Anniversary Bundle now on sale

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  1. Bush82

    Only bought it because i grabbed €25 worth of station cash on good Friday. Wouldn't have bought it otherwise. Still have my Alpha Squad boosts to use on seven characters.
  2. Xasapis

    You know what's funny? First say the following:


    Then put the bundle on discount the very next day is is supposedly not going to be available for purchase.
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  3. Desann

    I am an off and on member... currently I have a 1 month membership.
    I did not buy the bundle at 3999 and I won't buy it at 2999. Why? Because I am lvl 100. Don't need heroic boost. I get certs with ease. I don't care about knives, cuz knifing in shooters.....another topic....
    I am not interested in guns with a stupid orange logo on it.
    I also think the armors are cool...more like tacticool. They are the last thing in the world that infantry needs to be sneaky....
    So make the bundle 5 bucks maybe I will look at it. Otherwise move along move along
  4. Auzor

    compared to buying SC at full price (100%),
    you could have purchased SC at half price,
    and purchased the pack at 25% off.
    In total, that means you're paying 37.5% of any hypothetical 'full price' buyers.
    But, in order to have that, you need to be member, so you already got 10% discount.
    Make it 41.7% then.

    Yeah, I'd pe pretty upset if that happened in mere weeks apart,
    and apparently before they got you the heroic boost for all chars too,
    whilst giving some of the stuff away for free in some sort of gift lottery. Auwch!
  5. Degenatron

    Sorry you didn't get your boost. That wasn't my fault. You should contact SOE Customer Support.

    I make no apologies for being a fan of this game and the developers. I'd rather be that, than have an antagonistic and hateful attitude towards them.

    I have no problem with the way SOE conducts their business because A) it's THEIR business to conduct and B) I am an adult witha hefty amount of disposable income. Twenty-some-odd dollars means practically nothing to me. I'm sorry you are in a situation where that amount of money is worth getting upset over. I'd suggest you NOT spend that kind of cash on video games if you can't afford it.
  6. RadarX Moderator

    Folks the bundle was supposed to come off at midnight and it did not. We apologize for that and any concern it's caused. There is no conspiracy or plot to extract further money from customers. There was just a miscommunication which had some very far reaching effects.
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  7. Paperlamp

    Can you miscommunicate some SC my way? :D
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  8. InoxGecko

    Seconded, around 2000 smedbux would be nice...
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  9. Paragon Exile

    Conspiracy confirmed.

    SOE confirmed Illuminati Freemason Reptilian Humanoids.
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  10. Paperlamp

    They're working with the lizard people
  11. BlueSkies

    Still feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth for those who bought pre-2X SC + CyberMonday
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  12. Nody

    Simply pull the plug on your membership; between this, the fact 50% performance (or less!) vs. other ES AI weapons is considered acceptable balance is enough for me to cancel it before the next renewal. The SC I have left will be left on the account simply to make SoEs life more complicated (which is why they removed the automatic SC in the first case well now you get to have a ton of it sitting there for ages, enjoy!).
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  13. ShadowViper

    must be really hurting for cash at SoE:/
  14. Yuukikun

    Maybe it would be credible if it wasn't a dirty strategy used by the greediest of companies. I'm also sure that if this kind of ''communication mistake (not that you guys are enough people to legitimately have communication problems in the first place)'' would've meant SOE losing money over it, it would've been fixed in less than an hour.

    If it really was a miscommunication, then you should be ashamed and do like non-greedy companies and pay back the difference to all the players who bought the bundle for its full price (including the 2x SC as a 50% discount).
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  15. NoctD

    They managed to even take off the daily sales items but forgot to remove the anniversary bundle? Its just far 'too convenient' of them to blame it on a simple lack of communication internally.
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  16. TheBlindFreak

    I don't know about that. It was available starting on the 13th for 4000 SC. Black Friday sales have precedent. I fully expected the bundle to go on sale at the end of the month and thus held off on buying it until then. I'll admit the double SC was actually a surprise since it has been stated they wouldn't be doing that again.

    Anyway, the only error I see here is that the bundle didn't get taken down when it supposed to be down. As far as it supposedly getting marked down to 3000 SC, it either isn't happening for everyone or it was a legitimate mistake by the group that organizes the sales. I'm not sure how they would rectify this mistake. I'm not too broken up about paying ~3500 (via membership discount) instead of 3000 SC on top of already getting 4000 SC for $20.
  17. Revel

    This is why I never buy anything right away. I wasn't even going to buy it, until the Black Friday sale for double SC made it $15 (Walmart cards have 1500 SC + 500 walmart bonus and its all doubled)

    SOE has pulled these tricks time and time again.
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  18. lllWAVElll

    Thank you for the apology and clarification that this was a big stuff up RadarX.

    I was happy to purchase the Anniversary Bundle when it first came out, and then yesterday I decided to purchase another one just for second 6 month Heroic Boost for all my characters, because of the effective half price from the awesome double SC Black Friday. But I only bought the second one yesterday in the understanding that it would not be available for the Cyber Monday sale, which you had confirmed for us in your tweet.

    But when I logged in today and found that the Anniversary Bundle availability had been extended for another day, I’ve got to admit that it really pissed me off, and has shaken confidence towards SOE considerably. If there could be some kind of compensation for those of us that have been adversely effected by this “miscommunication” it would be much appreciated, and help restore our confidence in believing in what you guys in SOE actually say.
  19. Pootisman

    1500SC is still too much for someone who doesnt need the boosts.
    The cosmetic stuff is not worth 1500SC ... unless you want to look like a clown and make your MBT sound like a clown's car.
  20. Thrones

    I dropped $75 on this game recently, $15 for membership, $40 for enough SC for Anniversary Pack, and $20 on half-off SC deal. I've played it as much as any $60 off the shelf game, so supporting the company that made this possible. But they BS way this was handled, wow.. no more money out of my pocket. I could have saved $40 bucks if I would have known about the half-off sale. Just be honest with people, and don't let marketing pull scams like this. I would have been a happy customer, now I have the bitter taste of feeling ripped off in my mouth.
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