[BUG] Anit-infantry mines floating

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rebecca649, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Rebecca649

    Noticed this yesterday around the turrets level of the Indar Excavation tower, trying to put the mines down near the turrets made them float and drift away. They eventual came down to the floor but far from where they were original meant to be placed.
  2. DarkStarAnubis

    Same here - depending on how you toss them they float. It was supposed to be fixed a few updates ago but not completely.
  3. stalkish

    This happens on both mines and c4 also.

    If you have a low damage per shot weapon (not the commi!) you can shoot it once and it usually floats back down to where it should be, but not always.
    Any hit on it that doesnt kill it instantly will do.
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  4. JobiWan

    Been happening to me for at least 6 months. It seemed especially bad last night. I shot a floating claymore and got told 'stop committing suicide'.
  5. stalkish

    Worst part is its not consistent for everyone.
    Playing with my brother right next to me, i often see differences in our 2 games, despite being in the same vehicle or same room, or aircraft. Mines are a big offender, along with c4, often only 1 of us renders mines, or c4 will be on the vehicle on my screen, but on the floor 20m away on his (worst one, because if he shoots them to remove the threat, we get destroyed as they detonate the vehicle on my screen).
    Or theres the everpresent 'he sees the AV turret, thats shooting us, but i dont'. Seriously WTF.
    Worst part about the turret one is it seems to be the gunner who gets priority over the driver, more often than not my gunner can see the turret, or i can if im gunning, but not the driver.....very weird.

    Disclaimer: we have exactly the same PCs, right down to peripherals......
  6. ChUnKiFieR

    Add my voice.
  7. MrMinistry30

    not exactly a new problem but yes, it is there and happens a lot (especially on towers)
  8. Ziggurat8

    I've noticed if they hit anything with a hitbox during the toss they'll occasionally just float away. Had a friendly jump in front of an arx c4. Instead of dropping to the ground at his feet it floated across the room. No idea if it was just coincidence or if that's part of the bug.