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  1. Camycamera

    yes, the av turret is OP, but is it REALLY that hard to take cover from the direction that the missiles are coming from?!
  2. Divinorium

    Not like SOE haven't tried, a lot.

    Well tanks already have to run of approaching Infantry, so more then fair to make them hide too... Wait, what is the point of tanks?
  3. ncDieseL

    Tanks can hit the turret from greater than 300m, I prove that out in VR. They may not be able to hit the infrantry, but they can definitely hit the turret, and if the infantry are on the turret, they die.

    Never said I was good, wouldn't even say I was average tbh, I just enjoy playing the game. I'm only defending it because nerfs in this game tend to be a bit heavy handed and before we know it the AV turret won't be able to hit anything outside of 100m and will do a third of the damage it used to do.

    500m is probably the correct max range for the AV turret. It's a stationary turret, it's meant to have good range!
  4. Camycamera

    to kill other tanks and vehicles of the like.

    yeah i do agree tanks do generally do run away from infantry, but atm i dont see how people can get KILLED by an AV turret unless it is one of those "you are hopelessly screwed" moments.
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  5. Divinorium

    The problem is, you are shooting 1 pixel that most of times don't even render the doritos, dealing with bullet drop, limited ammo, most of the times "guessing" if you need to shoot more to a side or to another, higher/lower all that WHILE having to dodge others kinda of AV weapons, kamikaze LA, others tanks, liberators.

    Meanwhile the Eng has a Pinpoint acurate turret, a target 30 times bigger, infinite ammo, no bullet drop and in 99% of the cases he is only dealing with you.

    And here comes the worst part. EVEN IF the tanker against all the odds manage to kill the eng he can be revived by a medic, who CAN'T get hurt by the tank, and throw another turret in the exact same place in less then 10 secs.

    Meanwhile if the tank lose the engagement, in the best case he will get a good 30 secs of repairing his tank. In the most probable case he will lose his tank and 450 resources.

    A single lone wolf AV forces the tank to play the peekaboo game. 5 organized smash his tank without any chance to flee.

    That's the problem with AV turret. He makes things that are hard to do VERY VERY Easy, at the cost of nothing. That's why it's a crutch. Why a player would learn to compesate to a shoot at extremes ranges if he can just use the easymode toy?

    AV turret should have it's range limited to 300m.

    PS: Don't fool yourself to think that i want to tanks to be immortals and rule everything like once they did, search for my posts before the HUGE nerf wave of tanks.
    But right now Tank have no place in the game.
    At up close they are easily C4ed.

    At medium range he is easily focus fired and destroyed.

    At long range AV turrets rule them.

    That's the problem Tanks have no place in the game. In fact taking a tank in 99% of the cases is just choosing to be nerfed.
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  6. ncDieseL

    Sounds like you're lone wolfing and rolling your tank directly in to the enemy zerg, what do you expect? You're argument about medics, has a similar problem. You're counter to that is a repair and ammo sundy, you need to play with support just like the guy on the AV turret is.

    I never understand why people are surprised they die so easy when lone wolfing. Everything in this game is geared around team play.

    Here's how I think it should be balanced
    • Projectiles explode if the engineer exits the turret. Fixes the "shoot and jump out" problem.
    • Effective range limited to 500m. This is a good compromise, 300m is too short IMO. The projectile should explode when it hits max range. Just a visual cue for both parties.
  7. Divinorium

    Right now i don't know if you are trolling or just refuse to understand.

    "Support" who renders and can't be replaced easily?

    Unless the Eng start to pay to use the turret it needs to have the same effective range of his support render distance.You limit it's range to 500? So what they will still dominate while not risking anything.

    And i'm curious post a video of you using any tank in a actual combat.(don't you dare come with a video of 48x24)

    I mean apparently i don't know how to play, so it should be easy to you to teach me.
  8. iMartyr

    an hour ago.

