Anniversary Bundle now on sale

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  1. Joexer

    Wow. So I finally bought it... With Double SC and Todays 25% off and I cant help but wonder... Will I get a refund? Will I keep it and pay extra or just keep it as is with my uber discount.... :confused:
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  2. RadarX Moderator

    We aren't making any adjustments. If you happened to wait it out and get a lucky break, then that's just what it is.
  3. f0d

    awesome deal - ended up only paying $15 for it because of black friday and cyber monday
    thank you SOE.!
  4. InoxGecko

    Well, there you go folks. Screw you, stop whining, as far as SOE's concerned this is fair business practice.

    I also pay my subscription to EVE and give money to Warframe, difference is when I give money to CCP or DE I get my money's worth, a game with no bugs and a game where the company in charge doesnt **** with their community in such a way. It's fair to say that after my subscritption to PS2 runs out in a week or two, I will gladly stop giving you cheating ***** money.

    And with all due respect RadarX, your responses are completely dickish in regards to this matter. I, and many more people, know when we've been screwed over, no point in sugarcoating it, best thing to do would be to just be quiet, because all you're doing is making a fool of yourself.
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  5. GoyoElGringo

    I can't complain, since I got double SC on friday and bought a membership today just for the anniversary pack. I kinda feel bad for the people who paid $40 for it, but not that much. It's practically common knowledge to at wait til the last day of a sale to make a purchase. If you all would have waited until yesterday and used the double SC from Friday, you would have saved $20. What happened with it today is a bit shady though, but it only seems so much worse because people bought it for $40 in the first place.
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  6. Govedo13

    If this is the case then why you does not reverse all sales that were made after midnight?
    If you have miscommunication issues you can fix it quite easy like that.
    If you does not do just that then it is safe bet to accept that loyal customers that bought the package on full price are just miked and scrammed because you just wanted to make more profits.

    The easiest way to prove that it was indeed miscommunication is to cut your miscommunicated additional profit and reverse the sales.

    It is clear that no business would deny themselves profits, however if you are clever enough you would grand additional unique cosmetics and additional unique decal to the people that bought the package on full price.
    So you would really proof that you are not out there for the money only screwing your loyal customers.
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  7. RykerStruvian

    I don't have anything against RadarX since I think he has little control over the situation. I know being one of the first points of contact can be rough so I'm not going to give it to him. But this is pretty shady, as other people have stated. It also seems as if the issue is being trivialized and brushed aside. And once again, to be clear, the issue isn't so much the value of money as much as it is the simple business practice. I'll just outline, very specifically, what is the issue:

    What Was Advertised
    Anniversary Bundle Pack for $40
    Runs until November 30th

    What Happened
    Anniversary Bundle Pack was reduced in price
    Ran until December 1st

    So be even more specific, at least from my point of view, this is what happened
    I bought something for $40
    I have not received everything in it (boosts for my characters, because it was extended by 1-day)
    Price was reduced BEFORE I received all my items (boosts for my characters, because it was extended by 1-day)
    The sale was not until November 30th, it was December 1st

    Based on what was being advertised, I was under the impression that I had until the 30th to purchase it. So even if I waited until the last day, I would've still bought it on the 30th. So I still would've been at a loss.

    Either way, take it for what you will. The issue isn't so much the money, like I said. It's just I don't think, as a consumer, I can truly take what SOE is selling at face value. And what more is, if there is an issue it doesn't seem like SOE is too flexible when it comes to resolving issues. At least, that is what I perceive from the position of a consumer.
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  8. GoyoElGringo

    Are we supposed to get a heroic boost for each character, or is it just one boost that works across the whole account for 6 months? It says I have 1 heroic boost right now, but I haven't activated it yet, so I don't know what to expect.
  9. Paragon Exile

    There was a mistake, and currently we only get 1 boost for one character.

    Soon SOE will give you a boost for every character, which you need to separately equip.
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  10. Shoe

    No offence, but when you phrase it like that the implication is that people who paid more were "ooooh, unlucky!" when the reality is that whoever was meant to check the bundle came off sale screwed up.

    I paid full price for the bundle but I'm not going to moan about that, life is too short to get all pitchforky over that kind of money. However, can you at least see from the consumers point of view why people are a little suspicious and distrustful over the issue? More than anything else it will make people very reluctant to buy these things in future at full price because they know there is a history of sudden price drops.
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  11. Xasapis

    The thing you need to keep in mind is that only characters you already made will get the boost. If you make another character after the boosts are delivered, that character will not have the boost.

