An Update on the May Update!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, May 8, 2015.

  1. RadarX

    We discussed putting these out on PTS but we'd have to revert the 1 cert functionality. I personally didn't believe it was worthwhile to invest that much for just a few days. We absolutely aren't afraid to make adjustments but the changes have been worked on for months and we are comfortable enough to put them in.

    How "large" is really subjective to the person. Is 500 to 700 a big deal for you? What about 100 to 300?
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  2. RadarX

    This is still an iteration of the Mission System. We aren't done!
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  3. Jbrain

    I am glad the game is getting attention but I admit I am sad the new NS weapons aren't coming in the update. I been actively playing in anticipation of the new ns machinegun arms for NC max. Is it going to be really really far off or what.
  4. Czarinov

    Well, looks nice. Thumbs up. Fingers crossed.
  5. TheFlyingSalmon

    Well, if you won´t announce it on the PTS you will get a broadside from the players that assault you for stabbing them in the back with a chicken - or something. Of course, it would be much easier to just copypaste the changes as a list to some...sort

    I referred to the amount of certs that you will need more after the changes to get certed out. For example: right now 100% "progress" costs 750000 certs, after the change the tank buster on the liberator will cost 1000 certs instead of 100, so the 100% "progress" costs increase to 750900.
    math is hard...a list would solve the problem without dirty math!

    According to your text you will also lowering prices?
    we need a list! we also need 52 flamingos...just in case
  6. Iridar51

    Good update, but not nearly enough to make me want start playing again.
  7. PostalDude

    Oh lawdy.
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  8. Scr1nRusher


    What I really like is that the Cloak module has opened up some doors.

    We could for instance have a Cloak bubble device for the infiltrator, aswell as a giant sunderer mounted version of the medics shield regen device.

    All these changes are very exciting.
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  9. FBVanu

    An actual update, from DayBreak, official, on the official forum.. just like that... amazing.

    Thank you RadarX.. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be communicating directly with the player base via the official forum?
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  10. Scr1nRusher

    [Excitement intensified]
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  11. M4L4CH1TE

    Will it be possible to turn off the dynamically created missions? Or do we have to hear them and see them as we go about following our squad and platoon leaders more important orders?

    Sorry but I'm not really a fan of the babysitting when it burdens everyone else.
  12. 00000000000000000000

    Btw I just want to say thanks for updating us via the game forums. Makes me feel like we aren't ignored in favor of reddit.
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  13. Grumblefern

    Single best change for new players in the history of Planetside 2.

    Makes up for removal of the new player questionnaire easily(plus the weapons offered by it weren't very well matched to the answers given anyway). This is much less awkward and gives players more freedom.
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  14. TheKhopesh

    Overall, I am REALLY looking forward to this update!
    (My input in Green.)
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  15. KodiakX

    Member Changes:
    I like this. Sometimes I wanna spend a month and check out the game. I wouldn't mind dropping $15 but I didn't because it wasn't as good as Auraxium and I wasn't willing to drop a 6 month sub on the game.

    CERT/DBC changes:
    Not a fan but doesn't impact me since I have most of these already.

    Free Certs:
    Not a fan again because a new player doesn't know what to do with 100 certs. Should increase rate in which you gain XP until BR 15.

    Rest is kinda whatever to me personally.
  16. Mythologicus

    Brb, rerolling my TR.
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  17. JohnGalt36

    Argh. I just spent the last few days leveling my TR and trying to get certs for my prowler. Now it will probably just be easier to go back and reroll my character for the extra certs. All that work for nothing.

    Also, I'm a little irritated that someone who signs up now is going to get the same benefits as I do, despite the months of paying the same price and getting fewer benefits on my way to my current platinum membership.

    I guess if it means more players joining, OK, but this feels like when they raise the minimum wage after you get raises and the new guys start making just as much money as you do, despite you being there longer.
  18. TheKhopesh

    Yeah, they really should just multiply pre-existing character's BR (minus 1) by 100 and there's the number of certs to grant them (with a max cap of 1,400 certs, so those at or over BR 15 don't get more than a newly made character would).
  19. iLogan

    Okay.. So we have Smedley talking about a new game mode coming "Next Week"

    And then we get next weeks patch notes and no talk of this new "Game Mode"

    Please clarify for me about this?
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  20. Ronin Oni

    GREAT! I think this is one of the greatest untapped potentials for helping guide newer players. This could go FAR in player retention if well fleshed out.
    Also awesome. I've often thought I might want to pickup membership for a month and play hard to get as far as possible in that month once in a while. Now it will actually be worth it. Generally I honestly don't play enough (only a 2-5 hours a week) anymore to make it worth while, though with the direction you're heading, I might start playing again more too.
    Not entirely sure how this is going to play out... Cheapest weapons going up to 200? Ok, I guess the bonus BR rank certs will help offset that for new players anyways, hopefully there's others that come down to even it out.

    SC price changes make sense if most drop a little bit, then the NS going up makes sense. To be perfectly honest, I've bought very VERY few ES weapons for this reason, and generally just used certs. I've bought MANY NS weapons because it was such a better deal... then again, I kinda feel like $7 for a X-Faction weapon is already pushing limits of value and already requires a sale to be worth it (yet I bought the Protoss helmet, which doesn't have all class version, 4 times xD)
    I get this won't help us ol' timers, but this will be great for new players
    Been saying this one for a while. Thank you.
    Saw some screen shots. Looks awesome.
    Fingers crossed
    YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! I can't wait to see how air battles and air superiority plays out with this. I'm hoping more air to air combat which will be good for EVERYONE (if they're busy fighting each other)
    Hoping you revisit some more of the more unique mechanics again, but this is all a welcome addition.
    YAY! Will prolly still use Therm, but will check it out xD
    sweet! Time to load my NC alt with this update

    All in all I like just about everything in this update. Ominous price changes are always wary, but if it balances out it should be fine. If overall prices drop ever so slightly, then that will be a warm welcome :D