AMS Cloaked Module Confirmed!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Scr1nRusher

  2. FateJH

    I don't see it.
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  3. Morti

    that's the point
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  4. LodeTria

    Hopefully it has to trade in both it's weapons to gain this ability.
  5. Corezer

    in PS1 you couldn't see out of the bubble either I think that would balance invisible kobalts and the like...
  6. NinjaTurtle

    Won't make much of a difference.

    All you have to do is look at the mini map and follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

    Still anything that tries to help aid a fight not being killed to easily is fine with me. Sucks so much when you have a good fight end because the AMS disappears
  7. RainbowDash9

    inb4 kobalts just spin in circles firing out of the bubble blindly
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  8. HadesR

    Oh joy ... Something else for DBG not to balance properly :rolleyes:

    Hopefully I assume it will go in the defense slot .. So it's Invis but weak as **** if found.

    Can see it's merit in big fights but can also imagine it being broken in small ones ..

    The last time it was mentioned by the Dev's it wasn't going to be a bubble .. All that it would be is the Sundy itself cloaking like a Flash does .. No radius, No infantry spawning invis .. nothing ..

    So if it works like that then the weapons need to be disabled on cloak like with a Flash ... But also the weapons need an activation timer so it can't just be flicked on and off for instant firing

    Now whether they have changed that I do not know ..
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  9. Mefi

    In previous discussions the devs said that they have some problems with adding the bubble, so most likely it's just sunderer-only cloak w/o the bubble.
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  10. Scr1nRusher


    Its only cloaked when deployed.

    You can't fire when something is cloaked in PS2.
  11. LodeTria

    It should be defenseless from other vehicles. Not being able to see it from over 50-100 meters away whilst providing full AMS benefits is too much. It should have to relies on defenders being able to shoo away air units rather than just uncloaking and using it's walkers.
  12. Flamberge

    Pic for those who don't like clicking on links: o_O
    Click for full res, then look at the middle/top left.
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  13. Scr1nRusher

    sigh...... your not getting it.

    It will be defenseless against other vehicles.

    Cloaked vehicles in PS2 cannot shoot when cloaked......
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  14. Crayv

    Since it isn't a cloak bubble I can see squad/platoon leaders complaining about people spawning at the things when they want to keep the Sundy hidden.

    If it can only cloak when deployed I hope it goes into the utility slot. Defense would be good too but do you really want one with a gate diffuser getting into bases and then cloaking? Good luck even noticing it is there until an entire zerg-fit appears in your base.
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  15. LodeTria

    Apparently sunderers are permanently deployed and can't undeploy now?
  16. Scr1nRusher

    It will probably go in the defensive slot.

    Also, theres a magical thing called no deploy zones.
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  17. Scr1nRusher

    If the sunderer undeploys the spawning stops.

    Also, before you freak out you should try to test out the Cloak module when it gets on the PTS.

    Do you know how important this feature is?
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  18. Lord_Avatar

    Awesome. Love both the cloaking Sundy and immediate QQ.
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  19. LodeTria

    Oh I will, I will look forward to putting it on every cliff I can find and deploying lancers from it.
    It's also another massive buff for attackers, where if it was as weak as the PS1 cloaked AMS it would be fine. The sunderer is not that weak though.
  20. FateJH

    Hey, remember that glitch when they released the Wraith Module that allowed it to transfer its effects to other Vehicles through the driver? If they need to figure a way to cloak unrelated objects that are only within proximity to the AMS, that bug might shed some clues on a means of doing so cheaply.