AMR-66 vs SABR-13?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Luminiouscow, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Luminiouscow

    Which weapon is a better long range solution for a non-infiltrator class?
  2. RHINO_Mk.II

    SABR-13 is only available for the Medic, while AMR-66 is also available on HA and Engineer. I personally haven't tried the SABR, so I'll refrain from further comment.
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  3. Prudentia

    There is no situation aside from Auraxium farming where i would ever use the Battlerifle. One of my Outfitmates is auraxium farming and after he finished all LMGs he wanted to do the Eidolon... he threw it into a corner and incinerated the building after 100kills.
    Sabre on the other hand can go to town if you have aim. tough you need absolute killer aim. with mediocre aim it still is a low recoil weapon that makes follow up shots easier than most long range weapons.
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  4. Fellgnome

    To echo the above poster, I'd say Battle Rifles are objectively awful and anyone defending them is just wrong.

    SABR-13 OTOH is one of the few TR guns, if not the only one, that has no rival in the VS or NC arsenal. It's easily the best burst fire weapon in the game, and honestly it's also the only decently well designed / functional one.
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  5. hansgrosse

    I wouldn't say that battle rifles are objectively bad; they're not always easy to use well, but they can absolutely get things done in the right situations. Your opinion is your opinion of course, and it seems you're set in it. As for the AMR/SABR debate, the AMR-66 is generally less friendly and more difficult to use than the SABR-13. Assuming the OP values a very, very low FSRM and good spammability over a better moving ADS CoF, SABR is probably the best bet.

    As for the subject of best burst-fire rifle in the game, it's very difficult to compare the SABR to the T1B/Gauss Burst/Equinox Burst as it functions very differently and is meant for a different playstyle. That, however, is a discussion for another thread.
  6. Leftconsin

    Last time I sat above Broken Arch the only person with enough sense to stop my sniping spree with the AMR was a BR94 iirc. I then went back and killed another 20 men before he got me again. The main advantage here is the ammo available to the engineer. Plus the fact that you can spawn an AV Turret to take out tanks. Or Infantry seeing as how the AV Turret is the best sniper rifle in the game.

    Basically, get the AMR-66.
  7. T0x1s

    Depends. If you get an high flanking point with AMR as engineer you will get allot of kills.
    However you need to be careful with it. Instead of running after a guy in a building try to flank and stay quit. You have no chance if hes good+c&q gun.
    But if you have a fast finger and good aim for headshots the sabr id deadlier than your mom ;)
    (Mod dont ban me) but the sabr can can be used to take down snipers and cq. AMR lacks in c&q
    I like both and they are really fun to use :)
    AMR is only 250 certs and can be used as engineer, medic and heavy. Sabr only medic.
    My conclusion is: Get both.
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  8. Cinnamon

    Neither are especially good against one hit kill snipers or tank shells.
  9. DrPapaPenguin

    Ironically the battle rifle is much better at short to medium ranges than at long. Sabr is good everywhere though.
  10. Leftconsin

    I don't know where you place the line at long, but I'm able to put down full health engys repairing turrets and opposing snipers at 150m.

    And my aim is awful.
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  11. WyrdHarper

    You need to pair it with a good pistol you're comfortable using. I personally prefer the Emperor, but others like the repeater. That way, when you get in really close quarters fights, you use the secondary instead of the AMR, where it starts to fall a little bit flat.
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  12. Luminiouscow

    I already have the SABR-13. Amazing over 30 meters +. With the gun, I killed more infiltrators with bolt action sniper rifles than I died to infiltrators with BASRs.

    I've recently been told that the AMR-66 performs as well as the SABR-13 in medium-long range, if not, better.
  13. SavageBacon

    So if you haven't given the TORQ a whirl, I'd go with that.... Otherwise SABR. The AMR is garbage.
  14. Axehilt

    Battle rifles are functional, but the SABR-13 is absolutely amazing. Easily my favorite long-ranged medic gun.

    But like many of your threads, you would really buy them for entirely different reasons (one is for medics, the other is mainly for Engineers really.)

