[Suggestion] An NC and Vanu version of the commissar's hat.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Blackout (N-C), May 26, 2013.

  1. Blackout (N-C)

    Before the TR preppies saying "CUMMMISUR HUT TR ONLYZ NEWB LEL GET ON MAH LEVL KID", I am not saying to add the commissar's hat to the NC and VS (Well they could and that would admittedly be money out of my pocket due to my 40k IG fanboyism) but to add something similar and correspondent to that faction.

    My ideas:
    NC: A simple beret like so (With or without the shades):


    or some kind of head-wrap/shemagh like so:




    VS: Some sort of crown or religious headware, I honestly cant think what a Vanu commander would wear, sorry.

    Comment on what you think the NC and VS should wear below, no fanboy wars.
  2. Blitzer

    Option #1 very easily, shades + ego beret = instabuy.
  3. Icedaemon

    I would quite like it if suchlike special hats had an actual effect, one which would function as an effective debuff in terms of combat effectiveness, but have non-combat advantages that make up for this. Have commander headgear act as permanent (squad?) XP boosts or give them queue-jumping advantages when switching continents, but with the caveat that the hat is less protective, with headshots doing extra damage.

    For obvious reasons, I prefer the beret.

    As for the headgear of the vanu, a mitre used to be worn by grenadiers during the Napoleonic wars, but is now exclusively a religious headpiece. That'd make the most sense and tie nicely into the dichotomy of them being scientifically advanced but small-minded dogmatic zealots at the same time.
  4. Blackout (N-C)

    Because badassery.
  5. MarioO

    The NC's beret needs to be a few metres higher than the one in your picture if you really want anything similar to the TR's commissar hat ;)
  6. Teegeeack

    I like the idea of pushing the NC as a ragtag rebel force rather than a serious fighting force like the TR. The shemagh emphasises this, where the beret is just TR commissioner cap v2.
  7. Algernon

    +1 for that beret, in truth looks pretty awesome, nice job blackout.
  8. Blackout (N-C)

    It isnt mine, I just fished up the concept art :p
  9. innersphere1

    Hope this isnt goin to be like team fortress....
  10. Blackout (N-C)

    Its just equality for all 3 factions :p
  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    Vanu could have a tinfoil hat.
  12. Luke15g

  13. haldolium

    That'd be for the other two.... vanu *are* the broadcaster

    VS should get antennas in that case... :eek:

  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    I'd be okay with this option too.
  15. jessewhat

  16. Blackout (N-C)

  17. CrimsonDaemon

    Buzzing towers and playing shirtless beach vollyball. Dangerzone!
  18. Nyscha

    Give the VS this.