An "interesting" view on PayToWin

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  1. GhostAvatar

    Posted on reddit.

    And yes, I used PSA and it's not even a nerf thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  2. The Rogue Wolf

    I got to the point where he started talking about jetpacks and stealth and realized he's really got no idea what he's talking about.
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  3. Iridar51

    He really doesn't. PS2 is literally the least P2W free game I ever have seen.
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  4. FateJH

    These two things have to be said before anything else: (1) at no point does he paint an accurate picture of the game's monetization system; and, (2) whatever you do, don't listen to anything before the nine minute mark.

    If this is supposed to be a dissertation on pay-to-win, he lost his lecture notes a while ago and is just floundering. he can't keep a straight talking point, or stick to topics really well. As aforesaid, he starts by talking about the ability to buy some sort of expertise to compete with more veteran players but spends the remainder of the video juggling between "things between the factions are somewhat different" and "everything feels the same" or is "the same with different colors." At least he somewhat sticks with this "I wish things had greater differences between them" angle, but it really wounds his erarlier arguments and he never really does a good job of tying it back into whatever point he's trying to make about the monetization system.

    He begins making slightly more sense between 9:00 and 12:30, even if it has nothing to do with play-to-win, but it goes back downhill after that by pegging NS weapons as things that can "only be purchased with money" and being better than any weapon you can purchase with certs. :confused: Skip to 13:29.

    He has a few major factual errors and, even at his most eloquent, he's still delivering even accurate information very awkwardly.
    Last, but not least, the essential statement: there is no aspect of PlanetSide 2 that is pay-to-win. If you suck like hell, there is no amount of money you can pay that will make you stop sucking like hell.
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  5. Pelojian

  6. TerminalT6

    I feel like this guy's played the game without reading a single tool tip, weapon description, or anything.

    I kind of agree with his points on uniqueness/faction differences. That's it, though.
  7. MasterOhh

    Even I, who visits forumside every day, must say, that this vid contains the most amount of Bull $h*t I've seen for some time.
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  8. 0fly0

    Those days when people don't have everything right away the game is p2w that's ridiculous, camo and armor are the only thing you have to pay in this game and even that is not really true since you can win some camo and armor free by finishing directive.
    DBG also change the price for the camo and armor, i know some of the players are going to tell me they have high price for some camo and stuff, but i think it's great they lower the price of some camo and armor so now players with low budget can afford cosmetic.
    For me this game is real F2P, they even give good weapon for beginner! I still play with solstice and orion being br 100.
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  9. pnkdth

    This is as if the resident forumside shi**ers banded together and made a review of PS2. Actually, no, not even that. Least they would have some kind of understanding of game mechanics.
  10. Megalegs

    That review is garbage.

    Why do people with that little knowledge feel the need to act as an authority on something?
  11. stalkish

    And people question me as to why i have a complete dis-like for you-tubers.
    Think this says it all.
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  12. Fatal_Finn

    So much carp in that video...
  13. Devilllike

    Not true first of all guns are petty much equal and this game is based on skill specificaly,first 1000 certs for your first best gun in the game are given to you before u reach level 10 so if you know what you want and you are good with it wether the other guy has already bough 100 weapons or 10 weapons or 1 weapon it all depends on you and i personally ! i play infiltrator in both cqc and range combat and i am just as effective as any gun i can take down heavies or lighter soldiers with 2 clicls if not 1

    My kit is this Ram 50 -1000 certs
    x12 scope -30 certs
    straight bolt -100 certs
    Claymores -600 certs for both of them
    maximised recon gun about -2000 certs i think
    secondary T4 AMP -1000 certs
    AMP grenade -200 certs i think i dont remember
    And normal knife

    and this is 4930 certs for a auraxiumed full SINGLE kit capable or killing anybody and all this without a single payed peny without any boosters or anything involved i can make about 500 certs a day just for fun and plus any gun is capable to face any player depending on how YOU use it

    A new guy without any expirience in an fps would lose against a higher lvl player only because the higher tier is more expirienced and better in aiming not because he is higher tier there is no such thing as higher tier weapons in this game its all up to you

    for example i used the 99sv worst freaking sniper in game and in close range i managed to do 30 kill streak with this crap for a gun how? simple i know how to shoot
  14. Terranaxiom

    I stop listening to anyone who says 'feels' instead of 'think', most of the time.

    The guy who made that video should have probably 'thought' before he made that video.

    And of course it 'feels' p2w for a player such as the video creator, he looks rubbish. Nice video intro though.
  15. Terranaxiom

    Jesus f in Christ.

    That is not a review, that is a whiny rant about how he feels about the game and his newbish experience.

    A good review is objective. That is not a review, merely a whiny rant.

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  16. Zombo

    WTF? did he really play the game?

    1) it's DBG, not SOE anymore
    2) Everything can be unlocked without money, and there are a LOT of games with ten to twenty times the grind (WoT anyone?)
    3) Vehicles are the strongest part of the game... really? since when? was there an update or something? the only vehicle playing a strong part is the sunderer
    4) Everything only unlockable through money is cosmetic
    5) weak gunplay? maybe if you played for on or two hours, PS2 has one of the most well-rounded gunplay i know of

    worst researched review ever, "good flier being gods" i guess someone has been farmed by air <.<

    btw: the video gets ripped apart on youtube, FORCES OF PS2 assemble! ZERG THE F*CKER!
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  17. FieldMarshall

    I think a lot of these reviewers dont fully grasp how complicated the game is and how important knowledge of game mechanics is.

    Even if there were no cert/money system and everything was unlocked for everyone at the start, a new player with a weeks playtime would still get totally destroyed by experienced players.

    He had no clue about basic stuff, and his opinion seems based on a lot of misinformation.
    Hard to take it seriously.

    Im really curious as to what he saw in the ingame store that would make him believe it would make his character stronger than free players.
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  18. Terranaxiom

    It's so bad, it should be rehashed as a satirical video of how to think (or feel lol) and be an idiot The thought processes from the video creator represent the real struggle in the world in my opinion.

    Feelings cloud thought and are dangerous.
  19. placeholder22

    He should have passed this review by some expert to correct for factual errors.

    I get what he "feels" tho. Basically it's this: As a new payer he feels underpowered compared to veterans - not just in skill but also in abilities.

    Imagine being an engineer and not having your 3+ tank mines.

    Imagine being an Infil and not having an SMG (or BASR)

    Imagine being a heavy and not having your lock on launcher

    Imagine being a medic without an upgraded meditool

    Imagine being an LA without C4

    Imagine being a MAX without your second AI/AV/Burster

    Or just any vehicle without certs.

    A new player should be instructed on how to spend his certs so as to overcome this power gap as soon as possible. But new players don't know what's what and don't know the good combinations of skills and equipment. They may spread out their certs in various different things and get maybe nanite auto repair on their harasser and then wonder how they're still killed by the 2 BR100 in the maxed out vulcan harasser.