Anniversary Bundle contents announced!

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  1. ALN_Isolator

    Or if too lazy to click:

    As many of you know, later this month we’ll celebrate the 3rd anniversary of PlanetSide. Everyone here is pretty excited about it. Every year, we look forward to celebrating the game we all love and sharing memories you’ve collected and shared.
    In honor of the anniversary, we also put out a special bundle. We’ve been finalizing this bundle over the last weeks and have received many requests to share what content will be available. Here is a look at what you’ll receive:
    3 Empire Themed NS-44 Comissioner AE
    Lasher X2 AE
    T7 Mini Chaingun AE
    NC06 Jackhammer AE
    Solid Blue Camo
    Solid Red Camo
    Solid Purple Camo
    3rd Anniversary Decal
    AE Nano Armor Kit
    AE Medical Applicator
    Finally, we’ve been listening to your feedback and many of you had very strong opinions about the heroic boost provided in prior years. The bundle will also include (1) 6-month Heroic boost.
    Important Note: This year’s heroic boost will only work on a single character per purchase. They cannot be transferred or moved to another one so choose wisely.
    The bundle will go on sale the week before the anniversary and only be available for a very limited time at 3999 DGC/BC.
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  2. 1Tap2Tap

    Nice, it seems they listened to the player feedback regarding the XP boosts.

    Also nice selection of other stuff (No NS-15M!).

    Thanks DBG!
  3. Moridin6

    AE = anniversary edition? what does that mean??
  4. 1Tap2Tap

    AE (Anniversary Edition) weapons get a unique skin.
    The last ones got a black skin with 3 orange stripes on it.


    They also count to the "Exceptional" weapon directive (for the black camo).
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  5. Moridin6

  6. 1Tap2Tap

    You´re welcome mate.

    I updated my post to include an example picture.
  7. Ronin Oni


    why would people request LESS boosts??

    "I only play 1 character, but dislike the idea of other people who play multiple factions getting more benefit. F*ck them. Only give 1 boost pl0x"

    I mean, wtf... really?!?
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  8. Exitus Acta Probat

    What do they mean by empire themed?
  9. 1Tap2Tap

    It´s not that anyone requested less boosts.

    The point is, DBG did not want to include a Heroic Boost in this Anniversary Bundle at all, because it screwed with their new policy on prices for XP boosts.

    But it seems they rethought their decision and at least included one, which is a good thing, even if everyone, myself included, would of course rather have gotten a 6-month boost on all of their chars.

    But as it stands, a 6-month heroic XP boost alone is worth the 3999 DBC.

    In conclusion, thank you DBG for listening to player feedback!
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  10. 1Tap2Tap

    Something I can imagine:

    NC Commissioner: black with blue ornaments
    TR Commissioner: black with red ornaments
    VS Commissioner: black with purple ornaments

    Or something like that.
  11. 1Tap2Tap

  12. Liewec123

    most vets will already be BR100 on their main, and alts are really just for fun, (you'll have most things you want)
    i've already got lasher, jackhammer and MCG, (and commie ofcourse)

    i just prepurchased fallout 4 for £35.00, thats an entire game.
    its crazy to consider spending a similar amount for a single booster that does nothing other than make the numbers bigger that pop up on the screen.
    i've still got membership ticking for the small bonus to resources and the queue jumping to join the main map,
    but i can't justify spending £30+ on this bundle.

    maybe i'd pay it for a 6 month resource boost on every character,
    but even then it'd depend how resources are changed in the coming months.

    off topic:
    one thing i can say is bravo to their clarity about the booster,
    i ended up quitting the game when SoE owned it and conned us all with a bait-and-switch during the second anniversary. (they gave boosts for every character (as it had been for the 2 bundles prior and the 3rd year bundle) but after a day of the bundle being out they changed it to a single booster without any warning, after contacting support and getting refused receiving what i paid for or getting a refund i quit the game, glad its in new hands!)
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  13. ALN_Isolator

    At least chaingun and commish.

    The boost really sweetens the deal though.
  14. 1Tap2Tap

    I also don´t "need" any of the stuff in the bundle, but I will purchase it anyway.


    Even if my main is BR100, I still got certs to invest.

    More "bling" (unique camos, skins etc.) is always nice to have.

    And, what´s even more important, I can support the game I love to play.

    I already invested lots of money into this game (many hundreds of €€€), but if I count the countless hours of playtime I got out of it, it is still a very good investment.

    My Steam library is full of AAA (60€+) games that I did not even play for 1% as long as I did PS2.

    So yeah, easy decision for me.
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  15. Liewec123

    last time i added up all of my PS2 costs it worked out around £600 (850 euros) so i think i'm well past the charity threshold,
    part of that £££ was buying the bling that i wanted, so flat red, blue or puple camos don't seem interesting,
    the skins i doubt will be worth it since they can be covered with camo anyway (unless they're super shiny solid gold or something)
    to me the £37 it takes to buy the DBcash to purchase it seems massively overpriced.

    but thats all my opinion, by all means if it interests you i hope you enjoy it :)
  16. 1Tap2Tap

    Sure mate, as my opiniion is mine and mine alone.

    To each their own, have fun! :)
  17. Ronin Oni

    Ah, ok.

    That makes more sense then.

    Didn't realize they had a policy shift on boost pricing since last AE (haven't honestly paid close attention to anything store related since)
  18. Ronin Oni

    ^This is where I'm at.

    ****, I'm still sitting on LAST years boosts cause I haven't seen anything yet to make me say "You know what? I'm gonna play a lot of PS2 again" to make activating them worth while...

    still only play a lil bit here and there to keep pace with the changes.
  19. RedArmy

    ive already got the MCG and the Jackhammer
    so it seems im buying it just for AE Nano Armor Kit, AE Nano Armor Kit and the lasher - i was lookin forward to the grenades though - commisioner is ok i guess - now puts me up to 4 NS 44s ive got (7 counting faction specific)
  20. 1Tap2Tap

    If you don´t play the game alot, ofcourse you should consider investing that amount of money into it.

    But on the other side, noone "forces" you to buy the bundle, you can just continue your merry ways without missing out on anything important. :)

    These bundles are really aimed at "enthusiastic" players that want to support the game (and be rewarded at the same time with "standout" items, of course).

    (I also, just like you, still have the heroic boosts of last years bundle sitting around on my alts, but yeah, whatever. :p)