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  1. libbmaster

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  2. z1967

    ANDDD twitter is blocked... Care to just sum up some of it?
  3. RisKey

    I like the improvements to amerish since it is my favorite map.

    The only thing I'm not crazy about is every map being the lattice system. Even though the upcoming lattice looks greatly improved forced fights and lemming trails take the fun out of the game for me.

    Only reason I like the hex system at least on 1 map is it adds more of a tactical feel to gameplay other then you have to go here.
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  4. Nocturnal7x

    Don't get your hopes up. Also the only thing that will get people off indar is when they physically can't get to indar.
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  5. Akeita

    Yep, the most important thing Indar give is 10% infanty resource stuff off, good stuff.
  6. Cab00se187

    And I can't wait. I've been logging into the game less and less due to it being Indarside again.
  7. CHDT65

    As again, amazing textures on these pics, but as again (again) the same cramped topography imposing arena style fighting which makes almost all the PS2 players always come back to Indar, simply because Indar topography is so well done for large fights
    Also the "too much" factor, too much rocks, too much geological "things", which means the landscapes look in the end unnatural, almost like in a kids 3D cartoon show.

    Please, devs, have a look at this vid....

    ... with its amazingly beautiful render engine PS2 could almost look like on this video, with the feeling of being really on another planet and not in a "teletubbies" show.

    Have a look at these concept art PS2 landcapes:

    It's larger, less rocks, less "things", still "alien" looking, but in a natural way. Perfect!

    Also this base:

    Just imagine the gameplay on attacking such a base, climbing the hill under the enemy fire, "Tarawa" style, much much more interesting than all these "arena" fights in these cramped bases where basically one sees nothing and where it's simply impossible to make something in a tactical way.

    As again, this is a constructive post, I would like next summer to see Amerish, Esamir and Hossin still always "ghost continents" !
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  8. CHDT65

    Why should I be forced to play on Amerish where everywhere on the map I've the feeling of being.... nowhere ?
    Why should I be forced to play on Esamir where everywhere on the map I've the feeling of being.... lost among rocks ?
  9. libbmaster

    Aww... sorry.

    Long story short:

    All bases have been redone.

    We get caves at the ascent.

    Ascent now > crown.

    NC arsenal is now a massive missile silo.

    Lithcorp central is now a super villain mountain base.

    Now has actual forests.

    More water.

    Deep core geolab now one of the coolest bases in game.
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  10. z1967

    Words cannot describe my excitement. Thanks!
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  11. CHDT65

    Also about bases, why to try to discover again the wheel?
    Instead of bases situated in the middle of nowhere, guarding one does not know what, make the bases like real bases, "Khe Sahn", "Monte Cassino", "Dien Bien Phu" style, or fortified bases according to Vauban concepts etc... all this so much better than COD-style arenas, because each of these bases will produce naturally its own tactical choices.

    So much epic amazing things could be done, if one can get away of the "arena" mind.

    Just imagine a big- base, Crown-like, like the Krak... chevalier&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=LFerUvqhO4P9ygOD3YGACw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=2560&bih=1350&sout=1

    ... of course with the modern structures of PS2 buildings.

    Or a medium base, for the US people, like the real Alamo etc...
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  12. kadney


    Seriously, those changes look pretty awesome!
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  13. HannibalBarca

    Agree 100%.

    I'm a bit off topic but...

    This castle is near Homs in Syria, which we have probably all seen in the news. It was recently used a base by the Syrian rebels and bombed by Assad. I think that is a testament to the timelessness of its design (and strategic positioning).

    This is my fave castle in the world (also Lawrence of Arabia's fave). Form follows function, and the result is beautiful if you like war and desert rocks.

    It would probably make a great map in any FPS.


    Edit: I don't think your pic does it justice. Here's a photo:
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  14. FieldMarshall

    Thanks SOE for posting your stuff all over the Internet so that i rarely get to see awesome stuff like this.
  15. CHDT65

    A very clever remark.

    In fact, each one of the major bases in PS2 should be inspired from a real castle, fortress or base.
  16. DeadliestMoon

    There's still walls. But you know what I find funny? The fact that people complain about walls yet want bases to be underground. :rolleyes:
  17. CHDT65

    About general base design, like HannibalBarca already cleverly mentioned it, please PS2 devs, have a look at this:

    Each base must have its meaning, its tactical and strategical values, not being there just because an area is empty on the map.
  18. Nocturnal7x

    Well when cont locking comes out this is going to happen. But the nice thing about that is there will be fights on the other conts, they won't be empty the way they are now.
  19. CHDT65

    What is going to happen, when players are "locked" in an uninteresting "arena" continent, they will leave and..... they will not buy.
    SOE and PS2 dev team should carefully think of that. Personnally, I won't pay money for items for being obliged after to play in a "COD" style on a "teletubbies" looking map.

    Stats don't lie, at least here.
    Amerish and Esamir are empty most of the time for some reasons.
    Once, I loved to play on Esamir, oh the epic fights there, but now, with the recent changes....
    And they think that these changes, which transformed Esamir in a following of "arenas", will bring positive !!!

    P.S: I don't know at all the console market, never understood the pleasure to play in front of a TV, but these changes are for them perhaps ?