Ammo Belt Upgrade

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Ozrik, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Ozrik

    So my Sniper rifle is 5/25. If i use the upgrade will it be 5/50 for level 1 and 5/75 for level 2 and so on?
  2. Flaeb

    Like it says, you get an extra magazine per rank. If the sniper holds 5 in a magazine, then one rank will give you an extra 5 bullets.
  3. Kalocin

    It's incredibly expensive but altogether you get 20 extra rounds (on the bolt action anyways) It's a pretty long-term investment...used to be worth more when it was 10 rounds per rank (I think anyways)
  4. Helwyr

    It's the same cert cost as the last beta build, but gives you half the bullets for the Bolt Driver. Which granted is what the description says as one mag equals 5 bullets. However, the bolt drivers used to have 10 round magazines and 50 ammo right up until the last week of beta when it changed.

    Basically it's been over nerfed... half the magazine size, half the ammo, and half the of what it used to get with ammo belt (which isn't cheap). Magazine size I'm fine with, but the amount of bullets is not enough.
  5. Vepo

    It's something, which you should focus on getting last once you've bought everything else you need in my opinion.