Anniversary bundle question.

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  1. Earthman

    I noted that it said it was slashed from some big price that said something like $149 or near that number, but was for the low low price of about a third that.

    If it's a limited time offer and never was available before or will be after, how is a discount even possible?

    Just give the selling price and don't pretend it's at any particular discount. :p
  2. Chipay


    Well, you see, this Anniversary bundle features items that all can be bought separately, SOE simply took the price of all items combined if you bought them separately, counted them up and came to the grand price.

    The Anniversary bundle doesn't give you any limited items, it gives you a limited discount to all these items combined.
    It's like a shop selling a TV for $1000 and a blu-ray player for $200, but because of Holydays it now sells the bundle for $999 instead of $1200.
  3. Rogueghost

    Its what all marketing companies do, they take one of their products, make it insanely over priced, then cut that price in half so you feel like you're getting a good deal.
    This is very obvious with clothing retailers where it is common for items to be put on sale the moment they arrive and stay on sale till they are all sold.
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  4. MaxDamage

    I think the decal is rubbish. Camo is nice but not better than ones I have already. RL trim textures being changed to gold is just lazy, and though I'm loving the game right now, the 6 month boost is kinda excessive. The last time I had one was when I bought into Alpha Squad, and ended up not using the last couple of months.

    This thing works out at about 30 GBP. For what really took no effort to put together.

    Can you not think of something you'd rather spend 30 quid on?

    This whole Free To Play thing is really getting silly.
    This need of companies to drive down staff numbers, has them cutting out content developers and saying "hey, to celebrate this season, we're letting YOU create seasonal content!" "hey, to celebrate one year of your loyalty to planetside, buy some retextures and xp grind relievers".

    I don't know if it's genius or not to outsource production to customers or not, but if it is, it's evil genius.

    Disclaimer: I'd say my opinions on most of the above are open to discussion/change. For example I am still buying the bundle, but like Alpha Squad it's probably weighted more as a thankyou to the dev team for the work they have put into the game, and standards they've managed to largely maintain.
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  5. Liquid23

    can you buy the re-skinned ESRL that comes in the pack separately? I don't see it in the store