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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by JonboyX, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. JonboyX


    So I Auraxium'd the AC-X11 just after Christmas 2012. Pretty hardcore that one I can tell you, but in all fairness, it was a better gun then than it is now. Not that it's improved, it's just that everyone now wears nanoweave level 5. It's a gimped gun.

    I then switched to the GD-7F. My K/D ratio doubled overnight with that thing. I think it's our best gun by far, and I haven't missed the irony that it's the least "NC" of our guns. It's like firing the TR cycler... it's just that fast. Superb DPS. You can even tap fire at enemies at range to annoy them. Great gun. My favourite in the game.

    So after Auraxium'ing that one, I've decided to revert back to the Mercenary.
    What to say.

    Meh? Totally vanilla. Has no strong points at all. Sucks at hip fire. Mediocre at range.

    I'm getting kills... but I really do believe having put some hours in to it now that I'd get those kills with the gd-7f too. It's range isn't really that much longer (and I used soft point on the '7f). It's damage is clearly much worse. If this is our stock gun for non-paying players, then seriously, no wonder we're getting shafted on a daily basis.

    I even trialled the Razor (fair enough; totally different beast)... and that's like the AC just a bit better (maybe)?

    So... anyone else use the Mercenary and think it's better than the '23 or 7f? Is it just a very very average gun?
  2. Corezer

    Go with the Gauss Compact S, Soft points are well worth the 23 RPM, especially if you run silencers.
  3. battlebrot

    Its middle of the road. I like the weapon because i like allrounders and the 2x reflex, but thats it. Its your bread and butter but not more ;)
  4. Erendil

    You'd get the same experience with the default TR and VS carbines (Trac-5 and Solstice).

    All three default carbines are generalist weapons that get demolished by CQC carbines for any combat <50m or so and don't have the accuracy to stand up to the long range ones like the Razor. Their strength is that they're okay for just about any situation. They don't have any strong points but they don't have any real weaknesses either.

    It sounds to me like you're mainly witnessing the fact that most infantry combat in PS2 takes place w/in 75m, which means that combat generally will fall within the effective range of CQC weapons like the GD-7F.

    However, all is not lost with the Merc. When properly-equipped (w/ foregrip and a 4x scope), IME it's significantly more accurate than the 7F. The Merc is still combat effective out to 120m or so, whereas the 7F starts to fall apart at almost half that range (about 75m).

    Likewise, it is a better performer than the Razor up close, with a faster RoF and thus faster TTK (in fact, of the NC carbines only the 7F has a faster TTK), and a lower horizontal recoil which actually gives it a longer effective range if both weapons are equipped with Laser Sights (which is how you'd equip it for CQC).

    So in essence the Merc loses exceptional performance at any given range in exchange for greater versatility.
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  5. JonboyX

    I think you've probably nailed it, and I hadn't really fully appreciated those points. Having gone from a long range specialist to a short range specialist, having something that does neither really takes getting used to.

    And to be honest; I can't be bothered with something that has versatility in a world for specialists! I've shelved the Merc and gone back to the GD-7F, and I'm going to try the Gauss out since it comes with the noobtube. As someone posted above; 23 rps is nothing and having the ability to slot some attachments sounds fun :)
  6. lilleAllan

    GD-7F is our only CQC carbine.

    Your alternatives are the Blitz or Cyclone - both are great. Blitz has better hipfire and bigger clip than the Cyclone. Cyclone with extended mags performs better at range and extremely close. GD-7F has better DPS than either, but it also has a smaller clip and longer reloads.

    Or there's the shotguns if you're ba-ba-ba-ba-baaad.

    Razor is the best mid range carbine due to low recoil and very fast bullet velocity with HVA ammo. Very short reload as well. But it's worse than the Mercenary at close range.

    I have auraxium with the GD-7F, Merc and both SMG's. Personally I use GD-7F and Razor for close quarters / mid range.
  7. Goretzu

    GD-7F is the best CQB carbine the NC have by a lot.
    The Razor is the best longer range one.

    The AC-X11 is just a bit pants (it needs some buffs, at the very least to mag size increase and round velocity increase).
    The Merc is a stange one, it is incredibly average....... but in a way that makes it sub par to say the Jaguar in most PS2 situations (the Jag is just below the GD-7F in CQB pure DPS, but has more rounds and is eaiser to handle, but it is better at range - where as the Merc is better at range, but suffers where you really want it to be good - CQB).
  8. Pikachu

    SP (or HV) has no effect for at least 80m with 167 or 200 damage carbines or assault rifles.

    GD-7F has highest DPS of all NC weapons. Looks and sounds the best if all NC carbines. Fun gun.

    AC-X11 feels good to use but performs less than expected. Lowet DPS and DPM than other carbines.
  9. Bankrotas

    Sooooo... Finished auraxiuming my ACX-11 and here's my opinion:

    ACX-11 is a mediocore or even bit on higher end of sub par weaponary. Thing is, gun is underwhelming and doesn't ******* make sense. It's high damage, low rof and low muzzle velocity, low ammo. Best way to use it, in my not so humble opinion, would be tactical flanking, but it is worse than most possible alternatives. Due to carbine damage drop off, range kills it more, since you can't shoot down 2 guys without ****loads of ******* luck.

    Gun does well only for most extreme tactical flanking and fights behind enemy line. Gun is bad at straight fights sadly :/ and being jumped on, you're screwed. ACX needs preparation, thought and caution to use it effectively.
    It rewards headshots quite well and sometimes it seems easier to put last shot as headshot. However, if you miss, you're punished so hard it's just sad, if you start missing with ACX, just retreat, reload and try again. As SOE should do when making NC weapons...

    Though I'd rather use ACX-11 than GD-7F.
  10. Corezer

    I think you don't understand the difference between SP and HV...

    SP is worth the 23 RPM, It will be pretty hard to justify trading .08 seconds from 10-15m for the piddly increase of .02 from 0-10m...

    and don't even get me started on how the GCS compares to the merc at longer ranges... The only thing the merc has is 0-10m, and if you want to trade everything for that, grab a cyclone...
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  11. OddChelsea

    I was thinking the same thing about his post. Soft point increases your max damage range, so it has an effect far shorter than 80m. Also I <3 my Compact S and I almost never use the 'nade launcher for it.

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