An update and NC max is still Garbage. GG Daybreak. I thought sony were bad.

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  1. MuNrOe

    Yep as the title says, wasting time even bothering to discuss this. NC max is complete garbage. I could go on a long rant of fill a page with explanations but it would only incite trolls and dkheads.

    Balance is way off.

    Wont get fixed blah blah peace out.

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  2. Liewec123

    Wrel is at the helm, don't expect balance any time soon.
    He was vocal about his max hatred when he was a youtuber,
    Max hatred and a disdain for NC, so it isn't shocking that NC max has been borderline-removed from the game.
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  3. OgreMarkX

    Liewec is correct.

    And SOE = DBG; just a name change and personnel changes overtime.

    SOE had developers, DBG has more modders than developers. Big difference in skill levels and cost. Just a matter of how a company wants to run itself. But it helps for customers to know so they can choose to buy or not. The modder/low cost model isn't bad at all, IF customers know it and buy accordingly. It keeps games running.

    Wrel also has a very large VS bias. He will never admit it though. But knowing the history of changes since he joined, it's very apparent.

    The most glaring example of his bias is overseeing the addition of new carbines to the game where he allowed VS to have one with a purchasable known hack (increased hitbox). I would have paid to be at the table when they were like, "Ya, let's go ahead with this, this'll totally be great for the game."

    Wrel is also VERY protective of VS faction traits, whereas he couldn't name and describe TR faction traits (without speaking of NS weapons available to all factions).

    "The first step in avoiding a trap, is knowing of its existence"
    --Thufir Hawat, House Atreides, DUNE

    Wrel doesn't know about his trap.
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  4. DemonicTreerat

    If its any consolation.

    Wrel is pretty much finished. Either Daybreak learns its lesson like SOE did with Samhayne and fires him, or he stays at Planetside 2 until it dies because they don't want him touching another product. Either way his reputation is such that no decent studio is going to touch him.

    This is literally his last gasp and whatever happens to Planetside we can be sure he won't by calling the shots for it in the future.
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  5. OneShadowWarrior

    The NC terrorized players with their maxes for years, so now they have only a Scatmax that marginally works at capture points if they stay in close.

    Why couldn’t they just have given NC alternative choices like Gauss railguns or something and just remove the Hacksaws, Mattocks? Or made some NS shotgun choices for the other maxes for the other empires? There are so many better roads they could have chosen with retooling, reassigning or even having Doku take a crack at redoing the NC main anti infantry weapons.

    I do agree they went overboard, when I use Hacksaws now, I say why did I even buy them?
  6. DemonicTreerat

    What they should have done since its apparent the apes at Daybreak can't balance CQC-specific vs. generalist weapons is redo the 3 "primary" AI armaments for the NC MAX from shotguns to autocannons. Mattocks remain semi-automatic, Scattercannons fire in 3-round burts, and Grinders are fully automatic. Add in a small explosive radius (autocannons aka shoot shells, not bullets) and there you go - less whine about up-close kills (which face it will never stop) but much better at range. Leave the Hacksaws alone but replace slugs with Sabot ammo from the Bishop then redo the TR & VS versions. TR could get a multi-shot mini grenade launcher (think 2 mini-Pounders that fire in bursts of 3 each), VS something that fires a half dozen or so slow-moving plasma orbs with the lashing mechanic from PS1's Lasher (not the current abomination).

    Will it ever happen? Not as long as dip**** Wrel is around. He is too incompetent to even know where to start with the code.
  7. LodeTria

    ZoE has been useless for years and wasn't in it's OP form for as long as NC maxes were.
    You'll get used to it.
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  8. LordKrelas

    I'm not seeing VS, having their weapons entirely shattered.
    They lost an ES ability, with another option for that, which TR uses without issue: NC used Aegis as nearly required.
    (Unlike ZOE, which was never required by VS. But you require a GUN as a MAX.)

    So... unless VS got used to having their MAX's sole fighting capabilities be hammered into oblivion, instead of just their Buff being hit.. I don't think NC will get used to it, like VS did when they just lost their Buffs.
    You know, They have guns, that work, Still, Did prior, Did after ZOE was over-nerfed.
    What does NC have to relay on? Gorgons?
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  9. Liewec123

    ZOE was an ability, your max still functions without it, incredibly well infact, cosmos are incredible.
    You didn't have your ENTIRE AI ARSENAL nerfed completely to a point were freaking Gorgons are the best option...
    Gorgons suck, you'll never see TR or VS using them, and yet almost every NC max you see will be using them.
    (higher ranks with 3000 certs to waste on a worthless max.)

    Also, those of us who care about balance have suggested ZOE buffs, I have multiple times, even started a thread.
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  10. Clipped!

