Anniversary Bundle contents announced!

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  1. RedArmy

    Meh, w/e - ive already put $50 on my account - before i knew even what it was
    i knew i needed to buy the ES launchers on my NC/VS alts so i wanted to have some spare in case. now that they are adding the booster back, makes it easier to actually play one of my alts, dunno what one i wanna do yet though. i seem to be laying NC alot recently but i hate the phoenix
  2. Pikachu

  3. ALN_Isolator

    Thanks! I was about to go get that image but I can be lazy now.
  4. Pikachu

  5. TheFlamingLemon

    Have they shown what the new camos look like? If not, can someone go into photoshop and show what it looks like? I don't use photoshop so I don't know if you can do this but possibly use a different one color camo like white or black camo and then photoshop pictures of that, changing it to blue, red, and purple.
  6. ScrapyardBob

    Without the (6) month heroic XP buff on all characters on the account like last year, the anniversary bundle is not worth it.

    So, no sale this year from me.
  7. LodeTria
  8. amerigo

    3 year vet here. I was definitely ready to spend money on the bundle. Actually looking forward to it. But, I have to agree. I've already unlocked the empire specific LMGs 2 years ago. I don't see anything really interesting in this bundle, or worthwhile at all.
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  9. ColonelChingles

    The VS one just looks... like they always do? :confused:

    I'm confused... don't the VS always look like that by default?
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  10. LodeTria

    On vehicles, not at all since the Magrider is mostly grey with no camo, as is the sythe. It's looking more how it used to.
    On infantry it's harder to see the changes though, as their primary infantry colour is grey-ish.

    Mag - Purple Camo_zps4nxe4ls7.png
    Scythe - Purple Camo_zpshqlhlfe6.png
    Infiltrator - Purple Camo_zpsz7hrcicp.png
    Heavy - Purple Camo_zpslmcod2nt.png
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  11. 0fly0

    I don't know if they mention it but the special weapon also change the look of the camo you use with it, it look way better on the AE version than the regular.
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  12. TheRunDown

    They shouldn't be so stingy with the EXP Boost in the first place, only proves they are scraping at the bottom of the barrel for cash.

    SoE milked this game long and hard, and spent PlanetSide 2's profits on H1Fail1, FailMark, and EQ NeverComingOut.. So if they want money that need to start actually adding content in to the game that isn't lazy cosmetics and duplicate weapons. Lots of work to be done for DB to get their monies worth from this terrible investment.

    This game really need some PlanetSide in PlanetSide 2, and enough with this MLG S**T that they keep forcing on us. They need to start thinking of new useful weapons, along with actually making some weapons *cough*Striker*cough* useful by completely throwing them in the garbage and releasing them with new mechanics.

    Anyway, they need to do something to revolutionise this game, because the player base is burning out quickly, and the F2P players are being punished for not spending money on the game with things like Implants and Charges that have a silly drop rate, unless you farm or play for KD.. so it forces people to Farm that actually play the game.

    There is no PlanetSide nostalgia in game, there is definitely no epic moments like you can only get in PlanetSide.. because this game focuses it's development on lazy MLG and pointless kill board gameplay, as if it was trying to copy CoD on a bigger map..
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  13. Goretzu

    The "AE" engi and medic tools are just a reskin then? I'd hoped they were a way get some progress on the exceptional directive by helping your faction rather than just killing things.
  14. Bush82

    I bought it yesterday presuming that the boost would be the same as last years one. I thought it was until i read this thread, just checked and here's what happened....

    Heroic boost unlocked on 3 of my 7 characters. I still have last years and Alpha squad boosts on most of these.

    The 4 characters i did not receive the heroic boost on have only unlocked the empire camo and nothing else out of the bundle!
  15. Stud

    yeah wowzers, if they dont have 3.5 year anniversary bundle 6 months from now, how populated is this game gunna be in 7 months ?

    the ENDLESS lack of intelligence at this company is just...
  16. Stud

  17. Revel

    Underwhelming to say the least. Last bundle granted me 6 month xp boosts for all my characters. This is a complete pass.