Anniversary Bundle now on sale

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  1. stalkish

    Man those TVs with 40% off on friday were a good deal, mine was full price, you think if i begged Comet they would refund me the difference between my normal priced purchase and their one time only sale price?
    Ye, me neither.

    I never bought the ani bundle because i didnt feel it was worth it for the items involved, even with 2x and cyber monday i still didnt feel it worth it, but some people did think it was worth it at this price.
    If you bought the bundle for full price because you felt it was worth it for the items involved then you shouldnt have a problem with there now being a sale, since you got your worth in the original purchase. If you simply bought it to 'help SOE' then fair play, and you shouldnt feel robbed as you have achieved what you wanted -> helped SOE.
    Jelousy is the only reason i can come up with for the uproar, in which case i fully support the response from Radar (cant believe im saying this tbh), life isnt fair, sometimes it works to your advantage other times it doesnt, just deal with it. (and before some idiot makes a foolish comment, im talking about digital software in a game, not being born into poverty / oppression).
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  2. SerasVic

    It's not the problem. The problem is not i paid X and you got it for Y less.

    The problem is people were told it was ending 11/30, bought it and then "bug lol" bundle is available cheaper the 12/01.

    So again, what is unfair is not said discount by itself, it's what SOE told to people.

    And then they come with what?

    "bug lol, luck lol, deal with it" ? It's not what i'm expecting as apalogies
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  3. Xasapis

    How would you monetise a game that would not going to see another anniversary? Let me give you some hints:
    • Offer something to the most loyal fans at a premium price (aka expensive). They are the most likely to stomach the price and assist financially.
    • Once you do that, offer the same premium three days later at half the price. Announce a deaadline for the offer. You will get the majority of people who didn't think it was a good deal at a premium price, but may buy it at such a hefty discount.
    • A day after the deadline, cut the price another 25%. That way, everybody that would remotely thinking about buying it, probably did so.
    The problem is not about the money spent. This is the issue most of the apologists of this move by SOE do not seem to understand. I've spent over 500 euros and was willing to spend more, because I believe in this game.

    Somebody in SOE marketing however did not share that belief. His actions proved that he is pretty confident that the game will not see another year, so he acted upon that confidence. This is what enrages me. That I believe in their game more than they do themselves.
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  4. stalkish

    Thats a little too apocalyptic to me, i dont believe this game will be dead within a year, heck of a waste of money developing the PS4 version otherwise, unless of course you think everyone will go console who plays, and SOE will shut down the PC version.
    Only time will tell but i very much doubt this game has less than 12 months left.
  5. Xasapis

    I would assume the same, but those rushed moves to milk the community of cash asap reveal a panic that seems unwarranted from the outside.
  6. stalkish

    Yes it was bad, miscommunication, intentional deceit, whatever you want to call it.
    Fact is you bought the items for the price stated because you thought it was good value for money. If you didnt think this then why did you buy it? So what if some1 got it cheaper, so what if they said it wasnt going to be on sale, point is if you thought 4000 SC(?) was a good price for what the bundle consisted of then you were not scammed. If you thought it was a rip off and still bought it then SOE is not at fault.

    Im not here to defend SOE, if im giving that impression then i apologise, what i cant stand tho is consumers thinking they are entitled to everything with money off, i watched on friday as this whole country almost exploded into civil war over 40% sales on crappy consumer goods and its realy plucked a string. Nothing personal.
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  7. stalkish

    Half of it i just blame smed for, im probably completely wrong but it makes me feel better when i say 'that idiot smed probably orderd this' ;) (im sure hes not an idiot tho, im sure)
  8. passplay

    coining the term AE-gate. Feel free to use and abuse as you all see fit.
    I am an executive in real life so I fully understand the reluctance to refund SC back to the people who paid the higher price even though several corporations do just that (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.). My suggestion would be to give the people who paid full price an extra item (NS44-P for example) or better yet an option to choose 1 of 3 items. This is an easy solution to demonstrate to those who went out and supported the game even more that while it was indeed an accident/oversight.. that they do in fact care.

    Sometimes, if you play your cards right, you can turn a negative into a positive. Ask Arby's..

    SOE, my PR fee is waived in this matter.. you're welcome. ;)
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  9. RykerStruvian

    I do believe what I did purchase was worth the money. But the main thing is that the product wasn't advertise as is and we based our actions on what was advertised. The sale wasn't supposed to run until December 1st, cyber monday. It was supposed to end on the 30th. Even if it was a bug, it still happened. The argument could be made if we would have acted differently if the sale wasn't supposed to end on the 30th but instead on the 1st, would we have still purchased it or waited?

    The money is not the issue. It's just A) What had happened, being that it wasn't advertised correctly given the mistake B) once the mistake happened, SOE hasn't acted in any way properly aside from apologizing and telling us, people who bought it early, that it was more or less outside of their control. And that is it.

    I don't care about the money. It's about the principal. Fine, a mistake was made. But what is SOE going to do about it? So far, the message is nothing. And while I do not believe in holding someone accountable because it was a mistake, since we all make them, I still believe we should at least be given something extra for having purchased it during the time it was meant to be purchased. If we let something slide, we're saying it's OK for stuff like this to happen when it shouldn't be that way. Because if we can't stand up for ourselves now, we're basically opening the opportunity for this, or something else which could be worse, to happen.

    Either way, the point is this: the product was advertised, we bought it based on the information we were given, and then something was messed up so that the sale was extended by an extra day, a day which just so happens to be the premier day for electronic sales.

    It's just too coincidental and it looks bad for us who bought it within the period it was advertised as being available. And on top of that, SOE's response is to simply do nothing besides apologize. And I appreciate the apology, but actions speak louder than words.
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  10. SerasVic

    You are wrong on one point: they didn't apologized about this.

    They apologized ABOUT the CONFUSION. Not for anything else than the confusion it made.
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  11. Degenatron


    It's unfortunate that so many people in this world never got taught this lesson.

    I'm just happy I'm in a position to be able to pay full price for something so trivial and not have to worry about it, because you know, some people have REAL problems:


    Trust me, if SOE dropping the price of the AnnPack is the deepest betrayal you ever feel, then you're living a blessed existence.
  12. RadarX Moderator

    If it wasn't clear, we have apologized for the item being on sale Monday. It was a miscommunication on our end and a mistake. If we intended this from the beginning it would have made more sense to make a "last chance" or "extension sale." This was a failure on our part and something we are definitely going to improve on for future sales.
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  13. GoyoElGringo

    So if I make a new character now, it should get the boost when they fix this? I have 6 already, but 2 are TR on Connery, and I have no VS on Emerald.