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  1. TheFlamingLemon

    We should have a section on here where players can ask simple questions, similar to ask.com. For example, I'm wondering if there's a place to see a list of recent banned players, yet making an entire thread to ask simple questions like that is a bit too much. We should have a section dedicated to questions that experienced players can answer so that if new players have questions such as "what's better, hornet missiles or rocket pods" or "what's the best NC LMG for close range" they can get answers quickly. These questions should also use a tag system. For example, the first one could be tagged "aircraft," "aircraft weaponry," "hornet missiles," and "rocket pods," and the second could have "Heavy Assault," "Weapons," "CQC Weapons," "LMGs," and "NC LMGs." This would make it much easier to find questions that have been asked by other users that are relevant to what players are interested in, so less questions are asked multiple times. Overall, this would help new players get into the often very confusing game.
  2. orangejedi829

    This is Forumside. The answer to every question will just be "Git gud."

    (It is a good idea, though.)
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  3. Iridar51

    as someone who started writing guides specifically for this very purpose....

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  4. TheFlamingLemon

    Guides work when it's broad topics, but for specific questions like the examples I put, it'd be more effective to have a yahoo answers-esk forum section.

    Oh yeah and if anyone knows of a list of people who have been banned...
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  5. Iridar51

    It started as FAQ originally, so there you go.

    "Answers" won't work, because information gets outdated very fast in PS2.

    Imagine if there already was a forum section like that. Google search "planetside 2 solstice burst". The first forum page found says "vanu do not buy solstice burst". That thread is 3 years old and doesn't take into account burst weapon changes.

    Even if information seeker properly checks that date and changelogs for changes to item in question (which nobody does, let's be honest), he can't know if changes to other areas of the game have affected the item in question.

    Creating a new thread each time is not a bad thing. And in case of real duplicate threads, we can just post a link and say "that thread is still relevant". We know that, the one who asks the question can't know that.
  6. EPIC389

    A newer, better and official wiki would be greatly helpful. Basically Iridar's planethead.info thingy would be included. Id like daybreak and community contributors to run this site, and provide help wherever needed. That would be a first step I think
  7. JobiWan

    Also, sometimes the 'answer' is different each time. For example from the Infiltrator subforum recently; 'Is the Hailstorm any good?' the answer is yes and no, depending on who is replying.
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  8. Tiedemann

    Never seen planethead.info before but looks great for beginners. Should be like an EULA and have an "I understand" button at the bottom when starting the game :D
  9. Iridar51

    I actually offered to DBG to work on PS2 wiki, for a compensation. I can write guides / maintain my site as a hobby, but to maintain a whole wiki about the game is another matter entirely. Got softpedaled. I can understand why they wouldn't want ME to work on the wiki, but I don't get why they haven't hired at least someone.
  10. ColonelChingles

    Well obviously you would delete all the tank and aircraft pages. :p
  11. Iridar51


    The funny thing is your bias against my bias is bigger than my bias against vehicles.
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  12. ColonelChingles


    I'm fairly certain left to your own curation you most certainly would make vehicles in planetside disappear.

    At least I want to have infantry around!

    To shoot at and EXPLODE. :p
  13. Iridar51

    That post is a year old, I've changed my ways since then. Besides, it was just an idea, not Iridar God's Plan at changing PS2. And it wasn't about removing vehicles, read again.
  14. ColonelChingles

    Oh come now... it was "fine, if I can't have my way and wand-wave vehicles away I guess they should have no impact on base fights". Which necessarily infers that if you could have your way vehicles would most certainly be removed from the game, no?

    To put it bluntly, someone with your biases should not be in charge of managing the wiki. I should add that someone with my biases should also not be in charge of the wiki. Neither of us make particularly good candidates because we're rather set in our views.

    Unless they put you in charge of the infantry pages and me in charge of the vehicle pages... but I'm not sure I could trust myself with Liberators. :D
  15. Iridar51

    I linked you page to my site. Does that page look like I hate hate hate vehicles and wish they would never happenned? It doesn't have as much info, because I don't have as much info to offer, but if I actually was in charge of a project and get paid for it, I would do research, ask for opinions and expand as necessary.

    Why do you think I - or anyone else - is unable to move away from personal opinions and biases when it comes to writing guides or wiki pages?

    Also, like I said: old post. Dated as july 2014, in august 2014 HE and HEAT were nerfed, and I'm much more content with the topic.

    When I said "understand why they wouldn't want ME" is because I live in Russia. I'd be virtually unaccountable to them, and ever present legal issues. Not because I allegedly have some biases against parts of the game.
  16. customer548

    So, basically you want to deprive us of the pleasure of answering to questions, giving advices and possibly having to argue to death about our own opinions ?
    That's not really nice from you.
  17. TheFlamingLemon

    I don't see how having a section for answering questions others have deprives you of being able to answer questions