1 mines, PS1 spitfires, PS1 motion detectors

    Not Defensive tools: Engineer AV turret, Engineer AI turret.
  6. Lugia3

    Yes, because they are mouse guided.