An Update on the May Update!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, May 8, 2015.

  1. Goretzu

  2. maxkeiser

    Provided this new intra-facility mission system is part of the existing mission system that can be turned on/off, I have no issues.
  3. OldMaster80

    You're right. Change to spawn rules are a small step in the right direction I hope devs will go further and redesign instant action and tthe whole redeploy crap.

    Together with the announced resources system (see Smedley twitter) this might be the new deal.
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  4. Aldaris

    Bad argument. A TV is a physical good that depreciates in value and involves real world economics, such as that money not longer be available to refund, and laws and rights involved both for the customer and the business.

    This is an electronic gun/item/whatever that costs something that has no transferable value/doesn't cost Daybreak anything to give to a player, and the fund involved is only generated in game and is only there to slow down progression/give meaning to continued playing.

    Apples and oranges my friend.
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  5. Ballto21

    good thing i only leveled my character named after a kind of malaria to 15 at the moment. i can delete him and remake him. my mossie skills will be feared!
  6. K2k4

    I like this positive attitude campaign dbg is trying. It nakes me hopeful.

    As far as changes, i am mostly positive. I am concerned about galaxy fleets which may occur as a result of flying prox repair. Imagine how unstoppable 5 constanyly regenerating galaxies raining down bulldog rounds endlessly without having to move or dodge because nobody has enough firepower to take them down.
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  7. Onhil

    Well they thought about that so repair galaxies can't repair galaxies
  8. sIcGER

    that new intra-facility system is pretty annoying when in an aircraft - its constantly switching objectives and beeping and ... just annoying when you fly over such a base - at least it was when i logged on pts few days ago. it would make sense, that it will only be shown to infantry, not when in a vehicle/aircraft.

    that there will be no cert refund after changing the prices of lots of weapons is pretty sad ... but i guess most players who play the game long enough are already used to it :rolleyes:
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  9. ronjahn

    Spawn Rule Changes
    You can no longer spawn at a base that is not connected to your warpgate via lattice unless you die in that base’s region; the idea here is to add more strategic importance to territory and logistics.

    Wuuuuuut?????? No more camping an entire continents population into a completely isolated base(biolabs) for hours on end for absolutely no reason or hope of ever reconnecting the base?
    One of the smartest changes ever made, I've been wanting this for a long time.
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  10. Kirppu1

    So mostly Stuff for new players?

    I approve

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  11. Kirppu1

    I would just put all the resources and time to the "bigger stuff" like Performance updates and adding inter continetial lattice
  12. ZenzotuskeN

    What’s the harm of doing a sql query and using syntax and adding 100 certs for current level 1's to 15 and 1500 to all those over BR 15 I've done quite alot of work in sql databases and know its possible via sql commands and knowing Daybreak games they are more than likely to have better tools to accomplish this so this being technical issue seems to be a myst to me (even though i know you never stated it was a technical issue).

    Its just a fairer more clean way about implementing something like this especially those that are already BR 15-40 that basically just missed out on it, these players would be delighted to see they have extra certs after the patch if not i afraid they'll likely not read the patch notes nor have the initiative to reroll even though they'd be better off.

    Since any new player starting would have an extra 1500 certs to their name and likely to find out later from a newer player that they missed out of 1500 certs because they adopted the game earlier and quite possibly quit because of feeling shafted that this new player acquired it when they were BR 15-40 before the time of this change possibly out of wonder of how much more goodies they'd acquire if they start later rather then before or now.

    My two cents, i personally don't feel that effected by it but am confused about the more gritty approach of implementing it rather then a cleaner more fair way, rest of the patch looks good and i'm looking forward to observe and support the future of planetside 2 development.
  13. Aldaris

    Well, there's nothing stopping that from happening with the change, but it certainly means you have to fight your way to the base rather than just Redeployside.
  14. Thunde333

    Nice update :)
  15. johnway

    *Crashes through door*

    WAIT! i want to capitalize on the current cert prices before it changes! But i want the most bang for my Certs!

    Can anyone provide me an list of price changes for which weapons are exactly getting what cert change?

    Is it a safe bet to buy all the 100 cert weapons?
  16. Danath

    Most Biolabs are directly connected to the warpgates, so...
  17. TheFlyingSalmon

    To get RadarXs attention:

    We need a list...:( also the 52 flamingos are optional if you can´t provide them.
  18. Destroyer9

    It has been posted this whole thread but I personally recently returned to PS2. My PC was not quite great enough to run at a competitive FPS near launch but still had fun. Some of the 'problems' I saw early game are still here, for example a better friendly fire system has not been implemented. Overall, the game is usually quite fun. Reading these patch notes was a bit of a mixed bag though, because I only recently reached BR 20. It is nice to hear the membership bonuses will be increasing as I was considering starting a membership but on the 0-15 certs I feel a bit robbed. Correct me if I am wrong but certs are the true progression in the game, and I doubt I have earned 1500 to the point I am at now, probably a few hundred only which I spent on a weapon and upgrading my existing utilities. It is good to hear some cert prices will be revamped because I would like to customize a MAX and start spending certs on vehicles, as well as fully upgrade my favorite infantry setups, but I am thinking I may have to restart as it would probably give me more certs for the next time spent playing to get those bonus certs... this is a bit awkward.
  19. GaBeRock

    A single use cert-reset button is given for completing the koltyr directives, so if you're thinking about resetting, just get that first.
  20. Scr1nRusher

    They updated the PTS!