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  9. ncDieseL

    You posted it right there, you're describing rolling solo in to battle vs all of that, and you're surprise you were blown up?

    And at no point did I say "L2P", so stop being a dick.
  10. TheStink

    I use my turret as a doorway blocker mostly. I rarely pull it now for AV as it just needs fixing, I'll not abuse the out of render distance issue with it on fellow vehicle drivers on the enemy side as a personal choice. No need to add more cheese to the cheese going on in big battles because the developers have not reacted quick enough to this one.
  11. Divinorium

    Ok, post how you don't roll solo. Saying you can say wathever you like.

    Saying without having to show anything i can say that infiltrators are a bigger treat to my tank then AV turret.

    So far we showed how AV turret DOESN'T Render,CAN be invincible and are in theory uncounterable, at very least demands a HUGE ammount of work to be countered while demands no skill to be used.

    You argued that you need to play with support. Then show how it works. Or you will keep denying that AV turret can shoot from over 300m, range that 95% of the weapons in this game are ineffective, without having to hurry about all the others enemies aside the snipers?

    If you come with this ******** of "play with support" again without a video of how your "support" is going to help you when they can't even touch the enemy i will just ignore you.

    PS: And the engs who give space to the tank to fight back are the noobs one without support/team. The engs that actually know what they are doing play in a squad and hit the same target. There's no support that can save you of a VERY LONG RANGE "instant kill".
  12. RealityWarrior

    Yet they do render to me. I kill them at very long ranges so your idea that they don't is shot, the devs know this hence they are not doing anything about it.

    Negative. They were never meant to have a limit of 300 meters. They were recently reduced to 1000 from 1500. (see patch notes) If one is hitting you from more than 1000 please report that as it is not working as intended.

    Once again you are on your crusade to ruin combined ops and turn this into a tank battle game. I get sniped out of my turret all the time. I get hit by tanks 500-600m out regularly.

    If your PC and internet connection and tactics are good enough AV turrets render for you render for them. If they are not rendering for you please upgrade your Pentium 166 you play on to a PC made this decade. I think 90% of this "not rendering" nonsense is cause because good AV turret users arc the missile in from a direction they are not sitting. They have you looking 30+ degrees to the side of where they really are. I have no issues "Q" spotting and they killing turrets are extreme ranges in huge fights. They are easy and high priority targets, I look for them.
  13. Copasetic

    No, not always. There's videos to prove it including one that I recorded:

    Render distance depends on the fight you're in, and in 48+ battles they definitely don't render reliably. I'm running an i5 3570k with an AMD 280X and 8 GB of RAM, the distances are set by the server, not by your computer.
  14. lothbrook

    The AV turret will get nerfed, it just takes SOE ages to fix things that are brokenly OP for whatever reason, and then when they nerf it they will nerf it so hard it will be useless. The stupid part is all they need to do is make it 300 max range, so no more sitting on a hill or a base 1k away shooting at tanks that have no chance of firing back.
  15. RealityWarrior

    Wait so you are having to deal with AV, LA, Tanks, and libs but the AV turret only has jsut you? maybe you need to rethin the engagements you are getting into.

    You are engaging a target that while smaller, only takes one hit to kill. One. Meanwhile he has to hit you 5+ times assuming you don't back up behind, well anything, and repair. You have unlimited HP.

    In your imagination he has a medic sitting in the middle of nowhere waiting around to revive him. Which never actually happens. Meanwhile you have a Gunner who has a magic repair gun that means you don't even have to back up and repair until you have been hit 9 times in a row. One hit he dies.

    It's a team based game. Sorry that is how it works. The same could be said for 5 tanks killing a single tank almost instantly.

    you mean like the crutch the other guy uses that lets him be hit many many times instead of dying to jsut one hit? Why should he learn the to think about what and where he engages when he can use easy mode and just be bullet proof, one shot 90% of the people on the battle field and travel 5 times running speed while doing it?

