Anniversary Horn & Camo (YouTube)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JobiWan, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. JobiWan

    Just a quick rough video from PTS with the new horn and the basic camo for TR. The horn is cheesy and underwhelming but I still think if you don't have any horns it's good value for all vehicles.

  2. Liewec123

    eeew! that horn.
    without the obnoxious "PLANETSIDE 2"! it would be ok lol.
    its gonna be quite annoying in game when you're trying to aim at things and random text keeps floating up infront of you from the vehicle infront.

    we know what the game is called DBG! we don't need help remembering ;)
  3. Oleker2

    DBG call that a deployable visual cover ;)
  4. Jac70

    Thanks for the video. Interested to see the new stuff. Horn is more daft stuff and the camo is nothing special. The prices they are asking for these bundles is a bit silly IMO.
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  5. Pikachu

  6. CMDante

    Well now, that trim looks horrible. Camo looks okay, but the "Look at me" colors have never been my jam.

    Mid tier pack for me then.
  7. CaptCran

    wow, nothing screams 'HERE I AM" like that!:eek:
    And if you forgot what game you were playing this horn will remind you....
  8. Lucidius134

    Does the sunderer claoking field hide the planetside 2 i wonder
  9. yellowstone

    It hides both the particles and the giant ugly "planetside 2" as the driver. So I suppose it's the same for enemies.
  10. LtBomber1

    If that horn would show your actual decal or outfit, that would be great!