    It boggles my mind how those boosts are not tied to the account with a starting date and an ending date and any characters you have or make in between getting the boost. Things are what they are though.
  12. SerasVic

    lucky? LOL

    You planned it, lied to us saying it was ending the 30 and then comes out with "luck"?


    I'm not going to make any adjustements to my membership plan and wait to see if i can get lucky. I have been told it's how it works.
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  13. FieldMarshall

    Warning: Bunch of quoting ahead

    That sems to be how SOE is thinking, and it makes sense. Because you get the most income out of your product (, in this case the anniversary bundle).
    Except not really if you think ahead a few weeks. Because you get people like this:
    And they feel something like this:
    Which means that yes, they gained more money on the bundle they sold, but will probably loose more money in the long run. Because:
    And this statement from a dev:
    Basically saying "Whatever. We dont care" doesent help either.

    Every company wants to make as much money as possible. Its just that SOE does it is a very transparent and obvious way, and it sometimes feels aggressive.
    And seems to have a "We dont care about tomorrow, as long as you spend your money today" attitude.
    Not thinking ahead more than a few weeks tops is probably why SOE has such a bad reputation in the first place.
    I really hope they change how they do things. Maybe if they didnt pull stunts like this (its not the first time. Not by a longshot),
    maybe people would be more willing to give them money, and they would gain as much if not more than they would have with their current aggressive methods.
    (Also, why do they think people cant see through things like "We didnt meant to rip you off. It was another bug/miscommunication. Oops! No, we wont do anything about it ofcourse")

    I really like SOEs games (when they are first released), and hope they figure out what they are doing wrong, and change it.
    Because making customers feel ripped off over and over will probably only end one way.
    They make fun and unique games that are great when released, but then they "do" something, and the game just slowly dies.
    So please SOE. Figure out what you keep doing, and dont do it. Because you make unique games and they dont deserve to die like that.

    Anyway, i have been with SOE since 2003 and just cancelled my membership.
    Maybe ill subscribe again in the future if things turn around.
  14. Nody

    It's not only about more people giving money; it's the fact they stated themselves that ~10% of the user base actually had paid anything and now they are screwing over those people. As someone who's dropped hundreds of dollars (alpha package, year 1 & 2 anniversary package, running heroic boost from day 1, membership from day 1, 20k in SC etc.) I'm probably in the top 1% of spenders in PS2 and they are losing me and players like me. We're the kind of people who have the disposable income to spend and don't mind spending it and their casual attitude to it all is quite telling. I'll simply spend the money on another non SoE game instead with companies who actually give a damn and want my money; Wargaming among others thank you SoE as I've already dropped another 100 EUR to them now because of this fiasco.
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  15. SerasVic

    This and:

    - Oh sorry boosts of the bundle are bugged ! -> looks legit bug

    - Oh sorry some guys got half the bundle for free! -> ? ok let's say it's a bug aswell

    - Oh sorry we didn't knew about 2 SC it was a company thing! -> ??????

    - Oh sorry there was a bug it should have stop the 30 and stopped the 1 and LUCKY there is a discount that day !!!!!!!!! -> ????????????????????????????? oh a bug that makes more money , i like those ones !!!

    You know, some people are less dumb and i don't believe a **** about 4 incidents in a row
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  16. Iman7

    I don't understand why the daily sales weren't available yesterday?...
    I mean, i'm not a member but allready payed more than 100€ in this game. Why don't you SOE see that the membership isn't that good to pay for it? Why the disrespect to the NON free players that don't support this membership idea but all the same PAY to play?
  17. SerasVic

    You know, they are able to stop daily sells but when it comes to a bundle it "luckily" got extended by 24h because nanites.

    And as usual if they repply to you it'ld be " F*** u , deal with it" (worded in some other way but keeping the same spirit)
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  18. RykerStruvian

    I don't reddit at all, yet I went ahead and made a redditside post so this issue gets more visibility.
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  19. Nody

    You missed yesterday; had multiple threads on the topic and the comment was same as here "Someone ****** up; nothing we can do, sorry"
  20. RykerStruvian

    I suppose I did miss it, whoops. Well, I forwarded it to someone on Kotaku, so I dunno. Maybe it'll pop up as a story or not.