    If you ever used one you would realize that under 300 m they are not only a deathtrap they are unusable. They can not be placed fast enough, turned far enough or shoot often enough to even bother at those ranges.

    except that 2 c 4 doesn't kill a tank anymore. Pro Tip: Focus fire and destroyed is exactly how it is supposed to work.At long range AV turrets counter them, hardly rule them. It is next to impossible to kill something that can be hit several times just to disappear, repair and return unscathed. Heck Most tankers farm repair damage until they get that one shot in that kills.

    If your 99% case was true people would not even get in them, yet they do. They always do, and it is because 99% of the time they are a farming machine until something actually kills them and they go whining to the forums.
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  16. Takoita

    AV MANA is currently outrageous. It boggles the mind that some people can log in and claim it is not so with a straight face.
  17. RageMasterUK

    Tankers... It's not just about you ya know...

    AV mana turrets are EASY KILLS for me as an infil. I don't want you messing with the target ecology just because there's a paper to you rock. Think about the scissors you self serving forumsiders...

    This thread smacks of Tankers who haven't even considered the other third of the equation. Who feeds off of AV mana turret users? Infils, that's who... People sayin infil is a useless class, then whine that AVM turret is OP, can't think outside the restrictions of their own tanker paradigm to see the big picture.


    Tankers, get yourselves an infil or two to shut down the AVM spam. You don't even need to kill them, being near to them is usually enough to get them to dismount, or fire a sniper shot across their face, and when they are off their COMPLETELY IMMOBILE turret you can roll up on em and shell them like you want.

    Or an AI mosquito on coordinated strafe runs. Honestly you can deny multiple AVM users with a single player providing g you have coordination and intent.

    Just seems to be the attitude of "CHANGE THIS BECAUSE IT AFFECTS ME" without giving any thought to who else the change might affect.
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  18. FaLI3N

    I've recently returned from a decent amount of time in both the prowler and vanguard and after all that I can honestly say I love the magrider even with its trebuchet of an fpc. Maybe you have your magrider set up all wrong but I can dodge vanguard shells at medium range extremely reliably whilst hitting 90% of my shots on them so unless you are running the racer frame for whatever godawful reason I don't see a problem. Lightnings out-DPSing magriders is a joke though when I can 1v3 them with minimal risk to myself and kill them with two shots to the rear? I will admit I've stopped using the saron though, but mainly because the render distance problems make infantry more of a threat than enemy vehicles and the snowball launching ppa is great for keeping a pubbie secondary gunner around because they get more kills than when you put them in an AT role.
  19. Copasetic

    I've said it before, nothing needs to be nerfed. Just equalize the render range of infantry and vehicles and all the problems are solved. If you can't see him he can't see you, that's fair.

    As far as I can tell the only reason the disparity in render ranges still exists is to accommodate aircraft, especially Liberators. Equalizing the range means Libs will have to fly lower to hit anything, including vehicles. But you know what? Maybe it's better like that, because it also means Libs flying high enough don't have to worry about anything ground based hitting them.

    With equalized render ranges you end up with 2 'air zones' in the really big battles (and only there, since in the small battles the render range can be pushed out much further). One lower zone where aircraft can engage ground targets and an upper zone where they can only engage other aircraft. Which means aircraft can have real dogfights in the middle of those battles without being shredded by ground based AA, which is another valid complaint from pilots.

    And best of all they don't have to try to hack any special cases into the game engine, which is what they've been trying to do for months now and which obviously doesn't work.
  20. Revanmug

    That's assuming the lol AV turret actually render for the sniper in the same similar range. That's also assuming that the AV turret is on similar height as you so you can actually see the Engineer's head rather than having it entirely hidden and block by the turret hitbox.

    But you are probably right. With over 20k kills using bolt action weaponry, I have no idea what I'm talking about. AV turret always render to sniper, they always are in range of sniper and sniper always have a clear shot to it...