    The AMR is a decent alternative to a long-range carbine for battles where you are consistently fighting at longer range.
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  15. Seturia

    Wrong on all accounts. Firstly, Gauss Rifle Burst VS SABR-13.

    SABR-13 : Gauss Rifle Burst :

    600RPM - - - 600RPM
    620m/s - - - Velocity - - - 650m/s
    2x/1x - - - Fire Modes - - - 2x/1x
    x2 - - - Headshot Multiplier - - - 2x
    0.5x - - - ADS Move Speed Mult - - - 0.5x
    167-10/143-75 - - - Damage - - - 167-10/143/75
    2.6 Short/3.2 Long - - - Reload - - - 1.95 Short/2.6 Long
    30/180 - - - Ammo - - - 30/180
    1.5/2/3/2.5/0.12 - - - Hip Aim - - - 1.5/2/2/2.5/0.12
    0.03/0.15/0.03/0.3/0.06 - - - ADS - - - 0.0125/0.075/0.0125/0.15/0.06
    0.4 - - - Recoil - - - 0.3
    0.15/0.175 - - - Horizontal Shake - - - 0.14/0.14
    Left & Right - - - Recoil Pattern - - - Right
    18 - - - Recoil Fade - - - 18
    0.75x - - - First Shot Recoil Mult - - - 2.15x

    By conclusion, the Gauss Rifle Burst statistically is better in every way, and much more accurate due to the non-random-shake style of recoil. Steeper learning curve due to the higher first shot recoil, but at that skill cap, just universally better. And we have a full-auto version.

    Also, as somebody who's nearly at Auraxium with the Warden, I can attest to it's power. Once you learn it's velocity and drop, you'll never miss a shot on a predictable target. The only time where missing occurs, or is even acceptable, is when your target is zig-zagging. Just don't take it within 30 meters unless you're controlling fire lanes. The bullet is 100% under your control. No COF, no inaccuracies, just you and your skill to shoot.
  16. Mxiter

    Yeah FSRM isn't important on a burst weapon... oh wait... (not cosidering AFG and comp on SABR)

    To the OP:

    SABR is love, a very stong weapos with oly drawback a quite long reload a la TR.

    Actually working on AMR, i tried all attachments: LS/AFG, W/Wo comp, W/Wo HVA, different scopes ect... it's very boring to use, isn't that accurate and have bad velocity.
  17. Lucidius134

    Do BR's make sniper whishes? It's been ages since i've even seen one
  18. T0x1s

    This is where SABR wins over the Gauss burst in every way.

    0.75x means that the second shot of the burst will recoil downwards making next burst heavily accurate while the Gauss just continues to get more and more recoil.

    SABR works like the An-94.
  19. Cz4rMike

    It doesn't recoil downwards (you would need negative numbers for that). It recoils in the direction of recoil. However it recoils 2x+ less than Gauss for example. Which is a huge win.

    Also it doesn't work as AN-94. It would if FSRM was 0.
  20. Mythologicus

    Battle rifles are good weapons and the only people who disagree are the people who can't aim with a 4x scope. *cough*

    It takes some hella good positioning though, and it is absolutely not something you want to be breaking and entering with. Having said that, it's pretty worthwhile to get a laser sight and a flash suppressor for it. A forward grip is going to do literally nothing for the weapon, so you may as well bump up your hipfire a tad (do NOT underestimate BR hipfire, strange as it may sound). Flash suppressor makes you a little trickier to pinpoint exactly, with absolutely no downsides (increased CoF during full auto, this is in no way an issue). Compensator won't do anything useful, unless you like rapidly spamming shots at close-to-mid-ranges which will cause your CoF to increase to obscene proportions. There are a very small handful of people who swear by suppressors, but I'm fairly certain they all play VS due to the lack of bullet drop, which would otherwise make the weapon useless.

    As far as Medics are concerned though, I wouldn't be surprised if the SABR-13 was a straight upgrade to the BR at all but extreme long ranges (the BR will let you pick off targets at over 200m, while the SABR-13 may struggle to hit reliably). Both have the potential to be awesome guns.