    ZOE is an ability, not a gun. You can still kill someone with a SMG easily enough regardless of whether you're ability is an area heal, a weak "no clip" cheat, or a layer of extra health. Your ability on any class has little to no impact on how you can kill someone without a significant tradeoff (or sidegrade). If your gun isn't capable of viably killing when compared to other guns of the same type or at all then it's underpowered. The only exception to this rule is if the underpowered gun gets a nice boost in some other aspect in exchange for being less than desirable to use that is powerful enough to make up for this weakness, like with a gun being less effective at short range, but given more effectiveness at long range, or lower fire rate but given higher damage. If the boost isn't enough to make a significant difference in viability then the exception is ignored

    One example of this exchange the Terran carbine HC1 Cougar. It has higher damage but lower fire rate compared to TR's carbine standard, the TRAC-5. The Sovereignty's Pulsar C also very similar in this way to the VS carbine standard, the Solstice VE3.

    This relatively equal (and thus balanced if it's relitively equal) exchange of the weapon's function and/or stats is called a sidegrade. If these guns didn't have the bonuses they have (better damage per round, aim fire accuracy, bullet speed) but still had the penalties it would be a straight down grade, at which point no one would use or buy it as there's no point in hindering yourself. If the bonuses don't outweigh the penalties enough or at all then the weapon is regarded as a downgrade, and ether used by few or none at all.

    The reason NC's MAX shotguns are currently genuinely underpowered and terrible even compared to non-MAX shotguns is because their bonuses no longer outweigh their penalties at all, meaning the MAX shotguns are now simply a downgrade as the exchange of effectiveness was greatly upset and no longer an even remotely equal exchange of range for killing power.

    Shotguns are just one of weapon types achieved by sidegrading in PS2 as shotguns have no medium or long range effectiveness at all, due to having much less accuracy, fire rate, magazine size, shorter minimum damage distance, as well as far less sustainability due to a moderately shorter period of time needed to expend a magazine, and with a much longer downtime to reload. In exchange for these massive penalties, they gain a massive increase in killing power at short range by having many "bullets" fired per shot. But if the bonus to lethality doesn't meet or outweigh the massive hindrances that shotguns have or the penalties are too severe and are too outweighed by a more balanced or general purpose weapon, it's not worth using. And if it's not worth using, it's not worth being in the game. And if it's not worth being in the game, it needs be to ether adjusted, or in extreme circumstances, removed from the game.
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  11. Johannes Kaiser

    Can someone post the exact change values, please?
    Felt that something was off with MAX shotguns lately, but couldn't put my finger on it.
  12. Twin Suns

    Why pull a NC Piñata when a Shotgun quipped Heavy does the job 10 times better.

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  13. Blam320

    NC victim complex is real.

    Congrats on finally knowing what it's like to have something that's so useless it might as well not exist.
  14. Liewec123

    you say that as if you have something like that, care to tell us what?
    also how is this a victim complex?
    nc max AI is literally worse in every aspect to TR and VS
    except cqc damage where they just do similar dps to TR and VS.
    that isn't a victim complex, this is just acknowledgement of facts...

    i don't have the exact numbers, but NC max now does similar DPS to TR and VS max in CQC,
    while still having vastly less range, wide cone of fire, far less sustained fire and reserve ammo.
    (generally they are worse at everything than TR and VS except CQC, were they are just similar...)
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  15. FreeFormSage

    It's such a damn shame. I was so excited when I heard he was becoming an important part of the team. Seemed like a net positive. A guy with years of hard work in understanding a system in charge of balancing it.

    Then his proclivities started coming to light, and it feels like we voted the Emperor "Temporary" Emergency War powers.
  16. Liewec123

    Yeah, it makes me a little sad looking at some of my old posts back before the devs destroyed any confidence that I had in them.
    They'd screw up and i'd be like "it's OK guys the devs will sort it!" (And they dont),
    and then they'd screw up again, and i'd say the same thing,

    Actually it's quite funny watching my response to every blooper and blunder, and the gradual loss of optimism.
    In 2016 I was calling wrel "our lord and savior" and talking about my confidence in the devs, whiteknighting so hard,
    By 2017 I was asking if the devs read our suggestions and objections, the rate of bad changes began to increase.
    In 2018 I was getting a bit frustrated, but still making suggestions and objections for them to ignore,
    And now in 2019 I see things how they are!
  17. DemonicTreerat

    In other words you were an idiot.

    Now you owe the rest of us an individual apologies. Hope you like humble pie...
  18. Exileant

    :confused: N.C. Max's are hands down the most powerful in the game.... You just have to set it up right. :eek: I tell you what, trade Vanu your repeater Shotguns for it. :p We will show you a lack of balance. Hahaha!
  19. Exileant

  20. LordKrelas

    I suggest pulling an NC max since the updates.
    NC DPS is lower, with all the negatives of a shotgun -- With none of the Alpha strike benefits of a shotgun.

    Setting it up right, Does not mean a single-location & miracle situation, I would hope.
    As at that point, we might as well Call the 'Knife the Max' while it is reloading 2 meters away at 10% health, practical.