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  1. sumanS

    "Fellow Auraxians, the team has made a number of changes on PTS and we need your help! Join us on the Test server this weekend to not only receive a vougish Analyst helmet, but help make the game better for everyone!

    All you'll need to do to get your helmet is log on to the Test Server between now and Sunday. Make a new character and get them to BR 5 on Koltyr and fly any aircraft for 30 minutes.

    Please provide us your feedback specifically on your experience with Koltyr and new flight controls in the PTS feedback forum. Thanks and we'll see you on the server!"

    -Posted by RadarX

    [X] Log on to test server.
    [X] Make a new character.
    [X] Reach Battle Rank 5 on Koltyr.
    [X] Fly any aircraft for 30 minutes.

    So I did all this, any idea when I'll be getting Analyst Helmet? :)
    And now am I guaranteed to get it? :3

    PS. for those wondering voguish means stylish/fashionable.
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  2. FateJH

    You forgot the feedback part in your checklist. :oops:

    I'm not interested in the helmet but I am about these new flight controls and Koltyr.
  3. sumanS

    So do I have to also provide feedback on pts server in order to get it? E.E
  4. Shaengar

    "All you'll need to do to get your helmet is log on to the Test Server between now and Sunday. Make a new character and get them to BR 5 on Koltyr and fly any aircraft for 30 minutes."

    No you don't need to provide any feedback. What you did should be enough to get the helmet.

    I hope you made sure that your PTS-account is named the same as your Liveserver-account? In this case it should take a few days for the devs to unlock the helmet for you. They have to give it manually to all players who participated. After the last event when I got my helmet it took almost a week until I finally received the helmet iirc.
  5. Leftconsin

    I already have the helmet, but I'll still probably get on test.

    When I got it it was less than a week after the TS event. Maybe like the next day.
  6. sumanS

    Yup, named my PTS account same as live server and same faction. :)
  7. libbmaster

    I got my analyst helmet a while back, when they were testing O:MFG I believe.

    If I remember correctly, they don't actually hand out the helmets until the changes go live. Don't worry though, you should be fine. Just be patient! ;)
  8. Ronin Oni

    Next week
  9. Ronin Oni

    They had to actually add the helmet last time IIRC...

    and they still did it the next week I believe.
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  10. DK22

    Is this the same analyst helmet as before (yellow) or is it a different color? cuz I have that one.
    BR5? :) maybe it should be Green.

    Maybe I'll try it, new controls? I can't fly as it is now. Gravity is a big problem.
  11. Ronin Oni

    The MKB controls are supposed to handle the same as live.

    They're needing testers to confirm that, as well as test the new gamepad support.

    this is the easiest game to deal with gravity ever. forward movement stops drop, and spacebar is always vertical thrust up (well, unless you're upside down xD )
  12. Demigan

    Already have the helmet, but I'll see if I can hop on to Koltyr and try it out. Somehow I miss the old style of getting acquainted with Planetside 2. I got dropped in the middle of a bunch of red TR, thinking it had to be my allies because "the game wouldn't drop you in the middle of some enemies, would it?"
  13. Nayrx

    The last time the gave them out they were included in a patch the following week. It is not something that automatically unlocks.
  14. Iridar51

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, wouldn't notice otherwise. I've ignored the previous chance to get the helmet, and been regretting it ever since. It's not like I really want it and plan on playing with it a lot, but it's nice to have an NS helmet just in case I'll need maximum concealment option.
  15. TheKhopesh

    For those of us who already have the analyst helmet from the directive testing some months back, is this helmet any different, or just a new chance for others to acquire the same helmet?
  16. HappyStuffin

    Let me get this straight, the devs want us to put in our own personal time to figure out the kinks and bugs for them? Isn't that called a job? Don't people get paid to figure this out?

    But instead, they are going to bribe us with a cosmetic helmet. Ya, no. I charge $100/hr, minimum. Helmet is not an acceptable form of payment.
  17. ColonelChingles

    I guess it's too bad that PS2 can't afford such a qualified game tester such as yourself. I'm sure your qualifications must have been impressive, with a doctoral degree in game testing and a thesis on MMOFPSRPGs.

    Sadly PS2 will have to make do with the people who are not as nearly well qualified but who are willing to have fun playing a game they love and getting a bonus on top of that. Oh well. I'm sure that job offer will come in any day now to do nothing but play video games for $100 an hour!

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  18. HappyStuffin

    Certainly is a hard job to come by! But one can hope...
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  19. SportFrog

    Lol. Such a great response! xD
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  20. SportFrog

    I seriously hope that you're joking. Game tester make about minimum wage, maybe a couple bucks more if they're lucky. There's no problem in having players test things out. It's just like beta testing in a way. It's fun to get to experiment with new ideas, and test out a bunch of weapons in actual battle, that one may have been thinking about getting on the main server. You get 100,000 certs right off the bat and most of the weapons and gear cost only 1 cert. It's totally worth some personal time to mess around on there a bit, whether you get a free helmet or not.
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